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10 Resources for Cool Logo Designs & Branding Ideas

The importance of having an impactful corporate logo cannot be overstated. An effective corporate logo attracts attention, instils trust and encapsulates everything that your business is about in a single clear, crisp design.

In short, a corporate logo is your opportunity to demonstrate why your business is head and shoulders above the competition. Leading brands have long used their logos as one of the most influential tools in their brand awareness arsenal. Think Apple, Starbucks, Coco-Cola, Nike or Disney. A mere glance at their logo and you instantly who they are – and what they do.

Designing a new corporate logo is an opportunity. Get it right and you’ll forever etch your brand into the collective consciousness of your target demographic. Get it wrong and you’ll be immediately heading back to the drawing board.

So, if you’re looking for resources to help you achieve that cool logo design – one that will kickstart or reinvigorate your brand – check out these 10 resources.


With its intuitive AI and premium design assets, Logojoy makes creating stunning logos a breeze – and best of all, it’s easy and fun.

Logo Joy Website

Having curated more than 1200 logos from 42 separate industries, Logojoy makes designing a logo, swift, straightforward and successful. Simply select the colours, inspiration and icons you wish to use, then let the AI create a logo that’s indicative of who you are and what you’re about.

Created by award-winning designers, Logojoy aims to empower anyone to be a designer. Trusted, and highly-rated, especially for its quality and value, this powerful logo design platform will save countless hours in the boardroom brainstorming design ideas.

The responsive, interactive AI gives you complete control of the design, allowing you to make decisions at each stage of the design process. From colours to typography, size to shape, logos can be amended and tweaked with ease, enabling you to create a logo that’s a true representation of your brand.

Logo Foundry

A professional logo design suite app for android and iOS, Logo Foundry enables businesses to create bespoke designs in a matter of minutes. Available from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, Logo Foundry is most comprehensive logo app available.

Logo Foundry Website

Featuring more than 3000 symbols, shapes and icons, each efficiently organised by category, Logo Foundry is a bountiful resource that’s should be in the toolbox of any designer.

With professional layer management functions, advanced text editing tools that let you create beautiful typography, and the ability to export png or jpg files, Logo Foundry makes creating a unique logo design a cinch.

This resource also allows designers to save, restore and reuse logo templates and layers, meaning that if you want to recycle an ideal or resurrect and element that you’ve previously discarded, it’s quick and simple.

Logo Foundry one comprehensive logo design resource that logo designers and marketing professionals shouldn’t be without.


Should you be searching for that seemingly elusive spark of inspiration, Logospire is just the resource for you. Logospire is a ‘logo inspiration gallery’ that allows designers to submit logos their own designs and vote on the design that moves them the most.

Logo Spire Website

This can be very helpful for businesses at the stage of researching ideas for their brand. With over 12,000 logos to browse, Logospire is as comprehensive as it is inspirational.

The website has recently been streamlined, with the administrator choosing to keep only those designs that have drawn the most attention. This means that you won’t have to browse through pages and pages of inferior designs.

Uncomplicated and easy to navigate, Logospire is simple to use. Logo designs cover a rainbow colour palette and traverse a wealth of different industries, meaning that, no matter your business, you’re sure to find inspiration for a design that attracts – and holds attention.

Logo Design Love

A website and print resource written by David Alrey, Logo Design Love is one of the foremost guides to creating memorable brand identities.

Logo Design Love Website

Launched in 2008, Logo Design Love is perhaps best summed up by a quote from the late Massimo Vignelli who said that, ‘a logo gradually becomes part of our collective culture, in its modest way becomes part of us all.’

With a deep appreciation for the power of and effect that logos have on us, Logo Design Love uploads new logo designs to their website every week. Perfect for anyone intent on designing a cutting-edge logo for their business, Logo Design Love is not just a resource to help you to find inspiration for logo design ideas but it can help you understand why effective corporate identity is so important.


Start-ups looking for a helpful resource to help for their branding and logo design simply can’t go wrong with Logopony.

Logo Pony Website

Through its instinctive artificial intelligence, Logopony helps businesses to design an awe-inspiring logo that’s certain to immediately grab the attention of all that see it. Powerful and easy-to-use, Logopony allows you to create a logo that can be easily uploaded onto your website and social media platforms, allowing for cross-channel logo branding.

In addition to this, Logopony will provide you with the files so that you can print business cards, t-shirts, and engage in just about any marketing exercise to get your business up and running.

Once you sign-up, you’ll receive their complete branding package, unlimited edits and template downloads, in addition to lifetime after-purchase support. Not only that but, Logopony asks for a simple one-off payment with no ongoing monthly fees. You even own the copyright and commercial licensing of any logo you create.


A fantastic resource for everything logos, including research, opinions and discussion and reference, LogoLounge makes the leap from merely showcasing logos to providing visitors with answers to any questions they may have.

Logo Lounge Website

Upon browsing the site, you’ll be treated to a diverse collection of logos which are certain to inspire anyone who’s feeling creatively-stumped. As of October 2017, LogoLounge features a total of 175,000 different logo designs, each as different as the next.

Not only that but, LogoLounge allows designers to easily share and showcase their ideas and concepts with peers and clients. The website also highlights the latest design trends, making it the perfect resource for anyone looking for that contemporary logo design that really stands out.

On October 20th, 2017, LogoLounge will be launching Book 10 – its largest ever logo book. A date that should certainly be pencilled into the diary of any business currently undertaking a complete re-branding, or indeed any start-up business in need of inspiration to get them off and running.


If you’re after a cool logo design, and some inspiration and insight into the logo design process, look no further than LogoGala.

Logo Gala Website

This popular blog is a favourite amongst the design community and features an engrossing and informative design news section and gallery which features logos of just about every design and colour imaginable.

Designers are encouraged to submit their own logos with one principal stipulation – all logos must be original. Logos can be created, edited and stored on the platform, allowing visitors to view other designer’s creations for inspiration or review their own designs for future application.

As a bonus, all uploaded logos can be searched for by colour. This is ideal for anyone who wants to marry their brand identity colour palette with an effective logo design.

Logo Pond

Dedicated to inspiring creativity and showcasing the talents of logo designers worldwide, Logo Pond believes that shared knowledge and helpful user experiences are the cornerstone effective logo design.

Logo Pond Website

Simple and easy to browse, Logo Pond is a platform for budding and experienced logo designers to showcase their work. Ideal for any business researching the style, colour, typography and tone of any potential corporate logo, Logo Pond can provide a valuable insight into what may, or may not work for your business.

The platform is easy to navigate and responsive. By clicking on logo thumbnails, you can view the design details of each logo and read user comments. Perfect for logo design ideas, Logo Pond is the perfect resource should you considering a re-think of an initial design.

Digital Arts

A UK-based magazine that focuses on all things digital and creative, Digital Arts is a valuable resource for logo and branding ideas.

Digital Arts Website

Often considered to be the go-to print resource for everything that’s happening in the digital industry, Digital Arts’ news articles cover every aspect of digital design – including logos.

Browsing Digital Arts Online, you’ll find comprehensive resources dedicated to logo design and wider corporate identity. Take some time to read a few articles and you won’t just find inspiration for your new logo design, you’ll also discover the degree that logos impact brands.

A resource that’s not to be dismissed, Digital Arts opens a wealth of possibilities for any business considering a corporate re-brand.

Logo Geek eBook

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for that cool logo design or a more thorough guide to the art of logo design, the Logo Geek eBook is just the resource for you.

Logo Geek eBook

Written by Ian Paget (also known as the Logo Geek), this eBook has 50 great logo design tips from professional designers. Written to help everyone gain a greater understanding of how to create a more impactful logo, the Logo Geek eBook will spark creativity and help decision-making.

In addition to Ian Paget’s advice, the eBook contains contributions from some of the most reputable authorities on logo design, including Jacob Cass and Michael Bierut.

Considered as the logo design Bible, the Logo Geek eBook features a wealth of insights that are sure to help any business identify a design that mirrors their brand identity – and is instantly recognisable!

There you have it, our 10 killer resources for cool logo designs and branding ideas. Take some time to review each resource and we’re positive that you will be filled with inspiration and determination to design a logo that forever etches your brand into the minds of your customers!

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