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Can the manufacturing industry take advantage of video marketing?

87 percent of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. I think it goes without saying that video marketing is essential. No matter what industry you operate in, video marketing has a substantial impact - if done correctly and effectively. Video marketing is visually engaging, when done well, it can be accessible to a large audience and it can be a powerful way for any brand to spread its brand message.

Nearly eight out of ten marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales. So that’s why this vital communication method shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it can help your WHOLE business. But what’s its purpose? What’s the importance of video marketing in the manufacturing industry and why should you take advantage of it? At Red-Fern it’s one of our key drivers for success and we’ll explain why.

In this post, we’ll cover the purpose of video marketing, the importance of it in the manufacturing industry and we’ll also ask our in-house experts why video is so important in the manufacturing sector. 

We’ll cover:

The importance of video marketing in the manufacturing industry

The importance of video marketing in the manufacturing industry goes beyond being a visual communication tool. Video marketing, if done correctly and with meaning, can engage, entice and educate consumers. Whether that’s existing customers or potential leads. Video marketing is often overlooked but it shouldn’t be for its myriad of benefits.

Just like other communication and content marketing methods, video marketing should be considered in your marketing plan too. Why? Well, video marketing could be what sets you apart from your competition, it’s a creative way to spark engagement and it’s an investment for any business looking to increase its leads. 93 percent of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy and here’s some reasons why.


You can use video in a variety of ways

The great thing about video is that it’ll be impossible to run out of creative ways to use it. Video can be used for a whole host of different reasons and it can be used for a variety of different outlets too - whether that’s customer onboarding videos, YouTube videos or live recording on social media. The possibilities are endless!

  • Demo videos: these showcase how your product or service works. This is a great visualisation method for customers and can be used throughout the buyer's journey - from onboarding to purchasing.
  • Brand videos: these videos are to show your company's high-level mission and purpose. These are to build brand awareness around your company, we’ve created a similar one below.
  • Educational and how-to videos: instructional videos are created to help your consumers learn a new skill, understand how your product works and more. They’re a great sales enablement tool.
  • Live videos: these videos engage audiences instantly, they’re a great instant communication tool and they’re a great way to give consumers a behind the scenes view of your business.
  • Case study or testimonials: one of the best ways to prove that your product or service is problem-solving is to share previous customer testimonials. Use your company advocates as sales drivers.
  • Augmented reality videos (AR): this is a great way to add a visual layer to a consumer's reality. It’s a chance to let your customers and consumers experience what your product and service is and how your products/services work - creatively.


They're a great way to explain a product or service

Videos, if done correctly, can help you visually explain how your product or service works. They can show how your product or service solves problems visually and it can be a great way for consumers to really understand the solution you’re providing.

Videos can be a great tool for your sales team. If they’re finding it hard to describe your product and service, backing up their knowledge with a visual tool is a match made in heaven. It can enable your sales team to connect and convert leads.


A successful contribution to SEO

Video marketing should be part of your wider SEO strategy. Although it won’t have the greatest impact on its own, collectively with your other content - it could take your marketing to the next level. If it’s done well, videos can generate a large number of links to your website - increased traffic and increased conversions. But it’s important that the content you are sharing is purposeful.

For the best SEO results, your video content should replicate your entire SEO strategy. Your videos should offer something to the viewer - whether it sparks emotion, educates them or sparks conversation. It should spark real and strong emotion and then it’ll be likely shared, linked to or written about. Quality is important in video content, just like any other piece of content that follows SEO best practices. So think of emotion, quality and connection. 


People love video content

Almost five BILLION videos are watched on Youtube every single day and 54 percent of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. It’s proven that consumers love video content, it’s visual, it can be engaging and it requires minimal consumer effort. Videos can grab a consumer's attention but if the video is successful, it’ll keep the attention of the consumer too.

It’s said to believe the brain can process visuals more efficiently and faster than it can text. So that’s why a combination of content is vital for increasing engagement and brand awareness. The human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the information we process is visual.

So utilising the power of video is a complete no brainer - FACT. Also, it’s worth noting, if you’re wanting to reach a wider audience (we should hope so!) videos get 1,200 percent more shares than text and images COMBINED.


Red-Fern's approach to video marketing

81 percent of manufacturing businesses say they’re ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity. We’ve taken that in our stride and over the past 30 years, we’ve utilised the power of video marketing to the best of our abilities because we believe it can offer some impressive results.

We believe that every business should be given the opportunity to grow, develop and excel with the help of video marketing. Whether that’s social media content or inspiring lead generation how-to videos - we’ve got it covered.

We can help businesses bring their brand alive with the power of video - from ideation to creation. We get to know your business, we understand what needs to be communicated, we align video with the appropriate content outlets and we delve deep into innovation. 

With our team of 20 dedicated technology and marketing experts, we can help you succeed and grow with our proven digital transformation process. We’ll help you grow, innovate and deliver world-class results. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some of our success stories.


Our in-house experts share all about video marketing

Which brand does video marketing well in the manufacturing industry?

Rolls Royce


Video Credit: Rolls Royce

We couldn’t not mention Rolls Royce! They’re innovative, they’re incredibly inspirational and their content is always captivating. We love the luxurious feel the brand portrays, they have clever and innovative editing and shot types and they always have consistent branding and direction. Their close up shots are breathtaking and their behind the scenes footage is always so engaging. 




Video Credit: Boeing

We love the expert insight Boeing provides in all of their videos. They demonstrate incredible innovation, their content is informative, educational and engaging and they provide an access all areas approach. The suspense they provide in each video is always done so effortlessly through soundtracks and they provide an inclusive approach - insights into the manufacturing process you wouldn’t usually get. We love to see it!


What advice would you give manufacturers wanting to do video marketing?

  • Take the plunge: there’s never been a better time to invest in video marketing than now. It can be innovative, it can engage your audience and it can help you attract new leads.

  • Worthy investment: video marketing is a worthy investment - fact. But it has to be done correctly to receive the correct outcomes. That’s why Red-Fern is here to help!

  • Stay ahead of the competition: don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid to stand out and don’t hold back. Show yourself and your brand to be a thought leader. See what your competitors are doing and try to be better.

  • Relate with your audience like never before: before creating any piece of content understand who your audience is, what motivates them and what they need help with. Then you can create content that serves an incredible purpose time and time again.

Do you want to utilise the power of video marketing? We can help!

If you want to take your existing marketing efforts to the next level or you’re looking for a place to start - we can help. No matter what size business you are or which capacity you operate at, if you’re in the manufacturing industry we’ll provide expert guidance, support and innovation at every stage. If you’re ready to embark on - or want to find out more about - a digital transformation, get in touch with us today!


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