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Digital transformation for manufacturers: Our four-step digital growth strategy

Do you want to know how we lay the foundations for a successful digital partnership? 

Did you know that goal-setting, whether it's marketing, tech, financial or business-focused, can't be successful without a strategy?

In this post, we've covered our proven process for goal-setting success. Whether you're at the beginning of your digital journey or looking for some direction, our four-step digital growth strategy sets the tone for all of our successful partnerships and here's why.

We’ll cover:

What is a digital growth strategy?

A digital growth strategy lays the foundation for successful, actionable goal-setting. It keeps targets and milestones organised, accountable and timebound. It's an action plan that's put in place to align with all stakeholders to achieve a desired state in the future.

A successful digital growth strategy is created on thorough research, and careful consideration and outlines responsibilities, expectations, deliverables, and budgets. It's a document everyone can refer to and keeps teams and wider organisations aligned on the main objective(s). 

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
– Henry Ford

Without a digital growth strategy, there's no path to follow, there are no incentives to work towards, business growth is stagnant, and ultimately, you'll be doing business blindfolded.



No matter what industry you're working in, a digital growth strategy is crucial, especially as a manufacturer. With an expert team on hand to help mould the path forward, you'll be able to begin your digital transformation with confidence, direction and innovation.


Our digital growth process: 4 steps

We have over 30 years of experience developing and implementing digital transformation and growth strategies for manufacturing companies specialising in varying sectors and specialisms.

This wouldn't be possible without our dedicated technology, strategist and marketing experts who work hard to achieve your business, technology, financial and marketing aspirations for the future.


Through a series of agreed discovery sessions, we get to know your business, the stakeholders and the goals you’re looking to achieve. No matter where your business is situated, we can host these online or in person. We've hosted discovery sessions with partners from across the globe, so anything is possible.

The discovery process allows us to align business, technology and marketing goals with realistic expectations, budgets and project timelines. We ask the right questions, identify potential challenges, agree on how we'll work together, and lay the foundations for a successful digital partnership. 

Bespoke systems, integrations, strategising and deploying successful marketing campaigns are the outcomes of our in-depth discovery process. We can’t begin any partnership without the discovery stage, that’s why it’s no.1 in our strategy. It's the start of something exciting and establishes our actions for the future.


After the in-depth discovery, it's over to us. We collate everything learnt and understood and create a strategy and positioning document detailing a clear and strategic working process.

This has previously been described as 'the most professional document we have ever seen’.

This outlines:

  • Responsibilities in-house and externally
  • Expectations broken down per project sector: brand, marketing, technology, design, AR, strategy, client services, and website.
  • Deliverables: timelines, expected delivery, launch, feedback, turnaround times.
  • Budgets

Before any partnership begins, all of the stakeholders agree on this document, making sure all the partnerships we create have a solid foundation for success.


Once everything has been agreed upon, our in-house specialists get to work on your digital transformation strategy. 

We ensure there are clear lines of communication between your dedicated team and our technology, marketing, and project specialists. We keep you in the loop by giving project updates, asking the right questions at every stage and answering any queries along the way. 

This enables the partnership to be transparent and follows the projected path detailed in the strategy and positioning document. If at any time things have to change, or we need to adapt the strategy, we will do this in a timely, efficient and proactive approach. 


We align our world-class technology, marketing and management skills to continually strategise, innovate and grow with the digital assets we have developed with you.

 Our process sets the infrastructure for a long-term partnership. We want to help businesses solve marketing and technology complexity through digital for the long haul. 

Our culture, which we live and breathe, is to create transparent partnerships with a focus on achieving business, technology and marketing goals together. We keep it simple, allowing you to be a leading business in your sector.



What happens next?

Understanding and elevating your vision, our deep and unique knowledge will guide you to success, helping you realise the astounding results you know you’re capable of across revenue, investment, brand awareness, talent retention, cost reduction and efficiency. 

Before taking the next step, if you want to learn more about Red-Fern and our team, explore our website and social channels and read through our free resources. 

We’ll take your most complex marketing, technology and automation challenges and show you a pathway to success.

Amongst many of our digital innovations, we also have the leading manufacturing podcast called ‘Remake Manufacturing’ - where national and international manufacturers share unflinching business and personal truths within the manufacturing sector. Some of our guest contributors include AirbusSiemens Mobility UKEricsson, and Made In Britain.


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