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Website Design For Manufacturing Companies: Should You Invest?

How do you know for sure it is about time to invest in a website redesign for your manufacturing company? Well, it depends on who is supposed to take care of it. On the one side, you have enthusiastic marketers who will gladly recommend a refreshing change.

On the other side, you are facing conservative corporate executives who think at least twice before giving a green light for a new investment and are unaware of the reasons to redesign your website. Who is right and who is wrong? In these situations, the best solution is to look for signs that are the most reliable indicators your old website desperately needs a new look.

Here are ten key indicators you could use to leverage your discussions with the CFO's and CEO's that aren't convinced you need a new website budget:

1st Sign: Is your website content too hard to find?

What's happening when you try to Google your company or your products/services? If your company, key services or products are nowhere to be found online, then you know for sure, building a new website is an absolute must for your company (or at the very least a website audit). What are the reasons your website is no longer on the SEO map? Well, the most common factors include slow website speed, lack of mobile-friendly features, overuse of Flash, lack of the right keywords, or inappropriate site structure.

2nd Sign: Has your website forgotten the meaning of the successful sales conversion?

How is your website performing online? Is it here just for the show, or there was a time when you could expect a respectable number of website visitors and sales conversions? The manufacturing industry is changing and so are your potential customers. Their interests and expectations change inevitably. Have you lost track? As a result, you struggle to feed your sales funnels with the right number of website visitors, which turn into quality leads, and convert into sales opportunities when the time is right. Perhaps, you need to adapt too. A website redesign can be an excellent way to re-evaluate your online position and set new goals for website visitors, leads and customers.

3rd Sign: Are your good old tactics failing to generate enough leads for you?

If your website is still in the outdated outbound marketing zone, then you can forget about generating the right number of website visitors and leads. This means that your new website shouldn’t be only about new eye-catching design. What you need to do is to undergo a thorough and complete review process of your B2B and manufacturing marketing strategies. You need to rethink your situation and adopt new marketing techniques like inbound marketing or social media marketing. Step into the next generation of marketing techniques and trends to secure your manufacturing businesses future, in an unsecure British economy.

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4th Sign: Has your website earned a bad reputation as a “one-timer?”

Is your website's bounce rate running wild? Your website visitors pay a visit, but after that, they are nowhere to be found. They don't come back to your website. Why? You have failed to give them a reason to stay and keep coming back to your website. Here's a simple fact worth remembering. It is much more expensive to attract new visitors than it is to keep your existing ones. Therefore, investing in a website redesign and developing a content strategy is the best thing you can do to keep your old visitors interested and engaged in your business.

5th Sign: Has it become too complicated and time consuming for you to add a new product or service to your old website?

A new product or service you are about to present, is a new chance to attract new visitors and win new customers. Yet, this process is supposed to be simple and effective. Only a new website can offer you these kinds of features to present and promote new products and services quickly and efficiently.

A new website will allow you to create specific points-of-sale and calls-to-action to help you showcase any new products and ultimately create leads for sales.

47% of website visitors check out a company's products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site.

Source: KoMarketing

6th Sign: Does your old website fail to align with your overall marketing strategy and goals?

One of the main reasons to redesign your website is to make it the heart and mind of your digital marketing strategy. All marketing campaigns and social media activities you are to launch, or conduct, include or begin with your website. You can’t allow yourself a luxury of maintaining a website that doesn’t reflect your marketing activities and objectives. You need a new website to push your marketing efforts in the right direction.

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7th Sign: Are your visitors having a tough time finding the relevant information on your website?

A successful website is all about a positive user experience. You need to make sure that your visitors easily navigate and find the right information on your website. We often see in manufacturing, websites that have become dated and navigation structures don't reflect how the companies have moved forward.

If this is the case, then you need to do something about redesigning your old website in accordance with your user’s expectations and demands.

People in the manufacturing and engineering industries want technical information and they want it fast.

8th Sign: Is it too obvious that your website is outdated?

If you want to impress your visitors and find new customers, then your website shouldn't look like a lost time traveller. Outdated design and functionality send a very bad message about your company. If you can't take care of your own website, then how are you supposed to take care of your customers? Right? Let your new website be your company's best ambassador. That's impossible without a website redesign and top functionality.

9th Sign: Update process has become painfully slow and complicated?

If you have to make a dozen phone calls and write countless emails to your IT team just to make a simple change, then this is a warning sign that your old website needs new solutions. Modern website designs offer an improved functionality that allows all people regardless of their IT knowledge to conduct basic maintenance and regular updates quickly and efficiently. Investing in your new website design and functionality means to save both your time and money for necessary updates.

10th Sign: Do your competitors' websites look as if they came from another world?

This is an ultimate warning sign that an old site has to undergo a serious redesign work. Do you really want for your website to look as if you built it in your free time based on DIY videos? After all, your website is a matter of prestige for your company. This is your online ID and you can’t afford yourself a luxury of staying behind your competitors, can you?

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