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How do you profile a b2b buyer persona? Examples and free template?

Why defining a B2B buyer persona will boost conversions, (FREE Template)

Before you read this article I want you to empty your mind of every thought and idea around who you actually think your customers are and why they purchase from your business.

Good, now you’ve done that we can start by explaining how your company can begin to profile their ideal customer, by creating a digital b2b buyer persona examples.

What is a buyer persona?

A persona is a fictional profile we create of your ideal customer. By using information you gather about your market and the types of people that buy from you, it is possible to create detailed profiles of the types of customers you want and will be dealing with. If you understand their decision process, ambitions, problems and priorities throughout the whole awareness, consideration and decision stages, you can create detailed b2b content marketing strategies that will engage with them.

The more detailed you make your persona, the better!

detailed personas for content marketing

Why is creating a buyer persona so important in digital marketing?

Creating detailed customer profiles as fictional personas, allows you to market your business efficiently and effectively so you can engage with your customers.

It allows you to understand how your customers search for information around the services and products your business offers. What motivates and drives them to make certain decisions? What lifestyle choices do they make? Do they engage on social media? What daily challenges do they face in their job role? How can you aid in their daily challenges? These are just a few of the questions you will be asking when creating a persona for your ideal customers.

Why are buyer personas useful for your business?

Remember when you started your business or you just landed the job you wanted, you then wanted to increase profit, leads and sales? Personas give you a focal point to create a detailed digital strategy. Business owners and professionals understand they need to increase profit, leads and sales, but they don't always start in the correct way.

Many business owners and marketing professionals will just decide to spend money on Google Adwords, SEO or social media marketing, with no clear strategy as to who they are trying to target. In the end you just end up spending money trying to sell the services your business offers, when you should be educating and informing your potential customers to generate high quality leads.

Personas allow you to understand your market, help you focus the right type of content for the correct audience and increase conversion rates.

Personas are the focal point of any successful digital strategy.

Understanding your audience and industry

Remember, take yourself as an example, when you’re searching for something on the internet, you will almost always go through an awareness stage before you make any consideration of who you may want to work with or buy from, this applies to your customers also. If you understand your industry and who you’re potential customers are, you can create engaging content that will allow them to become more informed about the problem they are trying to solve and they will see you as the expert.

Gaining the trust of potential customers will almost certainly increase the probability they will start to have dialog with your company.

For example:
Let’s say a marketing executive at a textile manufacturing company can see an opportunity in their industry for organically made textiles and needs to profile his/her customer, so they can increase brand awareness, leads and sales.

You would give them a fictional name like ‘Interior Designer Denise’ and her main problem is sourcing UK based textiles that are made with organic materials. Even by using just this very basic profile we would be able to develop specific content that would aid ‘Interior Designer Denise’ in the awareness stage of her purchasing journey. She would then start to see the textile company as a leader in solving the problem she has.

segment client profiles

Creating several personas allows you to segment your marketing activities for greater conversions

Improve your conversion rates with a b2b buyer persona

Investing time and researching into who your ideal customers are, what their motivations are and how they find solutions to their problems, will help you improve your conversions, create content that connects directly with the customer and deliver b2b lead generation ideas, that allow you to collect important data.

By creating engaging content that is specific to your potential clients, they will be more willing to listen to the message you are delivering and exchange their contact details for industry insights you are offering.

Remember, for an effective digital strategy you will create several personas, so give a broad spectrum of ideal and potential clients you would like to deal with.

This method of digital marketing is becoming more and more popular, is used by large and small businesses and is an effective method for collecting data about your customers and analysing what they do and don’t like, which in turn allows for a long-term marketing plan.

Some statistics about companies that use personas

companies that use personas

FREE B2B Buyer Persona Template

• Improved understanding of your market • Focus your content for the correct audience
• Increase your conversion rates • Deliver higher quality leads


Pro tip: All successful marketing starts with personas

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