The Brief

As Manchester's largest private waste company, JWS Waste was in the process of auditing their existing website and marketing processes to address their future marketing and growth plans.

Red-Fern Media were chosen as JWS Wastes’ strategic digital partner after delving into their website visitors, leads and customer conversions, demonstrating a clear vision on how we could develop a strategy that would achieve their business goals.

The data we collected, analysed and presented, allowed us to detail and agree on an achievable business goal. This defined that a new responsive website was the starting point in the journey to reduce the bounce rate and increase website visitors, leads and conversions.

Key Features

  • Bespoke Website Design & Development
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile Ready
  • Social Media Integration
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy


JWS Waste

The Website

Using the data collected and analysed, plus working alongside JWS Wastes’ internal marketing team, the website was developed through a process of design, development and prototyping over several concepts, whilst at the same time keeping a clear focus on the project goals.

Maintaining the strong JWS brand, creating a responsive design, increasing SEO optimisation and defining clear calls-to-action, were key to delivering the seamless user journey that would increase website visitors and leads.

The final site has been launched with great customer feedback and increased leads coming through the website. Fully responsive with specific calls-to-action, allows users to quickly find the information and services they require.

JWS Waste

The Future

As part of the initial project proposal and partnership between JWS Waste and Red-Fern Media, we clearly defined a 2-3 year strategy, that would address the business website and marketing goals.

With plans in place to develop a full inbound marketing strategy with informative, educational and seo optimised content, that will not only increase the marketing power of the website but will aid the sales team in onboarding new clients, Red-Fern Media and JWS Waste are well on the way to develop a long-term partnership.

JWS Waste

New Call-to-action