Raptor Titanium

the leading brand for high quality footpegs
in the World Motorcross Arena.

Digital Development, eCommerce, Fully Mobile Ready, International Launch

The Challenge

Raptor Titanium are an international manufacturer and supplier of titanium footpegs to the professional and amateur motocross industry.
When approached in 2013 by Raptor, they had an out of date website and no focus on what the website was able to achieve. After meeting with the company owners and marketing team, we were invited to create a totally new website experience that would reflect the companies forward thinking approach to new technologies within their industry whilst at the same time, deliver a website with a unique and logical user experience to help grow their brand and online presence.

Our Response

The end project we delivered has been so well received by their customers and the professional racing teams, we continue to work with Raptor Titanium and further develop the online business. 
The website is fully mobile ready and looks stunning on any device, it has a full ecommerce facility for selling their products online and allows the staff to easily update the content and products with the easy to use adminnisatrtor panel.
The brand continue to develop and the journey continues...

Launch Raptor Titanium New Website

raptor website

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