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  • 5 Crucial Points About Smarketing Your Boss Should Know!

    The way your Sales and Marketing teams integrate to achieve better results is crucial for your business. Rather than working in silos with different and conflicting approaches, sales and marketing teams need to come together to share their knowledge and insight, tracking their successes from the marketing stage through to sales wins. Here, we break down the top five reasons…

    Monday April 24

    In Insights by Declan Walker
  • Meet The Red-Fern Media Team - Part 4

    As the last team blog posts from here at Red-Fern HQ is shared, we meet our last two team members, Declan and Dan. With their expertise in web design and digital marketing, combined with the team's expertise and knowledge, Red-Fern is fully positioned to construct the ultimate lead generation machine for your business.

    Sunday April 23

    In Studio by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
  • The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Tools: The Blueprint For Success

    Inbound Marketing offers manufacturers a golden opportunity to thrive in the digital world. Rather than going to the shops or approaching your sales team, your customers research your products online before they buy. Capture your customer's attention early in the buying process, and nurture them with engaging, relevant content until they become loyal, delighted customers.

    Saturday April 22

    In Insights by Sean Redfearn
  • This Is What Your Ideal Inbound Marketing Plan Should Look Like

    It is a commonality that companies who base their inbound marketing activities on a written strategy secure greater success. But knowing the exact strategy requires some thought. Here at Red-Fern Media, we've done the thinking for you and pulled together this guide to help you create the ultimate inbound marketing plan.

    Friday April 21

    In Insights by Declan Walker
  • Four Tips to Consider When Hiring a Local Inbound Marketing Agency

    If your digital business isn't performing as you'd hoped, you might be in the position where you are considering hiring a local inbound marketing agency to boost your revenue. Choosing your ideal marketing match can be as tricky as online dating - their profile might be enticing, but how can you tell if they're the real deal? Read on to…

    Thursday April 20

    In Insights by Declan Walker
  • Generate Manufacturing Marketing ROI Simply by Going Inbound

    Manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to report on their marketing ROI activities. At a time when the industry feels risk-averse, every aspect of your business needs to prove its worth. If you are looking for a way to enhance your advertising activities and prove your marketing ROI at the same time, we can show you how.

    Wednesday April 19

    In Insights by Sean Redfearn
  • 11 Ways On How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

    Blogging is considered the most valuable content types you can invest in which is why many organisations do it. Organisations that blog have 97% more inbound links to their website and B2B bloggers generate 67% more leads than those who don't. These 11 tips show how you can increase traffic to your blog and help you blast off big time.

    Tuesday April 18

    In Insights by Declan Walker
  • Why YouTube Is Powerful For Your Manufacturing Inbound Strategy

    With us, processing visual data better than any other type of information, 60,000 times faster to be precise, YouTube marketing is on the rise. With 46,000 years; worth of video content watched on YouTube last year alone, 60% of marketers and small business owners plan to increase investment in video marketing. Adopting an Inbound Strategy alongside this can significantly boost…

    Monday April 17

    In Insights by Sean Redfearn
  • Meet The Red-Fern Media Team - Part 3

    As we reach the half-way mark with our Red-Fern Team, today we meet our Design Manager Kyle and PHP Developer Thurstan. With the powerful knowledge of the two combined, there's no stopping in what Red-Fern Media can really do for your business.

    Sunday April 16

    In Studio by Emily-Jo Sutcliffe
  • The Cornerstones Of Marketing And Sales Strategies To Align Website Design

    When launching a new website, all businesses want to maximise their revenue opportunities. Combining insights from your Sales and Marketing teams with a responsive web design will provide you with the best chances of success. Read on to find out more.

    Saturday April 15

    In Insights by Alex Heeney
  • 5 Facts About The Marketing Sales Funnel Your Manufacturing Company Should Know

    There's no denying that the internet has significantly changed the way manufacturers market their brands. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, your customers now turn to Google to find the products that make their lives easier. Ensuring your manufacturing company understands the sales funnel is fundamental. Read on to find out what you should already know.

    Friday April 14

    In Insights by Sean Redfearn
  • 15 Ways Red-Fern Media Can Help You Tackle Your Biggest Marketing Frustrations

    Here at Red-Fern Media, we understand the challenges of creating an effective digital marketing strategy. Perhaps you’ve invested in a new website, posted premium content on your blog and posted endless updates on social media, but you aren’t getting the leads and sales your business deserves. See how we can help you tackle your marketing frustrations.

    Thursday April 13

    In Insights by Declan Walker


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