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Achieve Your SMART Goals With 7 B2B Lead Generation Ideas

Seven b2b lead generation tips to help you achieve your SMART Marketing Goals

It goes without saying that once you've created your SMART marketing goals to clearly define what your business wants to achieve, lead generation represents the lifeblood for any business and is the ultimate driver to achieving your marketing goals. Therefore, coming up with a set of B2B lead generation ideas is essential for your successful and developing business. At the same time, identifying and applying these ideas can be quite a challenge for any marketer, because there are so many constantly changing options and variables you have to take into consideration.

Just to give an idea about the seriousness and complexity of the problems associated with business lead generation ideas and strategies, we can mention the results obtained from the most recent surveys. It turns out that two out of three marketers treat this operation as vital, but also extremely difficult to handle properly.

Here are some of the great marketing lead generation concepts and ideas that work for real, which can help you achieve your SMART goals much more effectively:

1) Offer premium content, and in exchange for it, collect user data

This is one of the simplest, but also surprisingly effective lead generation ideas for B2B and will form part of your b2b content marketing strategy. As soon as your users fill in a form, you allow them to access or download your premium content you have to offer in exchange. One of the ways to apply this approach is to take an advantage of the tools, such as Unbounce, which can help you create a landing page to offer your premium content. Furthermore, you can integrate this tool into another one, for instance, Mailchimp. This way you can simplify the process, by creating an auto-responder email option that follows users, who’ve signed for your premium content.

2) Launch a Linkedin PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign

Have you ever thought about LinkedIn as a marketing channel you can use for generating leads? Well, launching a LinkedIn PPC campaign is definitely one of the efficient B2B marketing lead generation ideas because you have a unique opportunity of targeting specific potential users in specific sectors or organisations. When it comes to the LinkedIn marketing campaign, this is a surprisingly simple operation. LinkedIn has made sure you can follow simple tips, which can guide you through the process. You’re required to create an eye-catching content in order for your campaign to achieve its goals. The great thing about this approach is that you can begin with a low budget and increase it as you progress along the way.

3) Launch and update regularly your company blog

Blogging has become a true art. However, this doesn’t mean that you should treat it as a rocket science marketing concept. At the first glance, launching and updating your company blog may seem as one of the great lead generation ideas for B2B. This is true, but it is also true that this particular activity can’t give you instant results you might’ve expected in the first place. You need to invest a great deal of time and be patient in order for blogging to show its true power. On the other hand, one of the additional problems may be associated with a need that one or more members of your staff have to be focused on this activity regularly.

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4) Creation and distribution of infographics

When it comes to B2B marketing lead generation ideas, Infographics are the true royalty among marketers. With an infographic, you can present a lot of complex data, including content, which is otherwise pretty much difficult to process, in a simple and user-friendly way. In order to come up with a great idea for your infographic, you have two obstacles to overcome. First, you need to find a skilful designer to materialise your visual ideas. The other one is to propose an effective idea for your infographic.

5) Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is undoubtedly one of the most popular lead generation ideas for B2B. You probably know what SEO is all about. You need to optimise your site in order to position your business higher in search engines. However, you should be fully aware that the modern SEO is a complex and demanding activity, which requires the involvement of proven professionals in this field. Optimising your website in accordance with search engine requirements can be a great way to get new leads, but only if it’s done properly.

6) Give an advantage to inbound rather than outbound lead generating ideas

The “traditional” outbound techniques for lead generating, such as mailing lists, cold-calling, print advertisement, and similar, can allow you to reach an impressive number of people. However, compared to inbound leads, the ones you get with the help of inbound techniques, can be up to 60% cheaper. This financial advantage combined with the fact that inbound marketing allows you to reach customers in a more thoughtful and creative way should be enough for you to give a priority to these types of business lead generation ideas.

7) Customer relationship management b2b lead generation ideas

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to collect, process, track, store, and analyse the most relevant data associated with your customers. Those are the main reasons you should treat CRM as a great generator of lead generation ideas for B2B. When it comes to leads themselves, the CRM can help you identify your potential customers through processing of the mass amount of relevant data. After you’re done sorting through the most relevant pieces of information, you’re ready to benefit from the right kind of leads. You know that all leads obtained in this way are the ones with the top level relevance for your particular marketing goals.


This isn’t a definitive list of B2B lead generation ideas, but rather an invitation for you to come with a few ideas of your own. Truly successful marketers are constantly searching and applying new approaches to the most efficient lead generation process. You should use our list as a starting point for your journey of exploration and adaptation in the great world of inbound marketing.

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