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6 Goals B2B manufacturers should aim for in 2022

Goal setting is crucial, especially in manufacturing. Business isn't done in two parts anymore - business + manufacturing. Instead, many components intertwine to generate manufacturing success. Some of these include manufacturing, business, technology and marketing.

To get ahead of your competition, and thrive in your industry, it's time to act now. If you’re a leader of a manufacturing company, take note of these goals you should be aiming for in 2022.

We're going to take a look at:



Sustainability is the future, and manufacturers across the globe are adopting it. Things are changing for the better, and if you don't catch up with ever-changing industry demands, you'll be left behind and engulfed by your competitors.

Setting sustainability goals not only benefits the impact your business has on our collective home, but it will also set your company apart from the competition. If you work on your sustainability efforts, you'll attract quality customers, increase profits, and entice new customers who are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable products and businesses.

Millennials, the largest generation of our entire population, are more sustainability-focused than previous generations. GenZ, the next largest generation, will also have a preference for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

If you want to reap the benefits of this global change, attract the next generation of minds and be one step ahead for the long-term, sustainability has to be part of your business goals. 

Whether you choose to recycle offcuts, create sustainable products, improve dispatch processes, change suppliers or more - the possibilities are endless as more and more businesses take early adoption. 


High-quality products

Quality overtakes any goal within this list, and it's essential. You can have excellent marketing, streamlined communications and innovative technology, but if the end product lacks quality - you'll lose.

Your customers are important, they deserve the best, and to build lasting relationships, the quality has to match their expectations. Quality should be present at every stage, from identifying the correct suppliers, to producing the end product. 

Having high-quality products and processes will enable your business to reach new heights and directly increase sales and ROI. If you build strong foundations on quality, your customer satisfaction will increase and positively affect your brand reputation.


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Streamlined communications

Effective communication will enable you to update customers, promote your products correctly, and build lasting consumer relationships. If you have complex communication or, even worse, a lack of communication, you'll frustrate customers and impact your business's reputation. 

Don't ruin your hard work with poor communication and customer service. It needs to match the quality of your products and complement the work you're marketing. 

Excellent communication should be at every touch point for your customers. Whether they are asking for an initial quote or requiring updates on a project or product - clear communication is key. 

Where are you communicating from? Do you have a dedicated customer and sales team? Do you have live chat installed on your website? Wherever your communication is coming from, it needs to be accurate. It might sound obvious, but ensure your team has fulfilled the correct training and utilises the right systems for your target audience.

Some beneficial tools and tactics are - live chat, responsive emails, customer service automation, a dedicated customer care team, time responsiveness... and more.

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Growth marketing

How do you expect your customers to find you if you aren't circulating or communicating where they are searching? Search is the No.1 traffic source, the manufacturing industry is fiercely competitive, and people are now going digital for the future.

There's never been a better time to adopt growth marketing goals and practices than now. One essential way to remain competitive in the manufacturing industry is to cut through the noise with your own digital growth strategies.

The manufacturers that are already profiling their ideal customers, sharing informative content, delivering an effective SEO strategy, enabling their sales team and utilising the power of paid and organic marketing are YEARS ahead of those who aren't. So, if you haven't already considered growth marketing, now is the time. 

If you're feeling confused or overwhelmed by the prospect, fear not. With a team of digital innovators to help, you'll be a leading business in your sector. Team Red-Fern have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We listen, think, create and innovate to help manufacturers take the lead and reap the rewards of their respective sectors.


Innovative technology

Innovation in manufacturing can be in many forms. From investing in the latest manufacturing equipment to supply chain and product improvements. Innovative technology is key to helping you succeed in this fast-paced industry and outperform your competition.

If you want to gain a competitive advantage, it's time to adopt innovation for the long term. The manufacturers that already use forward-thinking technology are responsive to customer demands, have faster turnaround times, hold reduced waste and downtime, deliver improved product design and quality... and more!

Innovative manufacturing goals:

  • Improve sourcing - change raw materials or suppliers in the supply chain to improve end-product quality.
  • Review processes - modify production methods to reduce the turnaround time, cut costs, and incorporate sustainability efforts.
  • Utilise technology - use new technical solutions to change the entire manufacturing process to meet demand.

Incorporating innovative technology into your business does take time and money, but it's worth it for the rewards. So, add it to your goal list, work with an experienced team of innovators, be patient and watch your results soar.


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Strategic websites

Your business’ website must work, and it must provide an easy, informative and pleasant user experience - from the second they land on your website. If your website hasn't delivered credibility, trust and informative insight to the visitor within the first 30 seconds or less, you’ve lost.

At Red-Fern, we help manufacturers across the globe, create and deliver intelligent websites with streamlined user journeys. Your website should allow you to connect with new customers and engage existing ones. To achieve annual lead generation and increased revenue, strategic website design is a must.

The last thing you want to be doing is frustrating consumers and pushing them away. Your website should be easy to consume and navigate, without complexities. As well as deliver detailed user journeys, immersive content, augmented reality, product and service positioning and customer service interaction.

Many manufacturers still believe that sales are face to face, but things have changed. Consumers are searching online (63,000 search queries on average per second), manufacturers are experimenting with going digital, and a high-quality website contributes to your brand’s messaging and reputation.


Need help aligning your goals with innovative results and delivery? Get in touch!

If you're mapping out your business goals for 2022, we can help you deliver the results and be a leading business in your sector. Get in touch with the digital innovators at Red-Fern and achieve your business, technology and marketing goals.

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