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Recruitment Marketing Ideas: Benefits of Recruitment Videos

Try this. Take out your mobile, power up your desktop or flick your tablet on. Open up LinkedIn and scroll through your feed. Type a query in Google. What do you see?

Video! It's everywhere. Your clients use it, your candidates use it, everyone uses it! So why aren't you? There's nothing cool about being non-conformist where internet video is concerned.

And we're here to tell you why. Firstly, let's digest this mouthwatering statistic...

Internet video traffic made up 69% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017 - Cisco


Global Internet Consumption Set To Increase

Consider this, between 2016 and 2018 the amount of data consumed per month increased by almost 79%, that totals a staggering 75,109,000,000 gigabytes per month!

And there's no sign of it slowing down either, it's estimated by 2021 the global consumption of internet video is going to surpass 159,000,000,000 billion gigabytes.

With all this video data being consumed, you need to ensure your recruitment videos don't go unnoticed. Your video must capture your audience and keep them engaged. Keeping them hooked delivers the best results.


Using Recruitment Videos in Your Blog

If you're a savvy recruitment pro you'll know that a recruitment blog is your strongest marketing magnet.

Don't worry if you don't, you can see how a blog will help in the further reading section below.

Blogs drive traffic to your website, so you want to give your readers a reason to invest their time when they arrive. How-to videos, industry leader interviews and walkthroughs entice browsers.

For example, show your candidates how to write winning CVs, or show your clients how to source the best candidates.

further reading

Why would you bother with a recruitment blog? What’s the advantage? There are plenty!

Here are a few benefits of using videos in recruitment blogs:

1. Videos increase conversions and sales

Videos give you a platform to explain. How often have you bought something after watching a review or explainer video?

It makes the buying process personal. You don't know the person that's sending you bulk emails every day. Give the client the feeling that they know you.

2. Videos deliver amazing ROI

There's a reason why worldwide video traffic is increasing. If videos are entertaining, informative and explain your points clearly, people will watch them.

You don't need stunt performers and Hollywood lights. Simple and straightforward works. Take a few pointers from marketing organisation HubSpot. Their amateur charm and honest employee feedback give the organisation a homely, safe feel.


Your videos don't have to be recruitment videos, you can talk about other topics like industry news and views.

3. Search engines favour video content

Google like videos. When you type in a search query and punch the enter key, the video carousel pops up at the top of the page. You want your video (or your blog post) to appear at the top of that search query page.

How do you do that? First and foremost, you create engaging content. Google prefers videos and blog posts with high engagement, so create something people have to watch.

top tip

You should treat your video like your recruitment blog and consider how SEO elements like keywords, title tags and URLs affect ranking.

What's The Best Platform for Blog Videos?



The platform you should use to embed videos into your blog. YouTube is the perfect tool content creators looking to generate brand awareness, extend social reach or make profits. It's a great advertising tool. If you need recruitment marketing ideas, YouTube is the place to start.

But don't use it purely as a video embedding tool. You'll damage your marketing campaign if you don't have a strategy.

Ideally, you want to keep your prospects on your website. It's where you make sales and collect customer information.

When you direct your users to another website, you have to know whether that benefits you. If it doesn’t, why are you doing it?

Some send users away because they like to reference good work, or to increase their SEO score. With a YouTube channel, you have the opportunity to build a presence outside of your 'home'.

Take Betts Recruiting, who had a witty video recruitment idea. They decided to take a funny approach, and clocked up over 100,000 views with a video about 's*** recruiters say'.

Use features like video annotations, analytics and customisable pages to give your channel an identity. Make your page stand-out.

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Work in the manufacturing sector? See how YouTube benefits your business!

Content Ideas

  • Create a call-to-action at the bottom of your blog post. A call-to-action is a persuasion tool. Give your users free content or a free session with one of your recruiters.
  • Add video summaries to your blog, explain the journey the reader is about to go on and how reading this blog post will benefit them.

Using Recruitment Videos on Your Website

If you're looking to spruce up your site professional videos are a great way to add some charm.

Whether you're building it, having it redesigned or are happy with your current website, you should consider video.

Professional videos give you more flexibility and security. Adding video gates mean you can put a 'soft block' on your content.

For example, if you've created a talent acquisition explainer you could put a block on after a minute has expired. You'd then ask for a prospect’s email in return for the rest of the video, clever, huh?

Here are a few benefits of using videos on your website:

1. Videos engage users

Web browsers are passive, and who can blame them? There are hundreds of marketing messages and content being flung at them every day, so video works as an alternative attention grabber.

Videos don't require as much focus as a long-winded website pages, they're easier for the brain to process. Which means people are less likely to switch off.

2. Videos are credible

If your end goal isn't to build long-term relationships with your candidates and clients, you're doing it wrong. The best recruitment agencies are built on trust, so it's something you should promote.

If you provide content that's accurate and trustworthy, your targets are more likely to go into business with you.

For example, Seven Resourcing is one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the UK. The company was established in 2011.

They're well known for their customer-centric approach and candidate well-being. This careful approach works better than the numbers game that leads to poor quality hires.

further reading

If you want to make your company customer-centric, develop buyer personas. Learning who your customers are makes them easier to target!

3. Videos explain

Words. Writing can be difficult if you don't know what you're trying to say. Some writers have too much to say. By the time you finish a job description you've participated in a mental marathon!

Technical positions are hard to explain in a few words! But that's where video simplifies the process. Create short scripts, or film yourself as you do something.

It'll make it much easier to explain and takes away the hassle of planning articles or writing web pages.

What's The Best Platform For Website Videos?



Wistia is different to YouTube, it's a better on-site tool as it's an integrated video and marketing platform. It’s perfect for displaying your recruitment marketing ideas.

Whilst anyone can post a cat video on YouTube, I can't imagine you'll find many who pay for software to do it!

And paying for this platform guarantees quality. It has a dedicated customer service team that ensure it's users have a positive experience.

Professional video analytics give deeper insight into what your prospects are watching and for how long. In a recruitment business it's important to get a worthwhile ROI.

It's also important to stamp your branding on your videos. Wistia doesn't have any annoying logos that take the attention away from your business.

When recording videos you should have security and targeting in mind. Maybe you don't want certain people seeing your content. You could have a filmed job description you don't want certain people to see. You can rest assured that those who should be shielded from your content won’t see it.

Content Ideas

  • Add a short introduction to your company homepage, describe what type of recruitment company you are. Add what industries you recruit in and what type of clients you look for.
  • Instead of having pages of case studies with clients you've helped, ask them to get behind the camera. It gives the content a accountability if it’s presented in 'human' form.

Use Recruitment Videos To Communicate

Communication maketh the recruiter. If you can't communicate, you shouldn't be in recruitment. It's a fundamental skill.

Fortunately, there’s a way that you can optimise your communication with candidates and clients. Use video calling software to interview candidates and catch up with clients.

It gives the process a personal touch and gives you a stage to show your personality and passion.

Don't set up a video call for a 30 second chat or deep conversation with your besties, but you get the drift.

Here are a few benefits of using video calls in recruitment:

1. It saves time

Time. It‘s precious. So why waste it getting candidates into the office. People are late, you have to make them drinks (taking company profits for a 7p cup of coffee just won't do!).

Video calls mean you can interview on your watch, and more importantly, your candidates.

They're more likely to feel comfortable at home and you'll get a better feel for their personality than with a phone call.

2. You can conference call

When you've got a client coming through your marketing pipeline, you want to impress. Sometimes it's hard, geography, time and other factors can hold you back. That's where conference calls come in.

Don't spend hundreds on hotels and transport when you can sit at your desk and invite everyone to a conference call.

Schedule it and send an invite. People are less likely to forget if they have a pesky piece of technology constantly reminding them!

You'll want to make sure your connection is consistent. There's nothing worse than your connection failing and scheduling meetings anyway.

3. Create an online hub

If your clients and candidates have experience using video calling software, they'll have used other services as well.

Use a SlideShare to explain your service or cloud-based software to house job descriptions and sales scripts.

This works for your staff as well as your customers, making resources accessible at the touch of a button saves time.

key development

The rise of the video CV? Video CVs give candidates another way to be creative and show their unique personality. Consider trialing it for a position at your company.

However, some people might not be comfortable getting in front of the camera so you may narrow your candidate pool. On the other hand, it may filter out the people you don’t want for the role, so use it wisely.

What's The Best Platform For Video Calling?



There are a few platforms you can use for video recruitment, but HireVue sticks out for us.

A lot of recruiters look straight to Skype, it's quick and easy, but professional software offers more benefits.

HireVue use machine learning and artificial intelligence when building their software. You can analyse how a candidate talks, how they hold themselves and how their language is structured.

Get to the nitty-gritty and find the true person sitting in front of the webcam! It's a science that works.

There are plenty of other benefits of using video recruitment. Some offer company branding, on-demand video, applicant grading and interview recording.

top tip

Watch yourself in an interview and see how you can improve your skills.

Content Ideas

  • Conduct robot interviews. Instead of sitting in front of a camera, why not have a robot do it for you? A series of questions will come up on the candidate's screen and they have to answer to your metallic friend!
  • Try filming a video CV. Get your recruiters together in the office and have them film their own cvs. It could develop some content for your blog or YouTube channel. Just make sure they don't use them!

Disadvantages of Recruitment Videos

  • Poor website usability - Large video files can damage website speed. And users don't hang around for slow websites to load. User experience is everything so make sure you optimise your videos.

  • Misleading brand messages - You could send out the wrong message when you create a video. Something you think is funny might upset your clients. Even small details like language or clothing may be inappropriate. Consider what you want to be known for, and what you don't!

  • Mobile ignorance - Many companies forget we live in an age where candidates can apply for jobs on-the-go. Cater to the market, look at your web traffic statistics and decide how important mobile is. Whether it makes up 20% or 60%, you should still integrate your videos for a mobile audience.

  • Your audience don’t like it - You may love video, it may make your life so much easier. But unfortunately, the process isn’t about you. Focus on the candidate and client experience, and ask them what they want.

Set Up A Brainstorm

Brainstorm your recruitment video ideas and see what your team produce. Your video direction, style and tone must fit in with your organisation's culture and goals.

For example, you may struggle in the humour market if you source c-suite clients for banks (although it seems to work for Halifax).

Don't Forget To Share!

Why would you create amazing videos if you aren't going to share them?! Social media is the way to do it, use your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to share the videos your followers should be viewing.


You can post Facebook live videos, Snapchat stories and Instagram stories. Get creative with your recruitment video ideas!

If you want to find out more about YouTube marketing, download our free infographic!


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