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Red-Fern 25 Days of Marketing: How We Did It

The time has come to share our marketing shaped Christmas gift!

The team have worked tirelessly over the past few months developing a Christmas campaign for December. We want to show you each stage of the process from the first idea to the final product.

The Idea

Advent Calendars in 2018 are a far cry from what they used to be. They’re no longer cardboard covered stale pieces of chocolate that have been sat in a warehouse for months, they’re bigger and better than ever.

You can buy advent calendars filled with your favourite beauty products, perfume and aftershave. Even the best picks from Harrods which will set you back a cool £250.

Calendar design

We wanted to do something different this Christmas, and fill your business brain with 25 helpful tips to action in the New Year.

January gives you a metaphorical reset button — and while it might be time to join the gym or do the big clear out you’ve been putting off, it's also time to put plans in place for your business to grow in 2019.

The Concept

We knew we needed 25 days with 25 useful business tips, and were keen to incorporate the team's skills in a video to bring it to life.

Design is something else we knew we had to integrate, and keeping it true to our brand was key. Instead of using a generic Shutterstock Christmas backdrop we wanted to create something that summed up our business.

Calendar design

We needed a scene that incorporated our colours, incorporated our logo, was authentic, and wasn’t cheesy or over the top. Everything you see on the calendar page has been hand drawn and designed which makes it a unique representation of our brand.

Calendar Doors

The Red-Fern 25 days of Marketing Advent Calendar is an all you need guide. It’s guaranteed to help grow your business through marketing in the New Year, and who needs chocolate when you can have that?

The Process

The first step of any video campaign is the plan. Planning involved plenty of group discussions and brainstorming content.

We wanted to split the videos evenly so the faces changed and our audience remain interested. The marketing team have individual skill sets and different strengths which you'll see in each video.

That made it simple to split, so we took 25 days and made 5 videos each on our chosen topic. Next, it was time for each person to choose their tips and write their scripts.

Each member of the team brings something different to the table, so we split the tips into five categories.

  • Content
  • Social
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Hubspot

This way the calendar would provide a broad insight into every aspect of growth through marketing.

The Layout

Once we chose the tips, it was time to organise the layout. We were keen to make the days flow cohesively. That way, when your business tries to follow the tips next year, it makes them easy to implement.


Up next it was filming, our studio space is home to lights, a green screen, a camera, microphone and of course our eager team in their Christmas jumpers.

Filming for a big project is always a lengthy process, but it’s very rewarding. Each member of the team brings a different energy in front of the camera, and we hope that shines through in our videos.


Once the videos were done it was time to edit, sifting through the blooper reel is a lengthy (albeit hilarious) process. Then getting every video to fit with our Red-Fern backdrop was no mean feat.


Optimising the site to intake all the videos was the final stage of development for us. We set the videos up on a separate web page to make it easy to track how many visitors we receive.

We also personalised the pages using HubSpot smart content features. This means that viewers who we have information for, get their own personalised view of the page.

Social Media Promotion

Once the site was ready, and the videos were fully complete our social strategy started to take centre stage. Planning in how we would announce each video across our social channels was vital.

Posting the videos on social will build a community of marketers and businesses looking to utilise our tips in 2019.

Visit the Calendar!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site and see what we’ve made! If you’re reading this before December 1st, I’m sorry but you have a few more days to wait. But if not, head over to the page through the link below and share the Christmas love on our social pages.

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