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2020: A Red-Fern review

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been odd, right? A year like no other in many ways! As the year draws to a close, we feel that it’s a good idea to look back on what’s been an obscure 12 months for everybody.

No lookback on 2020 is complete without mentioning Covid, right? While we’re trying to spread positivity with our round-up, we feel that not mentioning it would be disrespectful to those people and businesses who have been massively affected by it. We send our condolences and best wishes to everybody affected by the pandemic.

There’s been a lot to learn and overcome this year. In true Red-Fern style, our team has stood up to every hurdle and rose above each challenge thrown their way. In this post, we’re going to look into some of our key learnings and lessons from the year and what we can take into 2021 to help us continue to move forwards.

Just before we begin - this isn’t an opportunity for gloating or bragging. That’s not what this platform is for. This post is simply to spread a little bit of positivity and well-needed good news to cap off an eventful year. Now we’ve outlined that, let’s go!


Key Lessons Learned From 2020

As an agency, flexibility and understanding are two of our main core values. However, they’ve never been more relevant than what they have this year. When working with a wide array of partners from different industries, you have to take into account the varying scenarios of each industry.

With that in mind, we’ve had to be as flexible and understanding as possible. Plus, as we always like to do, we’ve added even more value to our accounts where we can. If this year has signified anything to me, it’s that when the chips are down, everybody can benefit from positivity and kindness - personally and professionally, that is.

I won’t lie to you, back in March, personally it was panic stations and an unsettling voyage into the unknown. However, throughout the year, we’ve grown as an agency and are now well-positioned to tackle what 2021 throws at us head-on. We’re incredibly grateful to be in this position with our health and wellbeing intact too - above all else, that’s the main importance.


Big Up Our Amazing Digital Partners!

2020 has taken ourselves and our digital partners on a journey that we weren’t expecting to embark upon. However, we’re here now and we’re in an immensely strong position to continue to grow in the forthcoming year. From everybody at Red-Fern, we’d like to add a huge thank you to each and every one of our digital partners.

We couldn’t be happier with the portfolio of clients that we work with. And more importantly, we’re all aligned so that our expectations and delivery is always of a high standard, on-time and best positioned for overall success. We love working with our partners and are thankful for the opportunities that their continued investment grants us.

Of course, this year has thrown some unusual scenarios our way. However, due to your continued investment into a leading digital partnership, we’ve seen all of our partners move from strength to strength throughout the year. This is a credit to your patience and your determination to better your overall brand and business.


Acknowledgement of Our Growth as a Digital Agency

As a digital agency, we’ve had a fruitful year and are ending the term in an amazingly strong position. Firstly, shout out to the Red-Fern team! Throughout the year they’ve continued to knuckle down and move through any issues that have cropped up. Their resilience is a major part of why we’re in such a strong position finishing the year.

Over the year and throughout the pandemic, we’ve added to our team of experts and strengthened our ranks for sure. We now have a 20-strong team of creative, technology and marketing experts! Plus, we’re investing in apprentices to develop the skill set of the next generation of industry professionals.

Red-Fern A Year in Review

Excitingly, we’ve invested into a new destination for our brand, partners and events! We can’t wait until we can unveil the new headquarters properly and celebrate in style with a huge launch party. But for now, we’ll keep the champagne on ice! We were also recognised as a Platinum HubSpot partner - we’re incredibly proud of the team for this achievement.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re in an incredibly strong position heading into the New Year - and our hearts go out to all of those affected by the pandemic.


Here’s to 2021!

As I’m sure a lot of many others are, we’re looking forward to moving into 2021 and making it a much more enjoyable year. While 2020 has been rotten for many, it’s been a huge learning curve and our business has gained some valuable toughness from it. We’re looking forward to seeing how this positions us moving forward another 12 months and beyond!

We’re incredibly proud of ourselves for the hard work, dedication and results that we’ve driven throughout the year. But just as we’re proud, we’re equally grateful for reaching this point with our overall health and wellbeing still in good touch. If there’s one main thing we’ve learned in 2020 it’s that we should never take that for granted.

Finally, we wish everyone all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Stay safe, look after one another and have fun celebrating with your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

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