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Agency life: What we enjoy the most

Working at a digital agency is full of passion, skill and most importantly creativity. We can’t think of many other jobs where you get to do what you love everyday AND make a real difference to clients’ businesses. Sounds like the perfect combination to us.

Everyone’s skills and passions lie in different areas, but at the end of the day we’re all one big team working towards the same goal of digital growth. But don’t just take our word for it! We asked a few members of the team: “What do you enjoy most about working at a digital agency?” and we got some amazing answers. 

Let’s get started!


Achieving incredible results

Helping our clients achieve their business growth goals is what we do at Red-Fern. Whether they want a shiny new website or a total marketing makeover, we’ve got just the team for the job.

We caught up with our Digital Marketing Manager, Matt, who’s favourite part about working at a digital agency is: “Working alongside a team of like-minded individuals that all strive to achieve industry-leading results!”. We couldn’t agree more - that’s what makes us, us and why we have a long list of loyal digital partners who rely on us to make their businesses even more successful year on year.

It’s truly a motivating factor to know that your work has a knock-on effect on many clients’ digital growth goals. Alycia, our Social Media Specialist, agreed that: “It’s fulfilling when you achieve great results for a client and can see that you’re helping them achieve their goals.” Just like the A-Team, we love it when a plan comes together and our team of experts put in 100% everyday to make sure that happens. 


Close-knit team

A big part of work life at Red-Fern is the amazing culture we all share. You won’t find a more close-knit team who always know how to have a laugh with each other when the time’s right. Even throughout lockdown we caught up for a bit of fun with the weekly Zoom quiz and constantly checked in with each other through Slack.

Close-Knit Team RedFern

Emily, our Web Designer and Studio Manager, said her favourite aspect of agency life is: “The relationship we all have with each other!” Working at Red-Fern isn’t just your typical office job. When you come into work, you’re greeted by your friends rather than your colleagues. This great relationship is what allows us to work so well together and produce excellent results.

We also caught up with Alan, our Videographer, who loves all things Red-Fern. He said: “The best thing about working for an agency, for me, is something incredibly important - the team! The team is like an apple, if the core is rotten the fruit won’t taste good and the client will probably go for a banana instead! Red Fern has a solid team and that is what I love about working for an agency!” That’s right Alan, our team is what makes us a Golden Delicious of the digital world. (Side note: Don’t be fooled, Alan’s original answer was “getting paid”).

It’s simple - if you don’t have a great work culture, you’re not going to be productive. That’s why we always ensure every member of the team is happy. Plus, the work trips, games of darts and Friday evening beers aren’t half bad either. 


Lots of variety

Variety is the spice of life - without a new challenge everyday life would get pretty boring, right? That’s what our Senior Developer, Rowey, loves about Red-Fern. His favourite part of agency life is that: “The work is always varied. No two projects are the same and having a variety of different projects to work on is fantastic compared to only working on one system forever.” 

The unique thing about an agency is that you’re never just working on one project. One minute you could be writing a blog about CBD oil and the next you’re shooting content for an embroidery company. Switch up your tasks throughout the day and work will never get dull.

Liam, our expert Web Developer agrees: “ The best thing for me is working with a variety of companies and getting an insight into different industries, how they operate and what challenges they face.” When you work for a digital agency you certainly gain an in-depth knowledge into a lot of different subject areas. 


Unleash creativity

Red-Fern wouldn’t function without the creative minds that make up our team. We’re constantly generating fresh and exciting ideas to make sure projects are performing at the best level they can. Without having the creative freedom to come up with crazy social media ideas, eye-catching graphics and engaging video content, our projects would end up looking very dull.

Red-Fern Media Unleash Creativity

Our Graphic Designer, Summer, loves the fact that: “No two days are the same. The variety of clients and their needs allows for new opportunities and we're able to be creatively immersed with each brief.” It’s important that we form a close working relationship with every one of our clients, so we can understand their business inside out. 

Once we’ve gotten to grips with their goals, we can sprinkle in the creativity to bring their digital growth plan to life. It’s super fun for us and it works wonders for them - win win!


Work for a leading digital agency

So now you know why we LOVE working at a digital agency, can you see yourself fitting into the team? Whether your skills like in web development, creative design or marketing, we’re always on the hunt for fresh talent and creative individuals to join our ranks. If you’re still not convinced on why agency life is so great, we’ve compiled everything you need to know into our handy Culture Book.

You can download it for free below! Or if you think you’re ready to take the plunge, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today and you never know, it could be the start of an amazing career at Red-Fern.

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