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Our ReMake Manufacturing podcast is opening doors for us, here's how

Do you want to have more insight into the largest issues and innovations in the manufacturing industry? Are you keen to learn from some of the biggest names in the sector? Look no further, or should we say, listen further 👂 - get your earphones at the ready.

Our ReMake Manufacturing podcast is opening doors for us! It's spreading awareness, and it's helping manufacturers across the globe. If you don't know what the podcast is about, where have you been? Let’s take a look.

In this post, we'll cover all you need to know about the ReMake Manufacturing podcast, featuring some of our guests, discussing the benefits of having a podcast - and so much more. 

We’ll cover:

🎙What is the ReMake Manufacturing podcast? 

ReMake Manufacturing is the location for all manufacturers - big and small. It's a place where national and international manufacturers share unflinching business and personal truths on design, technology, marketing and growth within the manufacturing sector. 

We discuss innovations, revelations and complexities. We cover exclusive topics and share some key tips and practices manufacturers should be implementing right now for business growth and success in 2022 and beyond.

We also dive deep into how manufacturing businesses can win new business and go to market. Each series covers a different topic ranging from UK manufacturing to 5G adoption, to the impact of Brexit. 

If your business is stagnant, or you are looking for innovative ways to upscale, get your earphones at the ready and submerge yourself in global manufacturing professionals.


The benefits of having a podcast

We couldn't talk about our podcast without sharing some of the benefits of podcasting. 

We love providing value to our existing partnerships and new ones. As well as connecting with those who are passionate about manufacturing. If you're a manufacturer who wants to start a podcast, or you'd like to be a podcast guest with a story to share - check out these benefits below. 


Exciting collaborations 🤝

It's without a doubt podcasting brings some incredible opportunities - for the host and the guests. It's a great way to connect with those in your niche and industry, and an effective way to network too. If you still think networking has to happen face to face - you're behind the times. If you have interesting expert guests on your show, you’ll reach a wider audience and expand your customer base.


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Humanise your brand 💬

Podcasting creates a voice behind your brand. It's an incredible way to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers, and a great way to cultivate a brand personality. When someone hears your voice - you become more familiar and you become more human!

Podcasting enables people to make meaningful and memorable connections with a target audience. This is great when you want to attract new customers and engage current ones too. Skip the robotic communication methods and share your voice. Customers are always more likely to gravitate to relateable brands than those that have no brand voice or presence.


Thought leadership 🗣

Podcasting - as a host or a guest is an easy way to build on your thought leadership presence. If you have a message to share, expertise in a particular field, or you want to inform listeners of innovations - podcasting is a great platform to utilise. 

It's a trust and rapport building technique too. Sharing expertise and knowledge is a great way to entice new customers and build everlasting relationships with existing wants. The trust gained can help you establish authority in your industry and develop you as a thought leader in your speciality. 


Valuable audience engagement 🌐

Grabbing the attention of your audience can be a challenging thing, especially, as a manufacturer. Podcasts are accessible to those who want to listen to audio via their phone or the internet. They can be accessed on the go, and are perfect for those who prefer auditory content. However, podcasts don't replace blog posts or other pieces of content - they add to a strategy for success.

80 percent of people listen to all or most of each episode - this means that no content will go to waste, and you won't risk them clicking off or not sticking around for the important details. Hook the listener, keep them engaged and share valuable content with them - leaving them wanting more.


Why do we have the ReMake Manufacturing podcast?

Having a podcast was a no-brainer for us. We wanted to expand our content horizons, we had important messages to share, and we wanted to broaden our collaborations and partnerships. 

We're an award-winning digital growth marketing agency helping global manufacturers achieve their business, technology and marketing goals. One of the best ways to expand on our thought leadership presence was by engaging with experts and leaders in this specific industry and providing free content to those who need it.

The podcast is a little bit of fun for us too! We love producing the episodes, learning from the experts and hearing everyone's feedback. We create podcasts for you, so you can be a leading business in your sector and learn from some of the best innovators across the globe.


3 of our podcast guests you need to know about

remake manufacturing podcast

Sebastian Elmgren: Unwrapping 5G in manufacturing

Manufacturers are racing to adopt 5G, and 76% plan to adopt it by 2024.

It’s having a much faster uptake within the manufacturing industry - compared to other technologies and the impact is going to be enormous. Will you be adopting 5G? Well, make your decision about listening to Sebastic Elmgren.

Sebastian is Head of Business Development and Product Marketing at Ericsson. In the podcast, we discussed the most significant changes happening in manufacturing, what 5G will do for manufacturing businesses, the ROI of 5G for enterprises, what Ericsson's ecosystem of partners looks like and the thinking behind investing over $100m into smart factories.

This podcast was innovative and thought-provoking. Listen for yourself below.



William Wilson: Siemens Mobility delivering sustainability via railways

William Wilson is the CEO of Siemens Mobility UK, we covered the development of railways in terms of technology, innovation and infrastructure, Siemens Mobility's approach to sustainability, how the railways can contribute to achieving Net Zero by 2050, the biggest barriers stopping the industry from hitting its sustainability targets and how to face the challenge of skill shortages more effectively.

This episode was fascinating and pioneering - save it for later and give it a listen below! 



Fiona Norbury: Bringing diving to life with modern manufacturing

Fiona Norbury is the Global Marketing Manager at Apeks, a long-established firm that designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality SCUBA diving equipment. We discuss her love of travel, bringing diving to life for the rest of us and perceptions within manufacturing - including gender diversity.

The conversation we had with Fiona was insightful and hypnotising. Listen below and let us know what you think!



Are you a manufacturer with a story? Get in touch today!

If you have an exciting business story to share or you want to share your expert opinion on a subject, get in touch with us. We are keen to talk to all global manufacturers and those new to the industry. Register your interest today.

To find out more about the challenges manufacturers face and the different ways you should be preparing your business for a successful future, tune into our podcast. Don’t forget, if you never want to miss an episode, make sure to subscribe!


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