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10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Create a winning Linkedin profile for business

Facebook for business. This is most widely used and probably most inaccurately accurate definition of LinkedIn. As such, LinkedIn can be a powerful social media and business tool depending on your skills and a particular way you’re using it. So, what are the most useful tips for your career or business to benefit from this “business-oriented social network? this article will give you a guide with 10 tips for the perfect Linkedin profile and how to use it for business.

(1) Focus on Your LinkedIn Profile Page

It goes without saying that a profile page is both heart and soul of every social platform, including LinkedIn. Make sure you carefully evaluate each of its features and available options.

(2) Use a Pro LinkedIn Profile Picture

To make the long story short when it comes to your profile picture, use the one you would usually include in your CV. This social network is all about professionalism and an impeccable business attitude. So, make sure you don’t forget that when you choose your profile picture.

(3) Be Creative with Your Headline

You’ve probably noticed that an overwhelming majority of LinkedIn users insist on almost identical headlines. Why? Well, they hope to promote themselves better in the eyes of LinkedIn search engines and results. The catch is that you need to stand out. You don’t have to necessarily opt for one or more clear indications of your profession or business. Instead, try to attract attention with a simple and an effective tagline used as your LinkedIn headline.

(4) Location – Just be honest about it

You’re already the citizen of the world when you decided to join this and other networks. There’s no need in trying to impress your potential employees or customers with a choice of your dream location. You should also bear in mind that the latest LinkedIn feature called the ProFinder works entirely based on the location you provide.

(5) Customize Your LinkedIn URL

This is a great advantage LinkedIn allows you to use. You can create a fully customized and simple to remember URL. Again, you can be very creative, but don’t get carried away with the number of words you’re planning to use. See the highlighted area in the image below.

customise linkedin url

(6) Shine like A Star with Your LinkedIn Summary

Just because you’re free to write whatever you feel good about in your summary, it doesn’t mean you should do so. Of course, no one is expecting to read a full-scale novel about your life and professional experience. Do your best to say as much as possible about your professional experience or business with the fewer words as possible.

(7) Share Your Experience or Business Reference Points

Again, here’s a chance to keep it simple. You can use working experience sections from your CV. The advantage LinkedIn provides you with is that you can combine your experience with a portfolio. This is a great way to show a connection between your experience and specific portfolio items.

(8) Find Your LinkedIn Group or Groups

There are literally hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn groups available for you to join. Undoubtedly, this is a fantastic opportunity to achieve your professional goals or reach more professionals. At the same time, it’s advisable to be moderate when it comes to your contributions and announcements within the group. Just imagine a situation where every single group member wants to post or publish something on a daily basis. That’s why, you need to respect your group, if you want to present yourself as a professional member. It is also advisable for you to take an active role in group’s discussions and forums. There’s no better way to introduce yourself to other members and see first-hand who-is-who in your LinkedIn group.

(9) The Art of LinkedIn Publishing

Have you ever thought about LinkedIn as an outstanding publishing platform? You would be surprised how many distinguished professionals do their very best to come up with top quality articles on a regular basis. LinkedIn publishing option allows you to run a proactive blog among other things. In addition, it also may sound a little bit unconventional for you to use or see memes on LinkedIn, but you can rest assured that professions or business oriented memes are gaining a huge popularity on LinkedIn. When it comes to publishing, LinkedIn Pulse is a great place for you to do both share and read articles. One invaluable tip definitely worth remembering. You need to tag your posts before making them available on Pulse publishing platform. Yet, you also need to remember that you can use only three tags per post.

To start publishing on Linkedin Pulse, simply hover over interests in the main menu and click on 'pulse'. Once your've done that simply click 'publish a post' and follow the instructions.

publishing posts on linkedin pulse

(10) Similar to Facebook, but it’s definitely not Facebook

Just like on other social networks, you can do a lot of commenting, sharing and liking on LinkedIn. However, it’s not the same. You need to be extremely careful when it comes to frequency and a specific purpose. Otherwise, you’re risking a situation where you’ll be identified as someone, who’s obviously lost his or her way on LinkedIn. Think twice before you comment, share or like something on LinkedIn. It’s an absolute priority to associate your activities only with the relevant content and updates.

All Social Networks Are (NOT) the Same

You’re successful and quite satisfied with your profile on one particular social network. However, this doesn’t mean that you should copy-paste your approach and habits to each and any of them. LinkedIn is a proud bronze medal winner in the social network arena, right after Facebook and Twitter. Yet, it has its own specific rules. Maybe, it’s better to put it in this brutally honest way.

You need to split your private and professional personality for the sake of social networks. The professional part of you should be reserved only for LinkedIn. All other private elements will find their proper place on Facebook. We hope these 10 tips for the perfect Linkedin profile have helped you to become a business professional in the Linkedin business world

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