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4 Manufacturers who are embracing sustainability for a successful future

Sustainability is the future - FACT. Adopting more sustainable practices in your business can encourage innovation, increase your revenue, improve the health and safety of your workplace and reduce overall business expenses. It’s said that 80 percent of leading companies across the globe have adopted sustainability for a better future.

Amongst 80 percent of the leading companies, we’ve selected four companies to explore for their sustainability efforts. They’re inspirational, they’re taking their businesses in the right direction and we’re keen to share their reasoning for adopting a sustainable approach. This might inspire your future operations and prove the benefits of sustainability.

In this post, we’re going to explore some of the businesses that are navigating sustainability correctly and innovatively. If you’re ready to be inspired, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll cover:


Allied Glass

Allied is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably.

allied glass sustainability

Allied Glass creates innovative and distinct glass packaging that challenges possibilities and design creativity. They've gone from supporting businesses in their local area to supporting brands across the entire globe. They've been operating for over 150 years helping businesses achieve high levels of luxury and innovation.

Although Allied Glass is focused on creating innovative glass packaging in the most sustainable and responsible way. They want to ensure the work they're doing is fit for the world and their businesses' longevity.



Since 2015, they’ve had some notable milestones and they have a history of advancing environmentally sustainable solutions. At Red-Fern, we admire the approach Allied Glass has adopted for sustainable manufacturing - it's inspirational.

In the last five years, Allied Glass has worked hard to achieve some incredible goals. These include some of the following: 18 percent less raw materials used, 68 percent reduction in accident frequency rate and 10 point five reduction in CO2 per tonne in the last three years. It’s clear to say that Allied Glass is carrying its business forward in the right direction for both consumers and their employees.

Allied's commitment to a sustainable future covers six sustainability pillars. Each pillar addresses each area of their business. And for Allied to provide the best business services possible - these pillars are their foundations for success.


Allied Glass' six sustainability pillars

  • Circular economy: maximising glass recycling within a closed-loop production cycle.
  • Resource efficiency: Continually reducing the use of resources and minimising waste.
  • Carbon: increasing carbon efficiency and using renewable energy.
  • Supply chain: working with our suppliers and customers to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Health and wellbeing: helping to keep the employees, employers and customers safe.
  • People and communities: developing our people, promoting diversity and positively impacting communities.


Their policies for sustainability are reviewed annually to ensure they’re on it when it comes to futureproofing their business and doing everything they can to help the globe. Allied Glass are aware of their impact on the environment and how they can make a change for a more successful future. Businesses like this are not only admired by their consumers but they’re also more likely to succeed long-term through the future.

What we couldn’t miss out though, is their coloured glass consumption uses OVER 90 percent of recycled content. Not only is that impressive but it shows that they continue to lower carbon emissions, choose a more sustainable approach and make broad-level priorities for a brighter future. We wish Allied Glass all the luck for a sustainable future and we’ll support from afar!



Sustainability is in our DNA.

siemens sustainability

Siemens is a technology company that specialises in the industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. Siemens creates technology that's purpose-built and provides real value - helping create resilient supply chains, more resource-efficient factories and cleaner and more comfortable transportation of advanced healthcare.



Sustainability means more to Siemens than just future-proofing their business for economic change. It helps them adopt a culture of trust, empowerment and growth. Sustainability helps Siemens prepare their businesses and customers for the future and provides them with the resilience for the future - whatever that may bring. 

To help their sustainability efforts, they follow a DEGREE framework that covers all areas that are important to them and their future for the planet. Each letter in DEGREE stands for an area where they are fully committed to creating targets and achieving them for sustainability.



Decarbonisation, Ethics, Governance, Resource efficiency, Equity and Employability. This framework sets a high level for their innovation and ambition. It keeps them accountable and it guides their future success. They’ve considered every area in their business and are working hard to make it more sustainable which is truly inspiring. 

  • Decarbonisation: from their supply chain to their customers - they’re wanting to be completely carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Ethics: they have a culture focused on trust. They train their employees across the globe every three years to ensure everyone knows their compliance and are focused on building a better future. 
  • Governance: apply state-of-the-art systems for effective and ​responsible business conduct.
  • Resource efficiency: they want to advance their recycling and circularity. Amongst other goals, they’re also focused on reducing their waste to landfill to zero by 2030.
  • Equity: they're focused on their people, they’re focused on business flexibility. This section focuses on fostering diversity, inclusion, and community ​development to create a sense of belonging. By 2025, 30 percent of their Top Management will be female. 
  • Employability: in the ever-changing environment, Siemens are focused on ensuring their business is resilient and relevant for the future. They will continue to reskill and upskill their teams for better success long-term. 


Siemens approach to sustainability isn’t just an option they’ve adopted in their business. It’s a priority to them and it’s a business imperative. We admire Siemens' approach to a 360-degree view of sustainability ​​which includes their stakeholders, customers, suppliers, investors, the societies they serve, and our planet.


Rolls Royce

Our vision is to pioneer the power that matters.

rolls royce sustainability

When it came to exploring businesses that are adopting a more sustainable approach, we couldn’t not mention Rolls Royce. Again, another incredible company that is polar focused on the future for sustainability. 

Rolls Royce is a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe and competitive solutions for the globe's power needs. From high-speed reciprocating engines to luxury cars and more. Rolls Royce is a phenomenal company that is focused on meeting the power demands of the globe. 



Rolls Royce has taken responsibility for its efforts and their impact on sustainability for the future. Being sustainable to Rolls Royce is understanding the impact your business has on the world and understanding the impact the world has on your business. Sustainability is a vital part of how Rolls Royce functions and it’s how they’ll ensure businesses are protected for the future. 

In everything Rolls Royce does, they focus on sustainability and its impact. We admire how they identify and prioritise issues based on potential impact and how they take responsibility for their actions. As with all sustainability approaches, it’s best to adopt small strategies over time and Rolls Royce does just that. They have worked hard to integrate sustainability into their business across everyday activities and teams. 

Rolls Royce lives by science and to avoid the worst impacts on climate change for the future they want to achieve zero emissions by 2050 - incredible! Their commitment to sustainability is for the long-term to reduce the environmental impact of their products, services and manufacturing activities.

Their principles are based on their values and behaviours. They're inspiring, ambitious and they may even inspire you and your approach to sustainability.

  • They’re focused on understanding and minimising their impact on the environment, particularly in the context of climate change.
  • Rolls Royce is seeking opportunities to adopt circular business practices to reduce demand for virgin materials, safeguarding supply and further reducing our impacts.
  • They want to make a positive contribution to the communities within which they operate for a bright future.
  • They are acting with Integrity and considering the potential and actual ethical implications of all of their business decisions. Essentially, taking responsibility.
  • They’ll be ensuring Zero Harm is caused to the people who work for or with them. They’ll ensure all of their employees and customers have the best opportunities available and give them the best opportunity to be at their best.
  • For a continued bright future, they’ll be reporting and communicating with their key stakeholders transparently and honestly.

We love their approach to powering innovation for the future with their focus on sustainability. They know how they behave matters as an entire team framework and they’re taking the responsibility into their own hands. They have many goals they’re wanting to achieve and we have no doubt they’ll go above and beyond their proposed milestones - after all, they’re pioneering.


Stay Wild

We are committed to not only fighting this problem but contributing to the solution.

stay wild zanna van dijik

Stay Wild is a business that is extremely passionate about respecting and protecting the ocean and the marine world. Stay Wild is a way of giving back to the ocean and fighting the marine plastic problem by actively contributing to a positive solution. We truly appreciate Natalie's and Zanna's approach to sustainability and positive change for longevity. 

They're focused on building a brand that reflects their style as well as communicating their passionate beliefs and values. They produce swimwear with a purpose - using regenerated ocean plastic for optimal design creation, designed to flatter every single woman. 



Stay Wild wants to contribute to the solution against plastic pollution. Every single element of their production and processes is as sustainable as it can be. They've thought about everything and they continue to strategise the best processes for a more sustained future. They have a huge drive for a positive change - it's infectious and their passion shows throughout their entire business.

  • Their swimwear products are made to last - buy less and buy better. Their swimwear is made using ECONYL® which is created from unwanted waste from around the globe - fishing nets from the ocean and fabric scraps. This manufacturing fabric process reduces global warming impact by up to 90 percent compared to other materials created from oil.

  • Their Essentials range is derived from nature and is manufactured using TENCEL™ fabric - this is crafted using a closed-loop production process. This process transforms ordinary wood pulp into cellulosic fibres with low environmental impact. What's incredible about this is it's biodegradable and compostable - very impressive!

  • Their tees are created using Oeko-Tex®️ Certified ECOVERO™ fibres. They are produced using wood pulp and this manufacturing process generates up to 50 percent lower emissions and water impact resulting in a zero percent pollution impact.


They manufacture all of their products locally in London and they’re heavily involved in every process of the creation methods - and ensure that the factory utilised is in alignment with their ethos too. They have a zero-waste approach to fabric waste and garment production. Stay Wild use sustainable packaging, they have energy-saving motors on all machines and they're all for embracing the slow fashion movement - yes to this!

Their shipping is carbon neutral and of course, all of their packaging is completely recyclable or biodegradable. They've thought about every process from creation to delivery and want to ensure their impact is positive for all. They’ve used their passion to drive change and it’s inspiring. They’re also helping individuals who want to recycle their existing swimwear with their Circularity Project.

All we say is watch this space. They’re onto some incredible things and they’re inspiring manufacturers across the world!


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