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Marketing Strategies for Manufacturing Companies: Survey

At the start of November the content marketing institute released a survey of manufacturers marketers. The stand out result is that 59% of manufacturing companies reported more success with content marketing this year than for the same time last year.

marketing for manufacturing companies

Image: Content Marketing Institute

With this said, marketing strategies for manufacturing companies are changing, if your in the manufacturing sector you need to pay attention to this survey and understand that content marketing has to be part of your strategy.

82% of the companies and marketeers surveyed said that the driving force for the increase in this success was down to better quality content and research into their target audience. Online marketeers are now understanding that publishing quality content is a far better strategy than just pushing blogs out for the sake of it. Engaging with and answering your audiences questions, has to be the goal to cut through the noise and give your businesses brand a position of thought leadership.

The survey has also highlighted some of the key factors that have fuelled this success:

  • Better content strategy development – 69%
  • Content marketing to become one of the key marketing tools – 62%
  • Allocating more time to content marketing – 57%
  • Content distribution (detailed persona targeting and identifying what works) – 49%

For the final point, 'Content Distribution', I would like to expand with a little more detail.  The manufacturing companies and marketers who completed the survey explained that they use an average of five different delivery channels for delivering and distributing their content. These channels started with email, but we can see from the results that social media is fast becoming a close second and print still hanging in there for third.

digital marketing for manufacturing

Image: Content Marketing Institute

Our Thoughts

With the release of this report and the results it shows, manufacturing companies have to start including content marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Whilst we understand that print will always have a place in the marketing process, more and more people are now doing their research online.

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

Source: HubSpot

If your marketing strategy for the coming 12 months does not include a targeted content strategy then you are losing out on this 47% of the buyers journey.

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