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Marketing for manufacturing companies: How we can help

We’re a specialist technology and growth marketing agency helping manufacturing companies achieve long-term digital transformation goals. We're positioned as specialists within the manufacturing industry and with over 30 years of experience, it’s easy to see why. We continuously utilise our expert team to help businesses thrive in their space.

The UK is the ninth largest manufacturer in the WORLD and we take pride in being a part of this exciting industry. The manufacturing industry makes up 17 percent of the UK economy - that’s a lot and it can be challenging for businesses to succeed digitally in this space. Especially when there’s so much competition and ever-changing trends. But with the help of an expert team, you’ll be guaranteed to succeed.

But how do we help manufacturing companies? It’s simple. We innovate, we support our partnerships and we deliver world-class results. Whether that’s marketing, technology or web development - we’ve everything you need. In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about us so we can help you.

We’ll cover:

Manufacturing marketing is our specialism

Manufacturing continues to be an industry that’s experiencing promising growth and innovation. We’ve helped many businesses up-scale, launch and push past their growth goals and beyond.

We’ve aided business owners to flourish in their field and helped established businesses push past their boundaries. The difference with Red-Fern, is we take the time to understand your vision. We then create the path, solve the challenges, and implement the plan.

With 20 dedicated technology and marketing experts, we’ve carefully selected our team to ensure they provide value at every stage of our partnerships. With every partnership we have, we continue to strive for excellence and creative innovation. Even the craziest of ideas are considered and put forward. After all, we don’t believe in bad ideas. We just believe in correct implementation, discovery, strategy and good technology.

It’s proven that manufacturers are needing help within this industry - and rightly so when there’s so many opportunities to grab. Are you part of the 81 percent of businesses within manufacturing that’s ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity? Well, if you are, we can help you create clear visions and a desire to grow through technology. 

We want to work with world-class global manufacturers that align with our discovery, strategy, technology and marketing capabilities. Those who are at the forefront of their industry but also those who are wanting to find their feet and succeed.

Our services: A breakdown

Corporate identity

Your brand is your voice, it’s the image you portray and it’s the personality behind your organisation. Without brand identity, you just have a business idea with no structure or foundation. But with the right branding and the right business identity, you’ll position yourself as a thought-leader, be more trustworthy as a business owner and be memorable. Sounds easy? Well, it can be if you have the right team.

We can help businesses rebrand, discover a new brand or build their own unique brand. With the help of our design and content team, we can bring your vision to life after understanding your purpose through our four-step discovery to the implementation process. We can then put our insights to work and build the brand identity you’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve helped many brands create their own identities in the manufacturing sector. Whether that’s wellness brands or construction companies - we’ve worked collectively to bring an idea to life through purposeful design, identity and branding. We live and breathe your business, we ensure your brand identity instantly communicates your vision and we ensure everything is transparent throughout our partnership. 


Social Media Marketing

Over a quarter of the world is on social media, are you reaching the right people and targeting the correct audiences? If you’re not sure, then it’s probably time you invested in some professional help. Social media is complex, it has many parts and can be a little overwhelming. But with our expert social media team on hand, we can assure you that there will be no confusion.

We develop social media strategies that align targeted audiences with your business, services and products. We use innovative processes and thought-led content to help you target prospective customers and keep your existing customers updated. No matter your goals, we can help you stand out in the ever-changing social media landscape. Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a large business - we can help!

We thrive off successful results and we’re always looking for ways to increase our client's presence on social media. Through user-generated content and growth tactics and paid advertisement, we achieved that with a recent re-brand. A 261% increase in leads with a 73% decrease in cost per lead - what a great start to the campaign!




Content marketing

Content marketing - when done correctly, can be a vital voice and communication tool behind your business. Just like social media, it can spark conversations, educate and help entice the reader and gain leads. 

However, it all comes down to answering the questions your customers are asking and understanding who your audience really is. As soon as you know this, you’ll be well on your way to producing the content that they need to move forward in their purchase journey.

At Red-Fern, we learn who you are and who your audience is. We analyse, understand and innovate so we can help deliver the best content. Whether that’s through strategic SEO-friendly blog posts or downloadable resources. With a good wealth of content on your website, you’ll be providing vital resources for free - creating honesty and reliability with your prospects.

Content marketing is a great way to boost organic traffic through the correct application of SEO, thought-led writing and having the customers at the front of your vision. We significantly improved Midwest Machinery’s monthly organic traffic with a variety of blog posts, downloadables and website content. All of the content was aimed at specific buyer personas and it always had the best SEO practices in mind. Our content marketing experts thrive off great results and we love generating content that’s useful and purposeful.


Video marketing

Position your brand and deliver your marketing message with professional videos that engage your audience, provide valuable content and increase your engagement. 

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video so now is the time to utilise the creative power of videography. Videos can be used across a multitude of platforms - social media, downloadable content, website.

We take pride in helping you bring your vision and brand to life through the power of video. We learn the ins and the outs of your business, we understand what needs to be communicated and we delve deep into the true growth goals you’re trying to achieve. 

Cool Kit stands out as the leader in temperature-controlled vans in the UK. We brought their vision alive and communicated their expertise through the art of video. CoolKit wanted to ease the minds of their audience and communicate how refrigerated vans were constructed. The video shows how CoolKit takes raw materials and converts normal vans into the industry-leading fridge and freezer vehicles. 

By giving your prospects this valuable content, they’ll be a lot more assured to make a considerable investment. 


Website and user experience design

Website and user experience design is essential - FACT. When your prospects land on your website, it might be their first time visiting your website, so making a good first impression is vital. To thrive in the online space, it’s important to have a website that generates high-quality inbound leads and customer retention.

Best manufacturing company websites

Our professional team of programmers, designers and creatives can give your company the competitive and creative edge it needs to bring new customers to your website and delight your existing visitors. 

On The Level are renowned for their construction work and bespoke projects and when they reached out to us for some digital growth support - we were so excited! After chairing a series of discovery sessions with the team - the strategy was then created and presented. Our aim was to create a world-class technology and innovation-focused approach and website. We did just that! 


Strategy and consulting

Unsure of which direction to go? Not too sure if your existing efforts are worthy? Well, with clear business goals, an expert team on hand to help, we can work together and develop the digital assets you need to convert your visitors into leads and customers. We analyse where improvements can be made, where development might be necessary and how we can go above and beyond your expectations. 

Whether you need a website redesign or you’re looking for someone to help you with your paid social media advertising. If you’re serious about growing your business, you need to understand the position of your business at the present moment and then we can help you build the solid foundations required for successful digital marketing. 


Red-Fern can help you with your manufacturing marketing!

Like the sound of Red-Fern Media and what we can help you achieve? Then what’re you waiting for, get in touch and we’d love to discuss your digital growth plan. We’re transparent, we’re supportive and we’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll work together with you to bring your visions alive. We thrive on partnerships and we’re in this for the long haul.

We’re passionate about helping you achieve the best digital footprint possible. We understand that it can be daunting to find the right help for your needs but we’re here to help and guide you through each milestone you’ll achieve with our assistance. If you’re wanting to view some of our previous success stories before getting started, then head over to our Manufacturing Microsite and dive deep into our previous partnerships.

We can’t wait to hear from you and help you flourish in this exciting new age of technology and marketing! 

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