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A warm welcome to our new Content Marketer, Jess!

Wow, we sound like a broken record don’t we? We’ve recruited again and this time, we welcome Jess, our new Content Marketer! 

As you might already know, here at Red-Fern we’re experiencing a lot of growth within our fast-paced agency. No two days are the same and we’re always on the lookout for talented people to add to our positive and uplifting team culture. Thankfully, we have found our digital Shakespeare and that’s Jess! 

Content is a vital part of any marketing campaign. When done correctly, content marketing helps you build trust and foundations. With trust, comes profitable customer action and we all love that! 

In a nutshell - it’s the ART OF communicating through valuable, relevant and consistent content.

With that in mind… We’ve recruited Jess to assist our marketing department. Jess will ensure our content standards remain high and our messaging remains on-point! She brings a thirst for learning, an empowering personality and she has a true passion for writing.

New Content Marketer - Jess Ward

Jess comes from a mixed and diverse employment background but she’s so excited to get stuck in and she can’t wait to embrace the challenge! From the age of 13, Jess has been a keen writer through the medium of blogging and she hasn’t stopped there, she studied Communications at university (graduated with a 1st - awesome work, Jess!) and it’s been one hell of a journey since then.

She’s worked with one of the leading fin-tech brands in the industry, she’s previously worked with her own freelance clients and more recently, she’s been working with the iconic boxing champion Tyson Fury.

Joining Red-Fern is certainly different for Jess but she loves our relaxed working environment as this aids her creativity and growth. She also thrives off self-development and here at Red-Fern, we prioritise just that. Not only do we think self-development is vital for individuals but we also believe it allows us to continue to grow and develop as an agency - it’s a win-win situation!

Each day varies for Jess at Red-Fern, but her focus will always be tailored towards the needs of each client. From creating and editing to researching content, she wants to ensure each client thrives in their industry - we love to see it!

So away from work… She is STILL a passionate writer. Little did we know, she is also a multi award-winning mental health blogger and she loves to create valuable and relatable content for her audience. Jess shares her struggles, her triumphs and her realness with everyone who follows. We admire Jess for her bravery and we love her rainbow Instagram feed! 

If she’s not writing or researching mental health, she’s weightlifting (keeping her body strong as well as her mind) and she’s also a lover of the great outdoors - hiking, walking and exploring new places. To keep the good vibes flowing, 80’s music is usually on her Spotify suggestions too.

We are so excited to yet again expand our talented team! We can’t wait to see what Jess can achieve and we’re excited to take our content to A WHOLE NEW level. 

Do you think you could see yourself working at a leading digital agency? Then what are you waiting for? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and register your interest today. Or, if you want to know a little bit more about us, please feel free to download our Culture Book below. 

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