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How to drive leads in the manufacturing industry with paid marketing

If you’re wanting to create a successful digital marketing strategy, then adding paid digital marketing into the plan can be game-changing. Paid marketing can seem daunting at first and there’s many ins and outs but it shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Paid marketing isn’t just about getting on the 1st page of Google.

You can advertise on social media, across websites, during YouTube videos and you can even offer your services on podcast breaks. Paid ads can be everywhere, you might have come across some yourself. Well, it’s time to do the same for your business and reap the benefits of paid marketing. Paid marketing can be a big investment if done correctly for any manufacturing business, if it's done incorrectly it’ll be a waste of time, money and resources.

In this post, we’ll cover what paid marketing is, the do’s and don'ts, best practices and then we’ll have our Red-Fern experts on hand to answer some questions about paid advertising. 

We’ll cover:

The importance of paid marketing in the manufacturing industry

Paid marketing has a time and a place and if done correctly, your paid advertising will land in the consumer’s hands at the right time and in the right place. Like what we did there? But it’s true, there’s an expert way to do paid marketing correctly. After all, you want to make sure that the money you’re investing in advertising is a worthwhile investment and creates positive results. 

Paid marketing is one of the quickest ways to help potential customers discover your brand and offerings. Paid marketing allows you to specifically target audiences via multiple channels instead of waiting for them to find you organically. Paid advertising, if done correctly, can achieve incredible results. From increased ROI to great clickthrough rates and lead generation.

Paid marketing isn’t just about ranking high on Google either, although that is one of the categories. Paid marketing can be done on any channel that allows it. You select a specific channel for the advertisement - such as Facebook, you then define the audience you want to target (location, search terms, interests, demographics), you set a budget and then the magic happens. This can either be a pay-per-click basis or this can be over a period of time - when the time runs out, the ad ends and the budget is used up.

There’s many ways to carry out paid marketing but with experts on hand to help you’ll be assured that your resources will be used correctly, your budget will be used for maximised results and you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of paid marketing. But that’s why we’re here, THE leading innovative agency for B2B manufacturers. 


Red-Fern's approach to paid marketing

One of the key drivers for paid marketing is to ensure that you completely understand who you’re trying to target. At Red-Fern, we get to know your business, we get to know your goals and aspirations and we get to know your audience and customers. When it comes to paid marketing, we ensure that our resources are used wisely and we ensure that the money you’re investing is going to generate positive results.

We thrive off REAL results and through our user-generated content and growth tactics, we create just that. We work together as a team to generate real content that educates, informs and engages. We target specific areas you want to network in, we use our expertise to communicate your brand and services and we always ensure that we’re transparent throughout our digital transformation.

For many businesses, paid marketing brings one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) for their marketing money. We help businesses utilise this type of marketing in the best way possible so they’re leading experts in their field and are one step ahead of their competitors.


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The do's and don'ts of paid marketing


Carousel ads

Carousel ads are a useful way to show variety amongst your services and products by giving consumers the option to swipe through each image. This can be valuable to audiences you haven’t targeted before. Utilising the different aspects of different platforms will ensure greater success rates. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

Strategic messaging

Without strategic messaging, you’re wasting your time. Think about your USP’s, think about the questions your consumers are asking and think about what solutions your products and services provide. Your messaging can be a dealbreaker for your advertisement so it needs to be engaging, thought-led and targeting the right audience at the right time.

Get to know your audience

Your audience drives your sales, they help your business grow and they’re the ones you want to target. If you don’t know who they are, what motivates them, what they’re looking for - how will you know how to target them effectively? You won’t. So get to know your audience. At Red-Fern, we create buyer personas that allow us and the brand to understand who we’re targeting with all of our efforts. That way, no time is ever wasted and your resources will be used wisely.

Clear CTA

Position the CTA in a place that is easy to notice and directs them to the exact page you want them to land on. Don’t ask your audience to do multiple things, keep it simple so your consumers don’t get confused and you’ll be able to close your deal easily. The easier it is, the easier it will be for your consumers to stay engaged.

Get creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative with your ad copy. Keep your branding consistent but express some personality. Inject some humour or emotive language and don’t be afraid to spark attention in a new way. Build remembrance and leave a lasting impression in the consumer's mind.


Ignore mobile optimisation

It’s great putting in the effort to create show-stopping paid marketing but it’s also important to ensure all your efforts are compatible on every device and platform. If your ads aren’t optimised for different devices, you’ll lose leads, you’ll lose the consumers interest and your brand reputation won’t be as positive.

Don't overthink your copy

How should the content look? Should the copy be long or short? Well, it all depends. Too much information and clutter can be off-putting and people will probably swipe or scroll past your content. Instead, think about quick results, think about what will strike emotion. A strong image or video can be backed up with brilliant copy. Be striking, relevant and thought-led.

Apply a generalised filter for targeting

Some platforms will naturally select a targeting strategy for you. This can be inaccurate, it won’t always provide the results you want and it could be a waste of time and money. Get to know your audience, get to know who you want to target and be specific. Even if you’re reaching niche audiences - do your research and it’ll pay off.

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An insider with our Paid Marketing experts

What are your 3 key tips for businesses wanting to do paid marketing?

  1. Know your audience and which social media platform they use. There are many platforms that offer paid marketing but finding the one that your audience uses is vital. Whether that’s LinkedIn or even Facebook.
  2. Be creative, less is sometimes more and having strong creatives with exciting copy will stand you in good stead for catching the eyes of your ideal prospects.
  3. Before starting any paid marketing, identify your primary goal. Are you wanting to gain brand awareness, are you wanting more conversions or maybe you’re wanting increased website traffic? Whatever it is, this will determine your copy, your CTA and more. 


Do you follow a process for paid marketing success?

We follow a process of research, creation, implementation and maintenance. Each process is in-depth and thought-led to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. Every few weeks, we’ll review the creative and copy and ensure it’s still achieving great results.

We ensure that all the paid marketing we do doesn’t suffer from ad fatigue. We’re focused on results and want to ensure we’re giving our copy and creative the best chance of succeeding. 


Why is paid marketing important in the manufacturing industry?

Paid marketing isn’t limited to one type or business or audience. It can lend itself to a variety of industries. The opportunities are endless - whether you’re wanting to target new consumers or re-target past customers, paid marketing can help you achieve so much. Increased website visitors, brand awareness, increased ROI and MORE. 

We love giving all of our digital partnerships the opportunity to thrive in the paid marketing space. You have the vision, we’re the experts and together we deliver the most rewarding results.


Do you want to drive leads with paid marketing? We can help!

If you’re ready to utilise the power of paid marketing and you’re wanting to get your services and business offerings in front of the right people, you’ve landed in the right place. At Red-Fern, we’ll get to work straight away and start achieving the results you hope and deserve. Invest your money wisely, see REAL results and work with an agency who are passionate about long-term partnerships. Get in touch with us!

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