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Big news! Red-Fern Media has become a Platinum HubSpot agency!

Drum roll, please… Red-Fern Media are proud to announce that we’ve recently been recognised as a Platinum HubSpot agency! We’re mega proud of this achievement, especially as we work alongside a range of other platforms too for our content management and customer relations. 

Personally, I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the direction that our business is heading in. Call me biased, but there’s a reason that we’re one of the leading-quality digital agencies in the North-West and it’s nice for our efforts to be recognised with this level of prestige. 

So, what does being recognised as a platinum partner actually mean? And how will it continue to aid us to add value to our partners? Both, existing and potential, that is. 



So, what is a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

The partners’ programme is designed by HubSpot to acknowledge and recognise inbound marketing agencies that are renowned for their quality. And we’re not just talking following best practices - we’re referring to unmatched quality in everything that they produce. 

As agencies move through the tiers, they unlock extra benefits that help them develop further as a business. More importantly, they gain access to new features and of the HubSpot platform, which allows them to constantly add more value to their current and potential partners. So, moving up the ranks is essential for business development. 

The different partner tiers are: 

  • Partner
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Elite


Platinum partner benefits - what you can continue to expect from us!

Extensive planning for the future

As we move into the platinum tier, our business planning and forecasting will become even stronger - if that’s possible. HubSpot will work alongside us to map out the year ahead and the necessary actions for our agency and our own partners. That way, we can continue to position ourselves in the best manner to continue to delight our partners and grow.

HubSpot Platinum Partner

Thought leader status further cemented

As a Platinum partner, we’re invited to publish on the HubSpot User’s Blog. This allows us to share our expertise and wealth of knowledge with the wider HubSpot community. Not only will we be providing the community with our knowledge, but benefitting from the sheer amount of key information out there from other industry thought leaders. 

Further industry knowledge 

We’re always open to learning new things - within marketing, you have to be to keep up with new popular trends. Now that we have access to further events hosted by the wider HubSpot community, you can be sure that we’ll always be up to date with the latest inbound marketing best practices.  

Plus, we’re now gifted four FREE tickets to access all areas at the annual INBOUND conference in Boston. This is something that we’ve been eyeing up for a while and will definitely be taking advantage of - maybe not this year though, thanks a lot, COVID.


How this will help our whole business grow and develop

At Red-Fern, it’s currently a very exciting time. Achieving platinum status is absolutely ace - when grouped with our move to a brand new destination for our brand, partners and events and the fruitful growth period we’re experiencing, we’re super excited about things for the future. And that’s not just from a business point of view - that’s for our partners too. 

Our team carries on going from strength to strength each day. With new arrivals, new goals and targets to work towards, plus, a new creative space for our experts - there’s nothing that we can’t achieve. Now, let’s look to get the Diamond partner in the bag and keep moving forwards as we are. 

HubSpot Platinum Badge

At this moment, I think it’s fair to give a HUGE nod of appreciation to all our past and current partners. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we couldn’t be any more grateful for our partnerships. You’re now lucky enough to be in partnership with a Platinum partner HubSpot agency - so let’s see what further greatness we can achieve together!


Would you like to work at a HubSpot Platinum partner agency?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh, hungry talent to join our team. As we’ve briefly mentioned, we’re currently going through a period of exponential growth, which means that we’re having to welcome new faces to our amazing team. Think you’d fit in well with us? What are you waiting for?

To get a better feel and understanding for who we are, what we’re about and how we go about things at Red-Fern, please feel free to download our Culture Book! It highlights everything you need to know about us and our key core beliefs and values. In advance, we look forward to chatting with you and seeing how you’ll seamlessly slot into our amazing team. 

One last thought… HubSpot Diamond partner status - we’re coming for you!

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