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How we align with in-house teams of B2B manufacturers

We're a specialist technology and growth marketing agency that works with some of the WORLD'S most innovative manufacturers. We've got over 30 years worth of agency experience and we're equipped with the knowledge, resources and team to help businesses thrive and grow. 

Our valuable agency experience puts us in a very firm position and allows us to align with in-house teams seamlessly. We know what works, what doesn't work and our world-class strategies create mind-blowing results.

In this post, we're going to run through everything there is to know about our streamlined processes and how we align with in-house teams to help generate the best results. 

We’ll cover:


Our industry specialism

We help businesses (big and small) upscale, launch and go above and beyond their boundaries in the manufacturing industry. We achieve this by using system development, innovative technology, thought-led marketing and creative expertise. 

The manufacturing industry is booming and makes up over 17 percent of the total UK economy. Because of this rapid growth, we take pride in this sector and work hard to ensure B2B manufacturers build their brands and position themselves as experts in this industry.

Our previous partnerships speak for themselves - we’re experts in manufacturing and we’re excited for what the future holds. Especially with our partnerships and ever-growing client base.


Quick solutions to problems

If you have a problem that needs solving but your in-house team can't fulfil the solution - no worries. If you have a campaign idea and you want to run it by some experts - great. If you're needing to meet a deadline and you require assistance - we're here for you. No problem big or small, we'll try our hardest to create an innovative solution to your needs. Our solutions will always be streamlined with your in-house team and we'll be as transparent as possible.

At Red-Fern, we're problem solvers. We thrive off challenges and we're keen to help businesses achieve the best results. We work to a high standard, we plan, prepare, execute and report back. We focus on the task at hand and guide all of our attention to achieving the best results - leaving your in-house team to focus on their own goals and aspirations.

We're a helping hand with the added expertise and direction. Our breadth of experience allows us to apply our methods quickly and efficiently. We know the strategies that work and we know what doesn't work because of past collaborations. The challenges we've faced previously allow us to make solid decisions in the future. We have a specialist team ready on-hand to answer questions and more importantly to achieve the work.

We’re naturals when it comes to pivoting from one task to another. We have an agile way of thinking and we always ensure a smooth workflow is achieved for all. 


Increased innovation

We live and breathe innovation - it’s in our ethos. In our team, we have professionals and specialists from all different sectors - social media to web design and content writing. This diversity in our team allows each of us to bring something different to the table and generate unique ideas.

We provide a high level of expertise and collectively we can help manufacturing businesses achieve the most incredible results. Whether you want to re-design your website or generate a new campaign to build your social media following, we'll promise to bring ideas that push the boundaries, are thought-led and innovative. Innovation breeds opportunities and generates higher ROI and we understand how important that is for all businesses.

When we partner with a business, we'll go through an in-depth discovery process. This allows us to understand your business, your goals, your target audience and more. This discovery process will fuel our ideas and will allow us to create work that's purposeful and results-driven. This contributes to our innovation so that it’s focused on a goal.

Innovation is always guaranteed throughout our digital partnerships from day one. We do the thinking and the implementing, so you can focus on the other tasks that matter. Innovation and creative thinking require expertise, resources and time. At Red-Fern, we have all three (and more) and with our team of experts, combined with your in-house teams of specialists anything is possible.

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Additional expertise

The Red-Fern team is made up of 20 experts (and growing) who each bring unrivalled experience, enthusiasm and expertise in their field. Our team is selected carefully to ensure they can contribute to our greatness and help our partnerships grow. 

We're experts at what we do, we devote our time to industry training and we're always keeping an eye on new emerging trends, digital updates and technological innovation. As a team, we all have our fingers on the pulse of digital marketing and manufacturing - it's part of our daily routines and we love living and breathing it.

Alongside our keen attitude to learn more about the industries we work in, we also prioritise self and professional development within our agency. This development and consistent learning ensure our team is up to date with new tech, strategies and innovative solutions. 

Learning can take years but with the help of an agency, you can instantly have access to a high level of expertise without having to spend time and money on training your existing employees. We already have the expertise to drive results right here at Red-Fern.

We're also building our apprenticeship program and working closely with industry-leading colleges. Having apprentices on our team allows us to utilise our resources strategically. It brings a fresh perspective to brand ideation and they can lend themselves to a variety of departments. Allowing us to help in-house teams meet those all-important deadlines.



Our industry and partnership experience has equipped us with all the resources we need to manage collaborations correctly, professionally and powered by diversity. We know how to move from one task and challenge to another without compromising on quality, expertise and results.

Our diverse way of working allows us to provide the professional insight and in-house team needs to improve their existing efforts and technology. We keep a careful eye on the industries our partners operate in and this allows us to apply the right strategies to each task at hand. 

Sometimes, if you're living and breathing your brand day in and day out - it can be hard to see beyond your current efforts. But with the help of Red-Fern, we can bring the diversity your business requires for additional success. No matter how creative you are, burnout is possible. But with our agency, we'll ensure your work is fresh, exciting and driven for success.

We'll also have the data and statistics to back up our diverse strategies so you don't have to rely on guesswork. We'll ensure your in-house team is aligned with our way of working, thinking and creating.


Streamlined communications

Communication is key for us here at Red-Fern. Communication allows us to be transparent about our goals, it keeps everyone in the loop, reduces confusion and produces streamlined outcomes. 

If you want to check in with us each week - brilliant. If you want to come into the offices bi-weekly - go for it! If you want us to send you updates via email - we can do that. If you want to call us - we're always on-hand to help and provide expertise.

We're a friendly bunch at Red-Fern and we're always delighted to talk to our partners. We believe that communication builds a solid foundation for successful partnerships and it's part of our digital growth strategy for each partnership.

Some of the channels we use for partner communications are Slack, Email, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. Of course, we're always up for adapting our communication methods to fit the partners we work with. After all, we want to make everything easier for you so we can get to work on the important stuff. 


Want to know more about our process for digital growth?

We listen, think, create and innovate. We have a passion for helping B2B manufacturers grow in their sector and we’ll always try our absolute best to align with in-house teams. If you’re keen to know more about the way we work with in-house teams, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Drop us an email, give us a DM on LinkedIn or simply call us up. We’re here to help you take your business forward in the right direction.


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