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Chatting To Shama Hyder: What We Learned [Video]

Recently, we wrote an article about the Top 5 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow in 2018. After some savvy outreach, we managed to schedule a zoom chat with Shama Hyder; this is how it went!

Lessons We Learned

1. Add Value! [0:50]

Whether you’re an influencer or not, you should always give your customers value. What’s different about influencers is that they have to add ‘unique value’, otherwise they’re just regurgitating statements that have already been made by other people. Are your thoughts leading others? What are you preaching that’s different to everyone else?

key point

There’s nothing wrong with reinforcing what influencers are saying; it’s how they become philosophers in their chosen field. Your use of their knowledge breeds success for you and them, so keep going!

2. Be A Student Not A Teacher [2:55]

Being a knowledge-rich individual is admirable, but it can soon go to your head! Approaching every day as a learner is an excellent technique for soaking up more knowledge. Being a know-it-all makes you look arrogant!

Take your client feedback and use it, if it’s working for them, teach your other clients. Follow industry leaders or take advice from trusted counsel (yes, your mum and dad do count!).

You don’t have to try to emulate someone, take little pieces of knowledge from every life experience and use it to develop your skills.

3. We Should Smash Gender Stereotyping! [7:40]

As Shama mentioned, men get more venture capital than women in the US and the gender pay gap at the BBC came to light in the UK. Events like this make us question whether there's a noticeable difference in the way men and women are treated at work and how we can change it.

To start with, categorising men and women doesn’t help the world move forward, we should take a more holistic approach and focus on the qualities that make men and women great. Stop labelling men ‘aggressive’ and women ‘emotional’.

Remember what the person’s qualities are as a human being. Can we do this as a society? And is it achievable? Define yourself on what you want to be, not your gender.

4. Watch Out For Gen Z! [11:35]

Although there are influencers of all ages across various social media platforms, Gen Z is the generation that's redefining the way we market our products, and ourselves.

While many young influencers are showing the world their unique talents and marketing consumer products, it’d be difficult to find a 12-year-old talking about SEO!

The challenge for marketers is to learn how to market to this generation, which is why many companies are adopting video strategies and prioritising mobile over desktop.

Take a look at KFC’s poke at the #cleaneatingcommunity, with their cauliflower burger with ice cube relish, promoted by fake influencer ‘Figgy Poppleton-Rice’. The tongue-in-cheek video went viral and was a hit with the healthy eating community!

5. Mobile Buying Will Become More Sophisticated [14:30]

The way we buy things and the technology we use to buy them will change in 2018 and beyond. Many B2C marketers are experimenting with location-based marketing. The consumer gets discount vouchers sent to them in the hope they’ll make instant decisions to buy.

This technique may prove popular with coffee purchases, but it remains to be seen as to whether this style of buying can stretch to more expensive items like TVs or furniture.

Pinterest and Google have invested in visual search technology, with Pinterest adding a lens feature that gives users the ability to take photos and compare them to similar pins.

Google have a lens which can identify objects when you point a camera at it. For example, it can connect to WiFi if the key and password are there.

Go and Learn!

There you have it! In Shama Hyder’s words, we are students! Soak up as much knowledge as you can and educate your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about video content, download the guide below!

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