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A warm welcome to our new Apprentice Developer, Jack!

Drum roll, please… Here we go, we’ve recruited AGAIN and this time, we’ve hired an Apprentice Website Developer. As we continue to grow, innovate and deliver at Red-Fern, our team naturally needs to expand. So with that being said, we’d like to introduce you to our new Apprentice Website Developer, Jack!

We’re delighted to have Jack on board and to provide our Website Development team with an extra set of hands and expertise. Our investment in individual development has led us in the direction of apprenticeships and after welcoming our Digital Marketing Apprentice, Aaliah, we couldn’t hold back.

Our apprenticeship programs have had an incredible impact on Red-Fern as a business and as a team. We’re excited to see how Jack can contribute to our incredible momentum.

Jack has a passion for technology and has always been interested in tech from a young age - this explains his background in IT and Computer Science. Jack thrives on solving problems and completing tasks to a high standard - that’s what we LOVE to hear at Red-Fern! We’re always focused on providing the best results with a key attention to detail for our digital partners.

red-fern new starter jack

Jack will assist our website development team at Red-Fern and he'll work hard on developing his skills in software and programming languages. Website development is complex and compromises many parts. But in simple terms, it involves the complex structure behind how websites are built, implemented, and displayed on the internet. It's the behind the scenes work that creates a functional website.

Website development is essential for creating an excellent user experience and helps website visitors access and navigate a website with ease. A business website is a location to establish credibility as a brand, so it's vital.

Jack has been at Red-Fern a few weeks now and he's already settling into our relaxed but focused working environment. He told us that our passion radiates from each department and he loves our flexible approach to working. This is wonderful to hear from a new starter!

Even outside of work and college, Jack loves to develop his tech skills with programming and building computers - that's impressive. He also loves music (a variety of genres) and gaming.

We couldn't write this blog post without asking Jack for some of his film recommendations. He recommends The Road but says it is a tear-jerker. If that's not your cup of tea, he recommends Uncut Gems as another good film. If he's not watching a film, he's hooked on watching a Netflix series - Death Note, Mindhunter or most things true crime.

As Jack learns and develops at Red-Fern whilst studying at college, he's going to expand his skillset and continue to grow. We know he'll be an expert in no time at all and we can't wait to see his journey unfold.

As we continue to prepare future generations for fruitful careers, we can’t wait to see the fresh ideas and expertise Jack can provide. We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent and keen learners to benefit our entire team.

Therefore, if you think you’d enjoy digital agency life or you’re focused on starting a new challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us and register your interest today. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!


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