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Sales enablement for manufacturers: what is it?

Manufacturing has changed. Building relationships are still the bread and butter of success, but globalisation means you don’t secure deals over dinner and a bottle of wine anymore.

In a more digitally-connected world, trade is possible anytime, anywhere — and you need to get up to speed.

Do we already enable sales?

Enabling sales. Don’t you do that anyway? Well, that’s partly true, you have to if you’re actively selling your product or service. But what if we told you could do it better?

That’s what sales enablement is. Doing sales better — taking a holistic look at data, technology and processes to create the best sales ecosystem possible.

Read this infographic for a simple, informative breakdown of sales enablement:


What about my brochures?

Don’t worry, you can keep your beloved brochures! Brochures can be used as online and offline resources for quality lead generation (you can explore that later).

further reading

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Have you got a CRM?

You should bear in mind that most sales enablement tasks require a CRM. If you haven’t got a CRM, you should make it a matter of urgency and join the digital revolution!

Are you enabling sales?

Do you do anything we mentioned in the infographic? If you do, well done! You’re en route to enabling sales, keep going! If you don’t do anything we mentioned in the infographic, see if you can make a few tweaks, and measure the results.

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