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Apprenticeship to employment: What I've learnt and what you need to know

At Red-Fern, we're helping the next generation secure fruitful careers with specialist apprenticeships. We're creating opportunities by kick-starting their careers in a creative direction.

If you haven't seen it, where have you been? Our Marketing Apprentice, Aaliah, recently graduated with a distinction 🎓 and became a full-time employee at Red-Fern 🥳️. We couldn't miss the opportunity to offer Aaliah a role - it was a no brainer for us! 🎉

In this post, we're joined by Aaliah herself! She's giving you an insight into an apprenticeship at Red-Fern and sharing some top tips for those keen to pursue an apprenticeship in digital marketing. So, without further-ado, let's pass it over to Aaliah!


Red-Fern apprentice


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m originally from Watford, Hertfordshire, where I studied Chemistry, Maths and Psychology at A-Level (Aaliah is originally a Southerner, but now a fully-fledged northerner 👋). During my A-Levels, I discovered my passion and interest in make-up, and I started sharing looks I had created on Instagram and TikTok. During this time, I became interested in working in social media, which led me to a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

Side note from team Red-Fern: we couldn't bypass Aaliah's TikTok success. *DRUM ROLL, PLEASE* She has OVER 53K followers on TikTok! This is an incredible achievement. It's without a doubt that Aaliah is a TikTok sensation 🤳.


How did you hear about Red-Fern?

I came across the apprenticeship position at Red-Fern on the website whilst searching for Digital Marketing Apprenticeships.

Side note from team Red-Fern: If you’re keen to learn more about our apprenticeship program or you want to enquire for yourself, get in touch with us today.


Why did you decide to do your apprenticeship with us? (Great choice😉)

From the initial job description, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me! I knew I'd be able to expand my existing skills and develop my marketing knowledge whilst working alongside specialists in the industry.


What were you originally expecting from an apprenticeship at Red-Fern?

Red-Fern trusted me from the get-go. In the beginning, I didn't think I'd get a lot of responsibility. However, I was given a lot of responsibility within a short period allowing me to showcase all the knowledge I have learned.


digital marketing apprenticeship


What have been some of your favourite projects you've worked on?

Rail Futures - being involved in the initial re-branding and seeing the results overnight of our new strategy, creatives, and copy.

Heed Life - taking a lead with influencer research and outreach.


What are the top 3 things you've learnt doing an apprenticeship with Red-Fern?

During my time at Red-Fern, I have discovered that I enjoy being creative and challenged! I’ve also learnt how to communicate effectively. This will help me with further collaborations and partnerships in the future.


Have you enjoyed embracing our core values (listen, think, create and innovate)? If so, what's your favourite memory so far?

Yes! My favourite memory would be creating the influencer PR packages for Heed Life. We listened to what the client wanted, thought about different packaging options, and then created and delivered the final concept.


How have you coped with constructive criticism? (We all get it 👀)

I don’t expect to know everything yet, so I’m always open to hearing other people’s opinions and feedback, allowing me to learn and grow!


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What would you tell someone else who wants to do an apprenticeship but they're feeling unsure?

Go for it! You’ll gain knowledge working first-hand in the industry whilst qualifying at the end. Don’t be put off having a lack of experience or feeling out of your depth - that’s the whole point of doing an apprenticeship!


Was an apprenticeship at Red-Fern what you expected? (We hope we exceeded your expectations🤞)

There have been so many projects and events! I've led some paid client accounts and attended two award nights with the Red-Fern team!

Side note from team Red-Fern: we won Marketing Agency of The Year in 2021! Soooo, watch this space 😏


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How likely are you to recommend an apprenticeship at Red-Fern to someone else and why?

Very likely! The Red-Fern team is full of incredibly talented specialists in the industry who are so welcoming and friendly, willing to share all their knowledge with you.


Congratulations on joining our team! What's next for you? What are you looking forward to?

Thank you! I’m looking forward to working on more projects and with new clients, and expanding my knowledge and experience across different areas of marketing. 


What will your new role at Red-Fern entail?

I'm now in a full-time role as Digital Marketing Executive. This role will include me leading our paid client accounts, strategy, implementation, reporting and optimising, and supporting the wider marketing team.


Finally, what are you most proud of? (We're certainly proud of you 💙)

Completing my apprenticeship with a distinction! 

Aaliah has always been an invaluable member of the team. She's enthusiastic, talented, and creative. With Aaliah's assistance and willingness to learn, we've delighted our digital partners and delivered some exceptional results. See for yourself here on our case study page.

We're excited to see what the future holds as we welcome new apprentices, collaborate with local training providers, and expand our offerings to the next generation.

We are proud to say that we’re continuing to build our relationships with Burnley College. The students visited our offices this month to show us the work they have completed for us😍, a 3D model of a fire truck for an exciting upcoming VR project. We can't wait to see what the future holds!


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