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Our phased approach to marketing partnerships

Creating strong working relationships and effective marketing strategies is undoubtedly the biggest hurdle that marketing agencies and clients face. Which is why at Red-Fern, we believe that our phased approach is key for our long-term partnership growth and stability. Not only is it key for working relationships but the results that it drives are second to none. 

But what’s included in each phase that makes it so effective? Well, this post will outline our approach as to what our clients can expect when working with us. 

The stages included are: 


Discovery phase

For us, the discovery phase is all about getting to know your business - where you’re currently at, where you’re looking to get to and how we can help you achieve this aim. So, the best place for us to start within this phase is discussing and understanding your business’ individual goals and objectives. 

These goals can usually be broken down into main sub-categories, which helps us visualise how the Red-Fern team will be able to assist in each key area. Technology development, overall business and marketing are the three main categories that we filter the goals into. 

We carry out a detailed analysis of each business goal, however big or small they are - each goal matters to move towards the end result. So, each individual goal matters to us. Whether it’s increasing turnover, improving lead generation or reducing cost per lead, we aim to understand every goal that a business has to help us achieve a huge overall objective.  


business analysis phased marketing


After we’ve understood your goals and objectives, it’s then time to assess how Red-Fern can help and whether we’re a suitable fit or not. So, we’ll look at our capabilities as a team compared to the resources that you currently have in place. For example, a business may not have a multi-faceted in-house marketing department and need professional help from our agency

Once we’ve assessed how we can help, we’ll generate a pre-partnership estimate which outlines how we’ll work together to drive your digital growth and overall success. Our pre-partnership estimate will include our forecasted approach and will present an investment cost for your growth too. 

When agreed, then it’s time to draw up the final agreement and start developing a holistic marketing strategy. 


Onboarding and strategy development

Based on your current position and understanding of our different marketing approaches, the onboarding process will start. We’ll collect as much data as we can to base our decisions on which channels will be the most effective to achieve your overall goals. Social media, content marketing and strategic planning are all examples of the different channels we specialise in and provide our clients with. 

At this stage, you’ll be introduced to the team so that we can form the best working relationship possible. It’s always nice to put faces to names, rather than being a name behind an email chain or a phone, isn’t it? Plus, we find that the better the working relationship between parties, the better the results are from the partnership too. 


strategy development phased marketing


One of the first steps is to figure out the ideal audience that we want to target with our marketing efforts. By developing Buyer Personas, it ensures that your marketing is always targeted at the right people. If you’re producing content that’s untargeted, there’s more chance of it being received by the wrong audience, which in turn, will make your campaigns a lot more ineffective. 

Once we’ve outlined your ideal audience, we’ll then have a better idea of how they engage with content - so we’ll be able to develop a strategy that can target them on all the right platforms. A strategy will be agreed by both parties, that way, we’re both on the same page and can drive your brand forward together. 


Ongoing delivery actions

Within your strategy, we’ll outline various deliverables that need to be completed so that it can be delivered as outlined. But it’s how we control these and inform you which will dictate how successful the campaign is. 

The first way is by making sure that we have each of our specialisms on point at all times. Each of our team members is responsible for their own work and it’s the overall vision of one team working together to achieve the same goal that makes us so successful. We pride ourselves on how efficient our team is and how each member takes on the responsibility of their own specialism.


live reporting and analytics phased marketing


Live reports of figures and progress meetings are key in managing the relationship within our partnerships. We don’t want our clients to be in the dark of how well their campaigns are doing. Plus, by sharing figures and catching up regularly, we can ensure that our approach is favourable for both sides and can gain inspiration for lots of new ideas too.

Progress meetings aren’t all about the success of specific marketing campaigns - but the partnership as a whole too. It allows feedback to be shared from both sides so that we can provide the best-tailored service possible to meet clients’ individual needs. Our agile approach is what makes the Red-Fern philosophy so successful. 


Long-term partnership goals

Like anything, long-term goals are made up of various short-term goals. So, if we can achieve the agreed short-term goals, the chances of success throughout the partnership are maximised. Long-term goals are often huge and can be quite daunting when first undergoing a project, which is why breaking them down into smaller chunks is an approach that we find to be the most rewarding for both parties.  

Quite often, the industry or market may unpredictably change, which means that your overall goals will need to shift too. This is where an agile approach suits a long-term partnership the best. This flexible approach allows us to react to changes and define the goals as we see fit. 


marketing goals phased marketing


Our approach is the perfect model for long-term success. Once we’ve smashed one goal, we’ll move onto the next series of goals that need to be completed for the best results. And if we’re constantly achieving the outlined goals and objectives, there’s only one way that the partnership will continue to grow - and that’s upwards!


See how Red-Fern can help your business move forwards

A lot of businesses have the products and services in place to be truly successful. However, a whole heap of your success can be narrowed down to how your brand is marketed. After all, you could have the best product or business idea in the world, but if nobody knows that you exist then the chances of you succeeding are slim. 

At Red-Fern, our specialist marketing team are experts in their field and are dedicated to helping you achieve the best results that you possibly can. From content marketing to website design and development, our approach can suit businesses with different needs and requirements. And of all shapes and sizes too. 

If you’re wondering how we can help your company, please feel free to get in touch and book a discovery call with one of our expert team. We’ll be on hand to help solve and queries and answer any questions.

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