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Is content marketing effective for manufacturing businesses looking to grow?

Content marketing (blog posts, free downloadables, infographics, social media content) that engages the audience, answers questions and provides value is essential for all businesses. Not only does content marketing enable your sales team but it also has many business growth benefits.

Content marketing the Red-Fern way, answers questions, it educates, it’s thought-led and it’s creative and purposeful. But why is it so important for all of our successful digital partnerships? We’ve got our content and social media marketing experts on hand to give you the inside scoop on the importance of social media and content marketing in the manufacturing industry. If done correctly, it can encourage ENORMOUS growth.

In this post, we’ll cover what content marketing is, we’ll discuss our Red-Fern approach to content marketing and then we’ll let our experts tell you the importance of content marketing. We don’t skip this process - it’s a fundamental part of our four-step digital transformative process.

We’ll cover:

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the vital voice behind your brand. It informs, educates and it answers the questions your consumers have. It builds authority and trust behind your brand and when done correctly, it can entice new customers and delight existing customers too. Content marketing covers all areas of content - whether that’s social media posting, blog content, video, infographics or Ebooks.

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach your target audience. It can boost factors like brand awareness, sales, reach, interactions, and loyalty - Hubspot.

Content marketing is a great way to boost organic traffic to your brand and website. It’s important to always have your customers at the forefront of your vision and always ensure that SEO best practices are carried out throughout the content that’s applicable. 

Another vital aspect of content marketing is having your finger on the pulse of different emerging trends and inspiration. Just as the weather changes each day, so do the things we talk about and that’s why it’s essential that the content you create isn’t outdated and it is in alignment with the topics everyone is talking about.


The Red-Fern approach to content marketing

Every piece of content we create has a thought-led message behind it and directly aligns with the buyer personas specific to that brand. Whether it’s humorous, emotive or conversational - we ALWAYS ensure it’s engaging. After all, if it’s boring, it’ll be a waste of time.

In our four-step digital transformation process, we get to know your customers, we get to know your brand and we get to know your ideal customer audience. We learn which goals you want to achieve and we understand the obstacles that are placed in front of your customers - so we can help remove them. Collectively as an expert content team, we strategise, we get creative and we produce content that has a purpose and will certainly create positive change.

We’re innovative, we’re thought-led, we’re search experts and we ALWAYS have our finger on the pulse. After all, we want our partnerships to succeed and produce mind-blowing results. So we’ll do everything we can to delight, inform and educate. No matter your goals, we can help you stand out in the ever-changing social media and content marketing landscape. Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a large business we’re here to help!


An insider with our content marketing team

Our content experts thrive off successful results, they love a good challenge and they always enjoy delighting customers. Matt, Jess and Amy are here to answer some of the common questions when it comes to manufacturing content marketing. Where do we get our inspiration from, what advice would we give to those wanting to build a social media presence and why is content marketing SO important. 

manufacturing marketing


Why is social media marketing so important in manufacturing?

Our Social Media Specialist, Amy says

“Social media is important for any business, but particularly manufacturing companies who may not advertise their products and services as widely as they would like. Social media is a great communication method for increasing brand awareness, building relationships with customers and lead generation”.

So, we think it’s time to get social! With the help of our in-house experts, you’ll be in the right hands.


What is your advice to a new company wanting to develop their content?

In the words of our Content Marketer, Jess

“Content marketing is an investment! When creating content, always have your customers at the forefront of everything you’re creating. If you do this, your content will always serve a purpose. Think about who your ideal customer is, have a think about which questions they might need answers to and be confident in your communications. After all, confidence will ensure you’re positioned as a thought-leader in your industry”.


In the words of our Digital Marketing Manager, Matt

“Content marketing shouldn’t be overlooked - it’s a worthy investment for any business wanting to reach new audiences and engage their existing customers. Content marketing has to be done correctly for it to be effective. That’s why choosing a leading agency is always a good idea. But not to worry, that’s why Red-Fern are here to help!”


How do you build a social media presence in the manufacturing industry?

Some top tips from our Social Media Specialist Amy:

  • Know who you want to target and keep them front-of-mind when planning your content to ensure it's engaging. 
  • Post consistently and engage with your audience by utilising relevant hashtags and jumping on big conversations within your industry. 
  • Utilise video as much as possible. Some manufacturing processes can be a little dry (sorry!), so videos are a great way to engage your audience. Product demos, how-to's, factory tours and even machine demos can work well. 

What do manufacturing businesses need to know about content marketing? Our top tips!

In the words of our Social Media Specialist, Amy

“Know your audience and make sure the content you create is relevant. Content for content's sake will not work. Look at your competitors - what do they do well and where are they lacking? Can you rank for any relevant keywords they're missing and create content on a subject they're overlooking? Remember the funnel! Be sure to create content for each stage of the buyer's journey and not just the top of the funnel to increase your site visitors”.


In the words of our Content Marketer, Jess

“What can spark emotion, what will spark a response and what will trigger a conversation? Content marketing, if done correctly, will skyrocket your business for all the right reasons. It’ll educate, inform and inspire. If you’re offering free advice to your prospects via social media content, blog posts, Ebooks and more, you’ll naturally build trust amongst your audience and they’ll be more likely to reach out to you for your paid services - what a win. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch!”


In the words of our Digital Marketing Manager, Matt

“All of the above are essential to know. But the quality of your content needs to be spot on. Graphics, imagery, video content needs to be high quality as much as possible. Not only does everything have to be factually and grammatically correct - but it must appeal to your target personas too. If you're trying to appeal to the masses and cast a wide net, you're already on the back foot."


Do you need help with your content marketing? We can help!

The benefits of content marketing shouldn’t be pushed to the side or forgotten about. We know there’s a lot to think about but with an expert team on hand with OVER 30 years of experience, you’ll be in the best position to succeed and grow your business.

If you’re ready to start growing your business or you’re needing to give your existing content the overhaul - we’re here to help! Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work. We love our digital partnerships and we thrive off those who are eager to learn and grow with us.

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