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3 Manufacturing videos to inspire your video marketing campaigns

The opportunity to create top video content within the manufacturing industry is HUGE. Think about it, production companies have a full product journey to expose to their audience to give them an unrivalled insight into their business. 

This can make for extremely engaging content that can empower the audience with a “behind the scenes” feel to it. Not all industries have this advantage - but that’s not your problem! For example, imagine a look into the ins and outs of an accountant and their daily tasks. 

We somewhat don’t think that watching somebody filing tax returns would make thrilling content. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, that is. However, seeing your unique processes on how to transform raw materials into amazing products can be quite exciting for all. 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start with manufacturing video campaigns. The truth is that your possibilities are endless! So, it’s natural to feel a little bit lost when starting out. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite manufacturing campaigns for you to take a look at. 

We’ll cover: 


Beta Solutions - Product demo video

Beta Solutions specialise in industrial floor cleaning machines. They’re the UK’s sole-importer of Factory Cat machines - a popular US brand that’s well renowned for amazing quality and durability. As a business, Beta Solutions go above and beyond when looking after their customers and ensuring that they get the right machine that suits their individual needs. 



Video product demos are a clever way that Beta Solutions use their manufacturing video marketing campaigns. If you think about it, normally, to see how an industrial floor cleaning machine would effectively work, surely you’d have to have a dirty floor yourself? And you’d have to have the machinery with you, right? 

However, with the introduction of videos to their website, their audience can clearly see the results that are achievable any time they like. Plus, they can take note of how the machine works in environments that are identical to them. All at the click of the finger! It’s convenient, relatable and super-easy for the customer. 

Not only is it advantageous for the customer - but for Beta Solutions too. Usually, to show demos like this, it would involve numerous conversations and the effort to attend a site visit. Now they can simply push this video out across various channels directly to their audience to save them time and money. 

Product demos are an amazing way of instilling trust in your audience. It’s one thing saying that your machine can perform incredibly - but product demos show this in action. And you can’t hide behind actions!


Midwest Machinery - Speed comparison video

When making purchasing decisions, it’s natural for an audience to weigh up your products against a competitor, isn’t it? Well, why don’t you save them the time of endlessly browsing different brands and showcase how your products perform against similar models in a single video? Midwest Machinery does that well in their speed comparison video against one of their most popular competitors. 



Midwest Machinery operates within the embroidery industry - supplying businesses with the perfect industrial embroidery machine solution for them. Anybody can shout about their products being better than their competitors but without backing it up with actual proof, the information provided may seem biased, unfair and not true. 

Within the speed comparison video, Midwest Machinery has compared various models of their HappyJapan industrial embroidery machine range with a product from a popular competitor. The video sees a fair test set up and then shows the HappyJapan machines coming out on top when put up against the other. 

The secret to this type of video is being fair. Of course, show off the USPs and key features of your products by all means but you must remember to be fair. If your video is all about your greatness and is noticeably weighted towards your product leading the comparison, the credibility of your video will come under scrutiny. 


CoolKit - Panel van conversions video

The product of manufacturing businesses often requires a larger investment than a typical B2C purchase. With that in mind, your audience will want to find out more about your business before making their purchase and will often carry out more research. Usually, they want to find out how your business runs and how you work. 



CoolKit acknowledged that to ease the minds of their audience and make them feel more comfortable, a video that highlighted how their refrigerated vans are constructed would be a great idea. The video shows how the business takes raw materials and converts normal vans into industry-leading portable fridge and freezer units. 

Showing the way that you work can make your audience feel a lot more at ease and help them gauge their expectations. That way, they can feel a lot more assured when making a considerable investment. In this case, if you were thinking of investing in a new fleet of refrigerated vans for your business, you’d want to know how they were made, wouldn’t you? 

By seeing how businesses work, you can decide whether your ways align or not. The last thing that a business would want is to commit to a long-term partnership, only to later realise that their working styles don’t match. That would be counterproductive for everyone involved. 

Videos are a quick-fire way of working out what you’re potentially dealing with - and that’s exactly what busy positions within the manufacturing industry want, isn’t it? 


Red-Fern can help deliver successful manufacturing video marketing campaigns

If you’re looking to explore video marketing within the manufacturing industry - we can help! You can be fully confident that we’re vastly experienced in delivering successful video campaigns for industry-related businesses. But how? Well, the examples above are actually examples of our own work. 

We’re no stranger to long-term digital partnerships with manufacturing businesses - in fact, it’s slowly become our niche and area of key focus. With that in mind, we’re always on the lookout for new businesses to partner with. Whether it’s a bespoke system development or cutting edge marketing partnership, we’re here to help. 

For more information on the opportunity within the manufacturing industry and how Red-Fern have previously helped other businesses, please don’t hesitate to download our FREE Ebook! It's not quite ready just yet, so in the meantime, please feel free to visit our dedicated manufacturing site and find out everything you need to know. 


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