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Content marketing: The Red-Fern way

It’s no secret that content marketing is an incredible tool for businesses. Not only is it perfect for reaching out to your ideal audience and engaging with them, but it’s also the ideal platform to lay the foundations for a trusting partnership too. 

A lot of businesses are sceptical over content marketing due to its slow and steady nature. We’re not afraid to shy away from the fact that one blog post won’t suddenly make your phone go berserk and sales come flying in from everywhere. Although that’d be ideal for our partners, unfortunately, that’s not the reality of content marketing. 

It’s all about a calculated approach. How can you attract your audience into your business? From there, retain them and turn them into loyal brand advocates. That’s content marketing for you - and that’s exactly what it does well. This post will explore content marketing in-depth and give our views on some of the most popular questions that we’re commonly asked.  


We’ll answer:


What makes for good content marketing? 

There is a LOT of content out there - so, it’s easy for regular, run of the mill content to be missed and blend in with the rest of the competition. That’s where good content marketing jumps out and is streets ahead of others. Top content marketing is impossible to ignore - it’s gripping, engaging, compelling, persuasive and much more. 

So, how do you create content like that? Well, firstly, you’re going to need a brand that’s recognisable. We’ve spoken about blending in with the crowd, well, your brand is one of the main ways that your content will stand out. If your brand stands out, you’re already on the front foot. So, be bold, be daring, be controversial but most importantly, be YOU. 

content marketing good content

Transparency. As soon as your content marketing stops being transparent and honest, your brand loses all credibility and you’ll inevitably lose your audience. Within content marketing, honesty and transparency go a long way. Nobody wants to hear about how amazing you are all the time - talk about problems, feature how you’ve overcome them. Transparency about issues shows realism in your content marketing. 

Relevant content marketing is good content marketing. Nobody wants to waste their time scrolling through pages and pages of irrelevant copy, do they? What people want are quick, sure-fire answers to problems that they face regularly. If you waste your audience’s time with irrelevant content, they’re unlikely to return to your site when they next have an issue - FACT.


What is the most critical part of a campaign? 

From the discovery phase to the analysis phase and everything in between, campaigns are critical throughout. An insightful answer, I know. However, for me, the most critical part of the campaign is the discovery phase. During this period, you’re finding your feet with the client, their desired tone of voice and testing ways to reach out to their audience the best.

Unless you’ve worked within that particular area before, it involves a lot of trial and error with various styles. This is exciting - any opportunity that a content marketer gets to show off and try new things should be taken with both hands and enjoyed. Try out as many different methods and styles as you can before finding the perfect solution for their ideal audience. 

During the discovery phase, you’ll outline your Buyer Personas. It’s important that you get these right and obtain as much information as possible about your client’s ideal audience. If you only have a little bit of information or very generic answers to go off, the quality of your Buyer Personas will be poor. That will trickle out into other areas of your business too - they’re not just used for content marketing purposes. 

All in all, the discovery phase is the foundation for the rest of your content marketing. In order to build results and successful future campaigns, you must first lay a strong foundation - and keep updating and adding to it too!


What’s your favourite part of a campaign? 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as giving you a sole area that I enjoy the most within content marketing. When onboarding new partners, I love being involved with the discovery phase and leading kick-off workshops. One of the main attractions of working at a digital agency is getting to work so closely with amazing business from an array of industries. 

So, finding out more about their companies, their ideal audience and strategising ways in which we can target them successfully is incredibly enjoyable. I love collaboration within the team, it’s definitely necessary for better results and stronger campaigns. This is an area in which we largely collaborate and throw ideas around, which is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. 

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Of course, as a Content Marketing Specialist, I couldn’t say that carrying out the writing for the campaign isn’t one of my favourite parts, could I? The implementation phase is always interesting - no matter what client you’re working on. Having worked within agencies for several years now, I’ve always enjoyed the random facts and information that you pick up about a wide range of topics. 

I love being creative with my writing and relish at the chance of having free reign to test new trends out - so the initial writing period after the discovery phase is thoroughly enjoyable. Not to mention rewarding - seeing one of your posts perform well for your client and rank highly on search engines is a great feeling. 

Does that answer the question? Or, was it a massive cop-out? I’ll let you decide on that one. 


What makes Red-Fern’s content marketing so special? How does it differ?

There’s no denying that there’s a lot of good content marketing out there. Some businesses seem to kill it every time - whereas, unfortunately, some just can’t quite master it. What sets us apart at Red-Fern is our meticulous approach and attention to detail. As we mentioned earlier, no campaign is successful without an in-depth discovery phase to lay a solid foundation. 

That’s where we really drill down and seep out every last bit of information that we can hang on to. It’s this thoroughness that bleeds into our content marketing and our approach to target your ideal audience with our efforts is unrivalled. We’ve seen amazing results for our partners - and it’s no wonder. 

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop with the discovery phase either. At Red-Fern, we’re big believers of analysing and gauging your success. It plays a big part in everything that we do. After all, we’re the experts, we shouldn’t be making blind decisions, should we? No - and we don’t. Regular analysis allows us to see what we’re doing right and where we can improve - and we don’t shy away from the latter. 

Lastly, we don’t tread on the safe side of caution. We like to throw ourselves into the deep end and step out of our comfort zone - that’s where the magic happens, right? While that may sound a little corny, it’s true. New trends, polarising opinions and an open-mind allow us to produce amazing content for all our partners and our brand too. 


Red-Fern can help with all your content marketing needs!

Now that you’ve gained further insight into the opinions of our content marketing department, are you ready to implement some of these pointers into your own efforts? Or, are you a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content out there and want to safely hedge your bets in delivering results? 

If you’re the latter, then don’t worry - you’re not alone. That’s where we can help you! Red-Fern are experts in content marketing, amongst other areas too. We’re vastly experienced in delivering successful campaigns and know what it takes to drive results. Does that sound like everything you’ve ever wanted with your content marketing efforts? Well, you can have it!

For more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! One of our expert teams will be on hand to help you with any questions or queries you have. Plus, we’ll help alleviate any content marketing worries that you may have from a previous poor relationship with a lacklustre agency. We look forward to speaking with you!

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