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5 Online Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

One of the most devastating economic crisis we have experienced in the recent economic history delivered a serious blow to the fragile trust between financial institutions and consumers. That is why, it is not a surprise that no more than two in ten investors put enough faith in their financial advisors. Therefore, it has become crystal clear that new marketing strategies for financial advisors are an absolute must in order to keep the existing and attract the new clients.

Here is a handful of online marketing strategies for financial and wealth management advisors that can come in handy for achieving this goal:

1st Strategy – You will hardly get a second chance to make the first impressive impression ONLINE.

Let's face it. Nowadays, the first impressions in the business world are happening online. That is why every financial advisor has to create marketing strategies with a clear vision of noticeable online presence. According to the findings of one recent study, more than five million serious investors are intensively searching through social networks in order to reach the right financial decisions. In other words, financial advisors have to be present online, if they want to provide their service properly and find the satisfying number of new clients. Having an eye-catching website is simply not enough for a financial advisor to survive in the extremely competitive and changing business environment. If you want to be successful you have to live and breathe online – literally. This means that you have to be active online all the time. In return, your online activities will be properly awarded new clients and recognition in your professional community.

Make sure your website uses the latest design trends and marketing techniques to deliver a unique and fluid user experience. Creating trust and delivering high quality information and content will allow your brand and company to engage with potential clients and allow you to start the conversation with them.

2nd Strategy – Your online presence has to be an authentic one.

In plain English, you shouldn’t sacrifice your “online personality” in order to stay compliant at all costs. Here is a catch. You need to stand apart from the crowd, but at the same time, you shouldn’t become the lone and eccentric wolf among financial advisors. Finding a healthy balance in this situation is an absolute must for successful financial advisor marketing strategies. This means that you are free to search for an inspiration online. However, during this “borrowing” process you shouldn’t lose your essence and your authentic style. Rest assured that modern clients are both properly informed and curious in exploring new opportunities. They appreciate and award new bold approaches and strategies. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself when creating your online image. Everything is better than becoming a faceless financial advisor who fails to intrigue his potential customers while attempting to be “compliant” all the time.

Make sure your website has a personality and potential clients can see who they are dealing with, what their backgrounds are and how successful they've been. There is nothing wrong with shouting your successes from the rooftops, but make sure it is done in a moderate manner but delivers a subconscious message of success.

3rd Strategy – New opportunities ask for new words.

Every new marketing plan for financial advisors has to include relevant, but also understandable terminology. Meaning, your clients already have enough troubles trying to find their way around the complex financial jungle, the last thing they need is to decipher your "financial speak." The standard financial terminology can be quite a challenge even for the experienced financial advisors. Now, imagine an average client, who simply doesn't have a clue what are you talking about while using "fancy" financial terms. Instead, you should adjust both your terminology and approach, so it becomes perfectly clear and understandable for all clients regardless of their financial or educational background. Remember, only the true experts can explain complicated terms in simple words. You shouldn't be afraid that your expert's position or image could be jeopardised during the "simplification" process. This is actually an excellent way to build and maintain trust with your clients. If they understand what you are suggesting to do, then they will not have problems following your guidance.

marketing strategies for financial advisors

"Investing into technology and modern digital marketing will increase leads"

4th Strategy – Tell your story and make sure it is both heard and followed.

A marketing plan for financial advisors has much better chance of success, if you focus on your unique story in the right way. Your customers want to be “seduced” with compelling and intriguing stories. They don’t want to be “sold” in five minutes. Your marketing-oriented storytelling is a process that lasts and focuses more on long rather than short-term goals. In addition, your marketing story has to do both communicate and ensure the interactive follow-up of your clients. Use various social channels to stay in touch with your target audience. Successful and effective marketing strategies for financial advisors are all about interesting and engaging stories. So, find your one and make sure it is both heard and followed.

By delivering insights into financial markets, investments and client successes, you can create a content strategy that tells a story and will nurture potential clients. Remember, most people will go through a selection process before they select which financial advisor they would like to create a long-term partnership with, so the way you nurture clients with uplifting and engaging content will make their decision process much easier if they see you as the industry expert.

5th Strategy – You need more than one strategy and social media to succeed.

It is wrong to think that you can succeed without a marketing plan. However, the worst case scenario for you is to think that your first marketing strategy is going to be the last one. Prepare yourself to try and fail inevitably, more than once. It is advisable to come up with a few marketing strategies. At the same time don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Remember, the most successful marketing strategies are the ones that are original and even revolutionary. Just like you need to tell your unique story, you also need to create a marketing plan for financial advisors of your own. In addition, just because you feel comfortable using one social media channel, it doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself a luxury of forgetting to use the other equally influential options.

Creating informative free downloads on specific investment ideas and market trends, allows your potential clients to access this content in exchange for their email address. By doing this you are able to start profiling the types of customers reading your content and nurture them through your sales process.


Marketing financial advisors is a serious challenge on a daily basis. However, we are free to say that it all comes down to a matter of perception, eventually. The brave new digital world we live in favours no one. Therefore, instead of finding excuses to find your right online place, you should focus your energy and resources on marketing strategies for financial advisors that are true game-changers. Build trust with your potential clients by delivering engaging and informative content, with free downloads and develop your personality. By using a content marketing strategy, delivered on a modern and up to date mobile-ready website, you will start to increase leads to drive your investment portfolio. Modern financial advisors are an endangered species only if they allow to be treated as such. There are so many opportunities online to tell your story and find your followers.

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