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5 Ways Creative Quality Improves Lead Generation Results

Last week, as I introduced a prospective client to Red-Fern Media’s suite of skills, I once again found myself explaining the inexplicable link between creative quality and lead generation results.

I am continually surprised when creativity and lead generation are seen as mutually exclusive by prospective clients.

Often, Red-Fern media is considered a creative agency, where the work is high-end web design and user-experience with no trackable business impact, or we’re misunderstood as a strategic consultancy, contributing only advice and strategic digital marketing knowledge.

Unfortunately, this is an extremely common misconception of agency work. Creative vs. Analytical. Content vs. Strategy. The truth is, these things are not mutually exclusive and to deliver true results, must work in harmony.

Here, I’m going to highlight five ways lead generation results depend on creative quality - how first-class content, design and UX drive lead generation and conversion.

1. Content Creativity Determines Lead Generation Rates

When you think about how leads are generated today, the relationship between creativity and lead generation comes into its own. Since 2006, Hubspot and inbound marketing have demonstrated the value of content as currency. Web visitors deposit contact details in return for well-crafted, high-quality, incredibly useful content.

Of course, a web visitor will only do that if the content is good enough. ‘Good’ today equates to helpful, enjoyable, career-improving or life-enhancing. And this is heart of the intersection between creativity and lead generation. If the content is creatively dead, the leads will not flow. The two are inexplicably linked.

2. Great Ideas Drive Great Blog Traffic

A well-ideated editorial plan drives quality traffic. Many marketing professionals fail to understand how difficult it can be to generate quality editorial ideas on a consistent basis.

Sure, the first three or four might be corkers. But to keep that up week after week…how do you maintain that level of inspiration?

The trick is to have truly creative people on your team and strong ideation practices. The market is increasingly saturated with content and readers are fast to separate the wheat from the chaff. Content must be break through the noise. Every article or video you construct must be well-developed, useful and markedly different to what others are putting out.

3. Format Innovation Offers Growth Hacking Potential

The way content is formatted holds increasing potential for stand-out lead generation tactics. In recent years, we’ve seen content displayed as quizzes, calculators and templates. Such inventive deliverables offer enhanced value to the user and as such can exponentially increase lead generation results.

How the content is formatted is key. Content with technical backing can result in apps, interactive interfaces, macro-enabled spreadsheets. Fusing tech with content explodes the opportunities marketeers have at their fingertips and delivers even greater value to the user. Leads will flow when content is clever.

4. Creative Social Campaigning Contributes to Traffic

Social isn’t on everyone’s agenda, but if it has the potential to contribute to lead generation it’s a worthy consideration.

An increasingly saturated channel, we must watch out for white noise. Updates fill our feeds and platform algorithms make it tricky to stand out. To achieve true results, campaigns must be consistent and deeply creative. Bold and visual updates connected to high-quality content are the best way to drive traffic and high quality leads that convert. Give social managers licence to experiment and invent, and genuinely own the channel.

5. All Visuals are Conversion Assets

Linked to my last point, it’s important to recognise that every element of lead conversion is a link in your lead generation chain. Ultimately, you want the power to analyse them all.

A webpage can be viewed by its visitor acquisition contribution. A link can be assessed by its click-through-rate (CTR). Landing page forms can be examined across assets to see how the compare.

All of these are visually determined. The creative execution of each plays a vital role in its success as a lead generation ‘link’. Consider the many ways a designer can create a call-to-action in your latest e-book and you begin to grasp not only the many variables we have at our disposable but the importance of creativity in generating leads.

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