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Client Retention: 10 Ways to Thank Your Customers

The foundation of every successful business is relationship building. People, engage with, buy from, and make prompt payments to those they like – humble, sincere and grateful people. For this reason, a thank you to your customers can hold more significance than you may think.

When considering how best to express your gratitude, there are rules of etiquette that must be observed. Embracing your customers with a dual cheek kiss, whilst exclaiming ‘st Thany’ when you’ve been awarded that stellar account, probably isn’t the best approach.

For the best ways to thank your customers, try one of these suggestions.

Reciprocal Referrals

A referral is like an acknowledgement of prowess. There may be no better way to thank B2B customers than to refer them on to other customers.

Taking opportunities to refer your customers is a great way to express thanks. In a commercial sense, these personal votes of confidence count for a lot, and with your insight, you’re in a great position to facilitate referrals.

Thank your customers with referrals

Why not consider creating an ‘Affiliate’ or ‘Partner’ page on your website? This recommendation will increase your customers’ brand authority, and website traffic.

Upgrade Anyone?

A business that, not only strives for but, is dedicated to continual improvement is highly attractive. This shows that how much you listen to customers and respond to their needs.

There is a powerful way that you can instil confidence in customers – by going above and beyond and offering an upgrade on their current service level.

Upgrade our customers

Why not thank your key customers with a free upgrade? Not only does this demonstrate that you value them greatly, but it affords you the opportunity to gain solid feedback, thereby allowing you to improve your service levels.

Don’t Forget the Events

Perhaps you’ve an awards ceremony or event to attend. Why not invite one of your customers along as a thank you? Not only does this allow you to build a strong bond but, it gives you the opportunity to network and socialise. Whenever the customer thinks of you, they’ll remember the invitation. 

Throw an event for your customers

Alternatively, you could host a VIP party? Choose an attractive venue and hire catering and entertainment. A night of festivities will surely be greatly appreciated by your customers.

Share, Watch and Learn

Another way that you can thank customers by going above and beyond is to introduce them to a variety of industry experts and resources.

Customers will appreciate the time and effort you’ve gone to on their behalf and the added value that you can offer – which will probably be greater than they initially expected.

Why not invite customers to a face-to-face lunch and learn or create informative blogs, webinars, and whitepapers answering any questioning they may have? This way you say a big thank you, educate them, and add value to their experience with you.

Reward Loyalty with a Social High Five

Loyal customers are the backbone of commercial success. As such, they deserve your recognition and thanks. With social media now being one of the single most influential forms of communication, a social high five is a great way to reward your customers.

Why not start with offering an exclusion promotion or one-off reward to those customers you want to thank? This social high five is a great way to show how much you value their custom.

Promote your customers on social media

Get the message out. How you communicate through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, amongst other social platforms is paramount. If a customer posts a positive review or shares positive feedback on Twitter, this is a terrific endorsement for you, and acknowledges a mutually beneficial relationship.

Give a Simple, Personal Gift

If you’re going to thank your customers with a gift, keep it simple and personal – something more than the standard bottle of bubbly.

This attention to detail is a great way to thank your customers and continue to build good relationships. Find out what their hobbies are. If you customer is partial to eighteen holes at the weekend, why not send them some golf balls? If they’re a die-hard coffee drinker, why not send them a great coffee mug?

Give your customers a gift

These gestures won’t be forgotten, and are perfect thank you gifts.

Share a Great Book

Most of us have a book that’s greatly impacted, and changed us for the better. Books with timeless messages that should be shared. But what about those books that have shaped the vision, values and direction of your business?

If you want to express your thanks and give an insight into your ethos and culture, books like these can be a unique and memorable thank you.

Books that make great gifts are How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, or inspirational stories, such as The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Share a book with your customers

Writing a personalised message to each customer inside the jacket will additionally demonstrate how much you value an individual customer. This extra touch shows consideration, thanking the customer personally.

Take the Road Less Travelled

With customers spread out across the country, or even the globe, many businesses can find it difficult to have important regular face time. But that doesn’t mean that opportunities shouldn’t be taken to get together and thank valued customers.

Why not take the time to thank your customers with a visit in person? A social lunch will strengthen your relationship, say thanks, and create a lasting impression.

A Friendly Note Never Goes Amiss

A friendly note of thanks, tailored to individual customers, is one of more obvious and simplest ways to show your appreciation.

Recognising the influence a customer has had, and emphasising the strong partnership you share, is a great way to say thank you.

Give your customer a personalised note

Personalised emails are another great way of doing this, but why not craft an elegant, hand-written note? This is far more meaningful and memorable.

Enjoy Laughing Together

Is there a more effective way to bond with someone than through laughter? If there is, we don’t know it. Now, the degree of laughter should be well-timed in any working relationship, but it is the best medicine after all.

Laughter is known to relieve stress and boredom, and enhance engagement. Laughing with someone is a shared experience, one that can express happiness and thanks.

Share a laugh with your customers

As mentioned previously, the ‘likability factor’ can make the difference in any relationship. This is never more important than in a commercial environment. Why not say thank by sending them a fun email or share a joke that had you in stitches. This could make your customers day and make them think of you when they have a requirement.

Success is Born from an Attitude of Gratitude

Don’t underestimate the power of saying thanks. Expressing your appreciation will build relationships, maintain a dialogue between you and your customers, and keep you at the forefront of their mind.

The simple act of saying thanks is a great way of maintaining that mutually beneficial business relationship.

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