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5 Marketing Strategies for Engineering Companies

Inbound marketing strategies for engineering companies can do a lot in terms of brand exposure, services promotion, and the eventual creation of new business opportunities. Here is a handful of marketing strategies for engineering companies that proved themselves to be quite effective and reliable:

1st Strategy – Blog is the most important piece of your “equipment.”

Blogging has always been an outstanding SEO tool and booster for your leads and optimal conversion, as long as your content is targeted towards solving industry questions and problems, that your peers will understand and engage with. You don’t have to be afraid or hesitate when it comes to regular blogging for your engineering company. Your customers aren’t going to judge your writing skills, but rather to focus entirely on the relevance of content you submit on a regular basis. Of course, it’s always a good idea to hire a pro writer, but you have to make sure, he or she knows enough about your target industry.

2nd Strategy – Don’t forget the good old Email Marketing.

A successful marketing strategy for engineering company should always include an email marketing component. With a series of thoughtfully written, relevant, and engaging newsletters, you can inform your existing and potential customers of all important events, new product, service, and other news related to your company. You can also use the specialised content you write on your blog to gain authority in your engineering speciality, try to offer unique content that will inform and engage your ideal customers. This is also an efficient way to make sure you keep in touch with all of your leads and contacts on a regular basis. It is worth emphasising that every single email you send as a part of your marketing strategies for engineering companies should come with a clear and justifiable purpose, including a call-to-action. You don’t send regular newsletters/emails to say “hi,” do you?

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3rd Strategy – How do you feel about Sponsored Content?

You should embrace inbound marketing strategies for engineering companies with no “prejudices.” This means that you should invest both your time and money into sponsored stories. Rest assured that your customers and partners will barely notice that they were “exposed” to sponsored content, as long as it is relevant and interesting. Engineering companies can strongly benefit from specialised online magazines and similar web platforms, where engineering communities always appreciate new and quality content.

4th Strategy – “Engineer” social channels to suit you.

A marketing plan for engineering company that relies on social media has almost endless possibilities for promotion and success. Here is one example of how an engineering company can benefit from proper use of social channels. The target audience for every engineering company is visually oriented. This simple and well-known fact can be used for creating a series of video content to get a positive response. In addition, this form of marketing material is a perfect match for sharing activities on social networks. In this way, you can engage your customers to discuss, submit comments, and share your video content. Again referring back to your blog, pushing your industry insights and specialist engineering thoughts to other industry and company peers, will increase your authority in social media channels and start increase leads through the calls-to-action on your website.

5th Strategy – Take an Advantage of User Surveys.

Surveys can provide you with excellent insights into your target audience’s expectations and preferable content. Remember, there’s no such a thing in inbound marketing as a useless user survey. There’s always a way to turn your survey’s findings and results into a win-win for your business plans and marketing campaigns. For instance, a marketing plan for engineering company based on a user survey can use these results to create a webinar to drive additional leads, or as an inspiration for the most relevant future blog topics.


So, what’s the best marketing strategy for engineering company you own, run, or work in? Well, that has to be the one you create or hire pro marketers to design for you. Inbound marketing strategies for engineering companies have proven themselves to be extremely efficient just like in any other industry or business sector. Therefore, don’t ask yourself what a marketing plan for engineering company of your choice can do or provide, but rather ask yourself have you used all benefits inbound marketing offers to your company.

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Pro tip: Business to business marketing is about delivering high quality content to generate leads and authority in your industry

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