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A warm welcome to our Social Media Specialist, Amy!

It’s April and we’ve recruited again! Another month and another recruit, we’re delighted to welcome Amy, our new Social Media Specialist! 

At Red-Fern, we’re continuously growing our fast-paced agency. From our team recruits to our digital partners. We’re also focused on looking for the best talent to enhance our positive and uplifting team culture. We want to deliver, educate and grow businesses and with the help of our team, we’re unstoppable. 

Social media is essential for any business that chooses to invest. Social media can build and increase your brand awareness, it can improve overall marketing efforts and of course, it naturally increases sales. Speaking of social media, whilst you’re here, give us a follow!

A Social Media Specialist is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring a company’s social media strategy to ensure it meets all of the above requirements. But also, it’s the communication behind every business - it connects, builds relationships and adds that touch of personalisation. It’s the friendly face at the forefront of a business and it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. 

As we continuously recruit new clients and enhance our own social media presence, we needed to further enhance our internal capabilities. Helping us along this journey is Amy, our new Social Media Specialist. An average day for Amy will include managing client social accounts, working on strategy development, scheduling organic posts and editing images and content.

She’ll have a lot of plates to spin but Amy is bursting with enthusiasm to get started. She’s excited to explore another avenue in marketing in comparison to her wealth of experience in print, TV, radio and direct mail. 

She’s excited to apply her traditional marketing knowledge to the wide world of social media. Amy is a lover of marketing and since graduating from university, she hasn’t looked back - we don’t blame her.

Amy loves our laid back environment and she loves how we thrive on idea generation and working collaboratively as a whole team. We’re a creative bunch who embrace our team as a collective.

The social media landscape changes every day and Amy will make sure she has her finger on the pulse of this ever changing industry. In order to keep her social content to a high standard, she’ll be an avid user of HubSpot, HootSuite and Planoly. With our wealth of clients at Red-Fern, Amy can’t wait to get stuck in with our wellness and manufacturing brands - we’re excited too!

If Amy isn’t editing or generating ideas for social media, she’s also a lover of all things fantasy, especially Harry Potter. A social media expert and a fan of creative films - pure magic! She can’t wait for the second season of The Witcher either - we’re sure she’s not alone there!

At Red-Fern, we want to ensure all our employees obtain a healthy work-life balance. It’s not only important for your mental wellbeing but your physical health too. If Amy isn’t watching Harry Potter, she’s enjoying the great outdoors (as long as it’s not throwing it down). Otherwise, you’ll find her nestled in a good book and relaxing in her cottage with her two beautiful rescue cats - sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

Although a night out hasn’t happened in a while, Amy can’t wait for a delicious meal with a few drinks - let the countdown begin! The songs she has on repeat can be a mix of anything from old school RnB and rap to heavy metal and reggae - what a mixture, we love it.

We’re so happy to have Amy as part of our team to help us continue to delight our partners. She’s an integral part of the team and will continue to help us create and deliver successful content strategies. We can’t wait to see what she achieves.

Do you like the sound of Red-Fern? Do you think you have what it takes? Then get in touch! If you’re passionate, ambitious and you want to be an expert in your own field - we’d love to hear from you. If you want to know a little more about us, please feel free to download our Culture Book below.

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