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A warm welcome to our new Marketing Manager, Al!

We couldn't kickstart 2022 without a new hire. Without further ado, let us introduce you to our new Marketing Manager, Al!  

We're SO excited to have Al on board with us at Red-Fern. Our Red-Fern Marketing Team is strategically structured to deliver excellent marketing campaigns and enable our digital partners to be leading businesses in their respective manufacturing and SaaS sectors.

We have an entire team of content, social media, design, creative, SEO, paid media and growth, marketing specialists. And we believe that Al is going to add a new dimension to our outrageously creative and expertly driven Marketing Team.

Al will assist with deploying successful marketing campaigns (from ideation to execution), develop strategies and tactics to boost brand reputation, oversee and approve marketing material, build strategic relationships with our digital partners, and MORE. 


Al, Marketing Manager


A Marketing Manager is a crucial part of our ever-growing team at Red-Fern. Having a Marketing Manager on board helps us to stand competent in a fiercely competitive industry. Not to forget, having another member of our marketing team increases curiosity, innovative thinking, and creativity. 

Al brings a wealth of experience and banter to Red-Fern. She’ll ensure our team is upbeat, whilst also keeping processes as streamlined as possible. Banter is always a good thing, it’s a MUST at Red-Fern.

Although Al probably chose to work with us because of our office dog (we don't blame her!), she did admit that she loves our passion for innovation. Of course, we're innovative! It’s in our ethos (Listen, Think, Create, Innovate).

Al worked in marketing and communications at the age of 14 at Dudley Council (impressive 😉). At university, she studied Creative Writing and English Literature, leading her to begin her career in SEO. 


marketing manager Al


Starting in SEO has given Al a broad understanding of marketing, and positions her in a firm place for spotting trends and creating innovative ideas. From there, her wealth of experience and knowledge grew, and she landed herself a role at an award-winning agency, GOOOO Red-Fern!

Al is excited to work on our manufacturing specialism. In her own words, “I’m excited as a whole because this is often a very unsexy industry. I can’t wait to work my magic with the team to give some ‘OOMPH’ to clients’ digital marketing campaigns”.

Her favourite tool to use every day is Slack. This is a firm favourite in the Red-Fern team too. Al believes the best ideas come from encouraging people to be open and honest and not afraid to make suggestions (or mistakes) - we agree! And Slack can be the perfect location for generating ideas.

When Al isn’t running marketing campaigns and delighting our digital partners, she’s also a keen writer, aspiring published author and reader. As we’ve mentioned, Al is very upbeat and brings great banter to the team but weirdly enjoys dark, dystopian fiction - eek.

She’s also active, massively into my LGBTQIA+ rights/activism, as well as feminism, and endometriosis/women’s health. We could go on, there’s lots! We can’t forget the animals and the environment though, Al also enjoys eating a vegetarian/vegan diet.

Our Red-Fern team loves a night out (pre-pandemic, obviously). Al recommends Canal Street in Manchester, as no one cares what you’re wearing and you can just let loose. Good choice! Although Al can’t stand ABBA (no offence), she won’t judge others on their music taste. She’s currently listening to Norwegian singer-songwriter ‘girl in red’ on repeat right now.

We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Al! We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings whilst we continue to capitalise on our Marketing Agency of The Year Award. 


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