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10 Tips for Creating a Solid B2B Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Content marketing, is a proven technique for increasing visitors, brand awareness and leads

Nine out of ten B2B marketers strongly rely on content to attract new customers and increase b2b lead generation. So, B2B content marketing is the king! Yes, this is a simple truth every marketer is fully aware of. However, when it comes to specific content marketing strategies, the things become a little bit more complicated. You need to make sure that you’re getting the most of your content investment. How? Well, here are some tips that can help you come up with a great content marketing strategy perfectly tailored for your B2B needs. This list includes advice all B2B content marketing consultants would agree about and support.

#1 Tip – Your content marketing tactics should be documented and reviewed all the time

Unless you don’t document your content ideas and plans, you don’t have a content strategy. What you have is a content wish list. Your content strategy has to get out of your head and become a part of the real B2B environment. In addition, you’ll need to review your content marketing strategy more than once in order for it to be fully effective. This has to become a part of your new marketer’s habits and daily routines.

#2 Tip – Building a successful strategy isn’t a one person job

This tip doesn’t mean that you have to hire a handful of top content marketing consultants to work on your content strategy. However, you should definitely include your staff, business partners, and customers to a certain degree in your content making process. In this way, you can get some great ideas, evaluate their feedback, do some test content, and similar. At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to promote your content.

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#3 Tip – Learn how to tell and share compelling stories

Successful content marketing is all about compelling stories and informative content. How to know you’re going to create great compelling stories? Well, you can either hire the best or learn from the best content marketing consultants. Or, you can just be honest and refreshing with your true and compelling business story. Do it in your way and your customers will certainly appreciate it. Make sure you write topical content around the industries your customers work in, try to understand the reason they would engage with your content and see you as an industry expert.

#4 Tip – Get ready to do a lot of planning – in advance

You need to carefully build your strategy step-by-step. Creating regular weekly plans can help a lot. At the same time, just because you have a detailed strategy, it doesn’t mean that everything is going to run smoothly for your content. You have to do a lot of improvisation and adjustments. For what is worth, a successful marketer is always good at planning. A good plan will help you set your right priorities. Once you’ve published certain articles from your whole content strategy, don’t be afraid to go back and edit them to make sure the whole strategy stays on focus or even gets better as you write your articles.

#5 Tip – Don’t rely too much on content marketing consultants

At some point, you will have to either hire or consult professionals for your content strategy. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should leave it to others to run and develop your content strategy. It’s essential to keep a track of all activities associated with your strategy. You’ll always be the heart and mind of your strategy, you just need an additional pair of skillful hands to help you out from time to time.

One of the best pieces of advice we can give, is to hire freelance copywriters, give them detailed content briefs which will focus how they write for you. Once they send back the first draft of your article, read it then make your own amends. This cuts down the time you need allocated to managing your content strategy.

You can download our ‘SEO content writing brief’ at the bottom of this page

#6 Tip – Walk in your customer’s shoes, for real

You’ve heard it so many times. You need to read a lot in order to write good content. When it comes to developing your content strategy this means that you have to walk in your customer’s shoes. Read what your customers are probably reading. Be open to other forms of content, such as visual, video, audio, and similar.

With any solid content marketing strategy you should always start by profiling your b2b buyer persona. This will always focus your mind and give you a point of reference as to who you're actually writing content for.

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Pro tip: Always refer back to your buyer persona when writing articles, it will make sure your content strategy stays on point.

#7 Tip – Evaluate other successful content marketing strategies

This is definitely not an invitation to simply copy and paste some other marketer’s ideas and existing strategy. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on what your competition is doing in this field. You could take an advantage of their proven B2B content marketing tactics, and do your best not to repeat their mistakes.

#8 Tip – Rome wasn’t built in a day

Again, something you’ve heard probably too many times. Yet, you would be surprised how many excellent content marketing strategies fail because the marketers in charge for their development were too impatient or with no strength to see them materialise in the real B2B world. Remember, don’t expect to see an increase in customers engaging with your content until your full strategy is deployed. We see too often content marketers release blogs and articles that don’t really complete the full blog strategy.

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Pro tip: By the time we complete our content strategy, the article you’re reading will have been altered at least three times since we actually released it. We will have pushed it to social media many times over a period of months and will continue to do so. Engaging with readers and publishing additional content that supports this article, will take months before we deliver the whole content strategy.

#9 Tip – Relentlessly promote your story

Even the best content marketing strategies in the marketer’s world are doomed to fail, unless you aren’t relentless when it comes to the promotion of your story. You need to be restless in creating connections, nurturing a creative dialogue with your audience, reviewing and revising your strategy. Just like there’s no product that’s going to sell itself, there’s no story that’s going to attract attention all by itself. You need to work around the clock for your story to give you marketing results you’re expecting to achieve.

#10 Tip – There are no perfect content marketing strategies

When it comes to improvements and adjustments all content marketing consultants agree – you can never consider your content strategy to be a final one. There’s always room for improvements. This can be a challenging thought and a heavy burden for any marketer. However, this is a reality of marketing world you need to accept. In return, all of your invested time and money will pay off once your content strategy starts working.


Content marketing can do a lot for your business. Yet, there is only one way to make sure that your content investment is going to be the right one. You need to become a marketer who knows how to create and execute efficient B2B content marketing strategies. Remember, all successful marketers are above all great content marketing strategists.

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