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Ecommerce Online Store: 7 Features Your Business Needs!

Creating the best ecommerce solution that establishes trust with your customers can be tricky. The whole aim of your online store platform is to ensure your customers are spending money with you, so getting them to trust your site, your brand and you is pivotal! So the question is how do you get your customers to trust your e-commerce online store?

Incorporating your social media activity on your e-commerce website can go a long way to establishing your credibility.

Continue reading to discover the key metrics that you need to consider to inspire trust with your customers and to create the best ecommerce website design:

Spelling and Grammar

The content on your e-commerce site is important to establish a sense of trust with your customers. Spelling and grammatical errors, as well as misused phrases and words, can create an untrustworthy relationship between you and your prospects. If you are having difficulty with your content for your site, customers are unlikely to trust your brand, therefore you need to consider hiring a professional content writer who can not only optimise the text but can ensure this is engaging and grammatically correct.


For all those who use an online store platform, you have the ability to differentiate between an old and new design. If you've not redesigned your website in a while, then this can be a huge turn-off for your customers. Having an old web design can also indicate that you haven't updated your security measures, therefore ensuring you have a clean and fresh design is pivotal to instil confidence.

Our tip here at Red-Fern is to ensure that you have a lot of white space, no imagery that can be portrayed as cliched or cheesy, fonts that are not overused or create an unprofessional image and a welcoming feeling.

Social Media Activity

Incorporating your social media activity on your ecommerce online store can go a long way to establishing your credibility. There's no denying that in today's world, social media is the first point of research that a customer will go to check your business. Ensuring that you are frequently active on social media can really begin to instil confidence with your customers and can convey your brand. When deciding on your social media strategy, it is important to align your ecommerce features and social media accounts so that a consistent image is being portrayed, if not this will only confuse your customers.

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Social Proofing

Your customers not only need reassurance from your company, but they also require social proof that your brand is trustworthy and secure. Including testimonials, ecommerce site reviews, a social media feed, celebrity endorsements or even just a counter with how many products you have recently sold can really establish your brand as trustworthy and great to do business with. Making this information available and viewable to your potential customers will get your interaction with them off to a positive start.

Incorporating several different varieties of this can instil trust with your prospective customers and therefore lead them into making a purchase from your site!


With the increase in technology presenting many forms of payment methods, it is important to ensure that you offer multiple payment options, that are secure, to attract all types of consumers. It is important for you to remember that not everyone will like sharing their payment details over the internet, whereas others may just simply like the convenience of entering their details and waiting for the products to arrive. There is really a vast assortment of prospects who have different preferences, therefore appealing to each and every one of these can be tricky.

If you are considering offering every single payment option available, then this can be overwhelming. The biggest options that are available to you right now are Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Wallet. There are others that you may prefer, however, the brand identity of these resonates with your customers. Offering a popular payment option can be beneficial as this will appeal to a larger number of prospects as they trust and relate to the brand.


Operating similarly to your alarm system at home, security seals on your e-commerce site provides reassurance to your customers. Including seals on every page is advisable, however, may come across as excessive, therefore incorporating them on the main pages, such as basket and checkout pages, can really provide comfort to your prospective buyers. Including links to additional information on security can further instil confidence in your brand and site.

Contact Information

This is the simplest form on instilling trust with your customers, however, is often overlooked by most businesses. We've all been on a site and become frustrated when we can't find the contact information, therefore making it accessible to your customers builds credibility. Making your customers know that your business is run by a real person can really boost their confidence, and your prospects are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Providing your customers with the option of a contact number, email address or even live chat can be reassuring. Giving them a means to contact you, even though they may never need to, provides them with the option should they ever need to and backs up your design that your brand can be trusted.

Now you've got the necessary steps to instil confidence in your customers, redesigning your ecommerce strategy with the above ecommerce features can really boost your business growth via the online store platform.

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