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2019: A New Marketing Room & Video Marketing Suite

Change. Some people love it, some people loathe it. If it’s a positive change, we love it!

That’s why we’re incredibly excited as the changes we made in 2018 are having a positive effect on our company and culture.

In January, Ryan and Dean joined the team, followed by Libby and Phoebe in September. By the time Libby and Phoebe joined, work was already underway to extend our loft office to accommodate The Media Village and give our marketing team a new space to work in.

The building is now buzzing with activity as our two businesses continue to develop. Here are a few pictures that document the journey of the office’s development.


before office build red fern


studio red fern

Moving Into The Marketing Room

The new room meant the marketing team could have a creative space of their own, as well as accommodating Sean, our Managing Director.

marketing room

It also meant our top office became free after Technical Director Adam and Creative Director Alex could move into the office which is home to the web design and development team.

It means we work closely, and can all have a positive impact on various projects.

What to do with all that room? Create a video production suite, of course!

redfern team

2018 is the year of video at Red-Fern Media. Our first major project was our Marketing Tips Advent Calendar, which started our video journey.

Fast-forward to February and we’ve invested into more video equipment, which includes:

  • Wireless microphones
  • Standing camera lighting
  • Handheld camera stabiliser
  • Large tripod
  • Small tripod
  • Canon DLSR camera
  • Dimmable ring light
  • Standing camera desk

sean video

We’ve also got a couple of sofas where we can relax, and we can also use it as a creative space to develop new ideas or hold brainstorming sessions.

If you want to learn more about video marketing and how it can help you stand out from your competitors, visit our blog on inbound video marketing.

We Hope You've Had A Great Start to 2019!

redfern team

redfern company culture

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