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Our approach to paid marketing - how we work with clients

At Red-Fern, our expert paid marketing team are dedicated to delivering groundbreaking results for our digital partners. After all, that’s what we’re called upon to do, isn’t it? We care about your business and want to help you reach and exceed those overall goals and targets in the best way that we can.  

No two partners are the same - which means that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works. We always ensure that our tailored bespoke approach aligns with your overall marketing and wider business goals. Otherwise, what’s the point in even beginning the campaign? You’re already onto a loser if your omnichannel approach is pulling in all different directions. 

So, if you’re thinking about implementing a paid marketing strategy within your holistic campaign and want to see how we could work together to drive your business forward, this post will explain everything you need to know. 


We’ll cover the different stages: 


When our current and previous partners have approached us in the past, they’ve presented two main scenarios. Firstly, businesses may have noted the many benefits that paid marketing can introduce and don’t want to be left behind by their competition who are already implementing best practices. So, they’ve identified this as an opportunity for exponential growth.

Secondly, businesses may have already been running paid marketing accounts themselves in-house or with another agency and aren’t seeing the return that they forecasted or were promised. As a result of this, companies often enquire on how we can take their paid marketing to the next level and help create incredible Google Ads campaigns. 

Paid marketing google ads

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At the start of any potential client relationship, we’ll organise discovery meetings to understand our prospect’s overall business and any products and services offerings. Plus, any potential marketing pain points, overall paid advertising goals and how we can help achieve them.

For any existing ad accounts, we’re able to run a free top-level account audit to scope out any major issues that will be affecting ad performance. After a discussion, we’ll then pull together an in-depth slide deck that outlines various actionable changes, including keyword research and an estimated budget for target keywords. 

From here, we arrange a further meeting to discuss the current challenges that the businesses face and how we can help combat them by building new or improving existing ad accounts. This includes walking you through the different ad campaign types that we deem suitable and how they align with your overall goals and objectives. We’ll include: 

  • Keyword research. A full range of keywords we’d look to target based on ideal audience search intent. Plus, the potential costs and competitiveness of each one. 
  • Outline the main aims. From lead generation and Ecommerce to driving sales and increasing brand awareness, there are various goals that ad campaigns can be based upon. 
  • Ad content type. We carry out a full competitor audit to see what ad content type works best within selected industries and what best practices we’ll look to adopt within the outlined campaigns. 


Account build

So, once we’ve moved through the initial research phase, it’s time to get cracking with setting up and building the account. This process includes laying down the foundations of all account structure, drafting ad copy, design and layout of ads, and segmenting audiences. This phase should take around two weeks to complete. 

We work closely with our digital partners in this phase to ensure that everything is created in line with current brand guidelines and business typical tone of voice and styling. After all, if an ad isn’t relevant to the wider business and doesn’t slot seamlessly into their approach, the chances are that the campaign won’t get off the floor. 

Google Ads Be Relevant

Relevancy and consistency throughout ad campaigns are key - especially in this phase. Get it wrong when you’re building the account and you’re likely to struggle. Irrelevancy is a factor that hikes up the cost of Google Ads - FACT. If your ads are displaying different messages to your landing pages and overall site, your user journey will be poor and, in turn, so will your conversion rate.

You can be rest assured that in this phase, we know exactly what it takes to structure accounts in the best position for maximum success. We’ll complete the account build by setting up complete website conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. This ensures that we have full visibility on your account so that we can always see how ads are performing and carry key takeaways from one campaign into the next. 


Account launch

After both parties have agreed on the budget, ad copy and creatives, it’s time to launch your ads - this is the exciting part! You’re now ready for the world to see your ads and start reaping the rewards of a paid marketing campaign. 

Depending on the account size and number of ad platforms, we may roll them out in stages to ensure full control of the account during its infancy. With so many settings and targeting options within ad accounts, they need a close eye over them particularly within the first month of launch. A drip-feed approach allows us to spot all irregularities that may arise.

The Buyers Journey Paid AdsImage Credit: HubSpot

Our approach for this would be for action targeted campaigns to go live immediately, before working through consideration and finally prospecting campaigns.

The reason for this is to ensure that we are showing ads to users lower down in the funnel that are actively searching for our products and services before expanding reach to colder markets. For example, it would make little sense to show off products to a top of funnel audience if they can’t find our website or products on a direct search!

Account management

Upon launching your campaign, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let us do all the leg work! Our ongoing account management ensures that your ads are always optimised to perform at their ideal level across all channels. Continuous testing allows us to identify key areas for account growth and scope out key trends within your ads. 

Our strict account management and close-knit relationship ensure that our digital partners are always kept in the loop with the status of their account. That way, there’s full transparency and visibility in everything we put in place and the results of your ongoing campaigns. After all, you deserve the right to see just how your ads are performing, right? 

Paid marketing account management

The first few months of account management are key. Before the launch, we forecast exactly how we expect your account to perform. However, sometimes this doesn’t all go to plan - in a fast-paced, ever-changing field of work, things are bound to change and sometimes not pan out as expected. For better or worse, that is. 

In the first month, we quickly identify any factors that are hindering performance and aim to straighten them out. This limits any shortfalls of your ads performance and can help identify areas in which we’d advise to grow into. Falling to flag up these factors will only result in poor performance and poor return on investment (ROI) - something that neither party wants!



To ensure full transparency of your account, we regularly hold feedback and results meetings. These are completely flexible, depending on how involved with your account you’d like to be and the extent of your knowledge around paid marketing. Report meetings outline the success and growth of your ads and allow us to spot what works - and what doesn’t too. 

Therefore, we can base future campaigns around the most engaging ad types and click-worthy content from your ideal audience. Ads shouldn’t be created blind. Never. Feedback allows us to indicate the most successful ways of reaching out to your target market. If you’re not reporting, there’s a high chance that your ads won’t be as successful as they possibly can be. 

Google Ads Reporting

Whether it’s fortnightly account reporting or a monthly full breakdown, we’re flexible and can meet all requirements and needs of our digital partners. We create bespoke reports in Google Data Studio with live data that allows you to jump in whenever you like for an overview of your account. 

Communication is one of the key pillars of success, especially when working with clients. So, when partnering with Red-Fern, you can rest assured that you’ll never be left in the dark and will always have full visibility of your account performance. 


Find out more about how we can help with your paid marketing

At Red-Fern, our expert team is dedicated to help deliver groundbreaking results with your paid marketing. We’re vastly experienced and know what it takes to generate success and brand growth with killer ads. 

With paid marketing expected to skyrocket, we believe your business could benefit from taking advantage of the effective marketing method. So, we’ve created a free checklist to help you set your Google Ads account and create ads that BANG!

However, it’s not quite ready but will be very soon. So, in the meantime, why not book a discovery call with one of our team and take the first step to partner with Red-Fern and achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of. 


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