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What can you expect? - A sit down with our video marketing expert

Diving into the world of inbound video can leave people and businesses fearing the unknown. It may not be something that you’ve done before, but it’s proven to drive incredible results. The comfort zones of content marketing and social media efforts are all thrown out of the water - it’s time for you to step out and get in front of the lens to deliver an amazing video marketing strategy

A lot of businesses seek the help of an expert digital agency to deliver their video content strategy. As it’s unchartered territory for some businesses, they need that expert opinion to help shape and execute their efforts to best position them for success. And that’s where we come in! So, what can you expect when partnering with Red-Fern to help deliver your video marketing? And overall marketing retainer for that matter. 

Here, we sit down with our in-house video marketing expert, Alan, and outline everything you can expect when working alongside us. 


We’ll cover: 


What is inbound video? A quick recap

Digital content consumption trends have been evolving quickly over the past few years. A lot of people don’t have the time - or the attention span - to sit down and read through reams and reams of content. It’s uninspiring and can deliver an ineffective message, especially if it’s long and dull. 

With that in mind, a lot of businesses have been leaning towards introducing video marketing into their approach. That way, they can naturally form a better relationship with their prospects and reach out to them more effectively. Otherwise, businesses may be putting the right message out there but not reaching the right people due to the method they’re using.

Video marketing is a lot easier for people to digest. Of course, when you have something in black and white text, it’s right there for you to access. It’s possible to twist words and view them out of context though. With video, prospects can use body language and tone of voice to resonate and engage with the subject - making it easier to understand. 

Implementing inbound video doesn’t mean that you can just disregard other marketing efforts though. In fact, it simply enhances your other marketing channels. A combination of content marketing and video efforts is a certified winner! That way, you’re giving your audience a choice, and not neglecting a large share of the market. 


A professional and versatile approach

One of the main reasons why businesses tend to seek agency help is for the opinion and guidance of experienced professionals. With Red-Fern, that’s exactly what you get. The benefits of working with a professional when it comes to video production are massive - would you rather your brand look cheap? Or, like a slick, modern industry-leader? Surely, the latter. 

Although anybody can start an inbound video campaign with their smartphone and a few other bits of accessories - are you willing to take that risk into the abyss having no experience? It can be hard at first, not only to know which direction to head in but having the motivation to jump into it with both feet and put yourself on camera. 

Our video expert, Alan said, “lack of guidance and knowledge is where we tend to see inbound video campaigns fall down. Sure, they’re packed full of character but are they what the audience wants to engage with? And will they drive the results that a business is determined to achieve? With professional help, we know what it takes to deliver amazing strategies - so it’s a no brainer for me.”


Not only should you look to partner with a professional agency but a versatile one too. Within video marketing, some agencies can fall victim of being a one-trick pony. However, as you can see from our above video, there’s no danger of our efforts falling into that category. From industrial floor cleaning machine demos to online beauty training - and everything in between! We’ve worked with a vast range of partners to deliver amazing results.


The latest trends and proven methods to drive results

Launching your first inbound video campaign can be exciting - so exciting that we’ve previously seen a lot of businesses miss the mark and adopt an outdated methodology. While it’s good that they’re jumping on the inbound video train, it can also be counterproductive if they’re producing videos with old methods.

Keeping up with the latest trends is imperative if you’re going to engage with your audience in the best way possible and keep ahead of the competition. Otherwise, your efforts will be sadly wasted. You could be producing content that your competition produced months ago - meaning that they’ll be streets ahead of your efforts and will be more appealing to prospects. 

“Researching the latest trends can be time-consuming for businesses who are pressed with tight deadlines. Time is crucial - and is often money. So, with that in mind, they want to allocate their time to areas of the business that are high in demand and drive revenue. Without knowing that video marketing is one of these areas, they often ignore it and release a rushed effort.” Alan said.

At Red-Fern, we know what it takes to engage with your audience. From the soundtrack used, to the visuals and different shot types - it all matters. Prospects will often make their mind up straight away whether they want to carry on watching, so you’ve got to hit them with the latest methods and tactics to keep them engaged. 


Depths of industry knowledge and experience

You may know what you’re doing within your field of expertise, but do you know what you’re doing when it comes to video marketing? Reaching out for a helping hand with an agency, like us, with vast experience and industry knowledge is hugely beneficial. While you may know your field of work, targeting your audience effectively is a different ball game. 

Plus, who’s more likely to succeed - somebody with no prior experience of releasing inbound video? Or, an agency with tons of experience, who work on inbound video projects daily and are well renowned for their creativity? We know where we’d be hedging our bets. Experience when producing videos is such a good asset to have - we know what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.


When asked about the importance of industry expertise, Alan said, “At Red-Fern, we have the expertise to perfectly shape your inbound video efforts. While there’s no denying our partners are experts in their fields, we like to combine our expertise and create collaborative brilliance. Especially in the early days, expert guidance can be invaluable to the success of your video campaign.”

While we’re well versed in managing and delivering video marketing campaigns - it doesn’t stop there. We know how well each channel can dovetail with one another, and recognise the importance of a collaborative effort from each medium. At Red-Fern Media, you’re not only getting a portion of us - you’re getting the complete package.


State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

Of course, all you need to launch your inbound video campaign is a smartphone and a few other accessories. A lot of businesses use this to their success and advantage - however, that’s usually because they can’t afford to or aren’t willing to invest in a fully professional set up. We’re not saying that throwing a lot of money at a campaign automatically makes it a success - but state-of-the-art facilities don’t come cheap and definitely help. 

Think about it, where are better videos likely created… a professional studio with top of the range equipment? Or, a novice handler with a smartphone and a few accessories? Budget isn’t everything - but it helps. That’s why at Red-Fern, we save the need for shelling out for expensive gear and let you sit back and relax while we create amazing video marketing.

video marketing strategy Red-Fern filming

And what better time to partner with Red-Fern for a video marketing campaign? With the launch of Project 9 and our brand new destination, we’ve included a recording studio in our plans that’ll allow us to create an even higher standard of work for our partners. Not only will it add value for our team and standards, but our existing and potential prospects too. 


Get started with video marketing with Red-Fern!

Getting started with video marketing is often the hardest part! Many people don’t like to see themselves on camera or hear their voices back, but once you take the plunge, we guarantee that you’ll see incredible results. And that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve helped many businesses and people transform from camera shy to enthusiastic participants. 

Once you recognise the fact that if you’re not releasing videos, you’re being left behind by your competition - you’ll no doubt want to get involved ASAP. Which is good! It’s exciting and getting the ball rolling with a new video marketing campaign is a great project to lead and be a part of. At red-Fern, we’re here to keep you on the straight and narrow, while taking you right to the very top. 

To find out more about how we can help take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Book a discovery call in with our team and one of our experts will be on hand to help answer any questions or queries. Taking the plunge into video marketing is extremely rewarding - so what are you waiting for?


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