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How we think video marketing will evolve in the 20s

Over the last decade, we’ve seen video marketing evolve dramatically. From 30-second adverts, live videos and vlogs, we’ve seen a whole host of techniques and trends go viral. And with the advancement of technology, the industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. 

2020 will see revolutionary methods introduced that can be used to help improve your holistic marketing approach. The 2010s saw a huge shift in the way that businesses utilise video marketing efforts and we predict that this year it will advance even further. But what trends do we predict will take off in 2020? We’ll explain all in this post. 

We’ll cover: 


360° video experiences

Towards the end of the last decade saw the introduction of 360° video experiences. The key for us here is the word “experience.” After all, with your marketing efforts, you want to enhance the experience that your visitor has when viewing your content, right? 

Well, by providing them with video techniques that exceed the impression given off by other methods, you’re enhancing their overall experience. And an improved experience is more likely to lead to more custom. Or, at least extended word of mouth reputation.

An immersive 360° video is a great way of showing off your products, or behind the scenes exposure to your brand. They’re ace for building relationships with viewers and giving them control over how they view a product or business. This video style feels more like a demo, which can be particularly useful for converting customers in the latter stages of the Buyer’s Journey. 


360 video experience live


We believe that this style of video will become a lot more common in 2020. And not just with larger brands either. The way that visitors learn is constantly changing and we feel these demo-style 360° video experiences will be super effective this year. And whether brands can start combining these with VR technologies could be another thing we might see. 

Our in-house Videographer, Alan’s thoughts…

“There's a lot more 360° videos appearing. I'd love to see it on Instagram!”

Shoppable videos

The fast pace of modern-day living means that people no longer have the time to browse the internet for long periods to influence buying decisions. They want quick wins. And that’s where shoppable videos are great to use. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more shoppable videos introduced - especially on social media. And we predict more of the same for 2020. These are videos that allow social media users to shop on the spot. All they have to do is click the video of the product and it can be added straight to their basket and they can check out right away. 

It works a little differently with B2B businesses. However, it can still be an effective marketing method. For example, at Red-Fern, our agency insider videos can be used on social media for users to engage with our brand. If the video was then shoppable, they could click onto the link and book a discovery call with us to find out more. 

B2B purchases require a little more thought than impulse buys - but this is the best way for viewers to get an instant answer and to nurture them down the Buyer’s Journey. 

Further mobile consumption

More people now have smartphones than in previous years. Wherever you go, you’re bound to see somebody using their smartphone for various reasons. Whether it’s surfing the internet, messaging their friends or browsing their various social media channels, what’s the one thing that a lot of the messaging on these outlets has it common?


There’s currently more video content being consumed on mobile devices than ever before. And that can only mean good things for video marketing. People are exposed to video everywhere they go. Not only this, the way that people engage with information is now massively video-based, especially via their mobile devices. 


mobile consumption videos


We expect there to be further mobile consumption this year. Especially with the emergence of popular video platforms, like Tik Tok. 

Our in-house Videographer, Alan’s thoughts…

“I think a lot more vertical and 1x1 (square) video content will be consumed on mobile devices this year. Perhaps more downloads and use of video first platforms such as Tik Tok. That ties in with the vertical consumption.“

Search-optimised videos

In recent years, marketers have realised that videos need to be optimised just as much as your blogs, website and any other written content does. 

Search engines, predominantly Google, are always updating their algorithm for how they pick content up. So, as it becomes more intelligent year on year, optimising your video content strategy will continue to play a big part in the success of not just your video marketing campaigns, but the whole thing too. 

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular year on year, which means that there is a huge sea of videos out there. So, what’s going to make yours stand out and rank above the others? Well, by following SEO best practices, you can have a hand in controlling where your video ranks. 

You don’t want to waste time and money on producing a killer video, for only you and a select few to see it, do you? You want it out there ranking highly on search engines for the most people possible to discover. So, to try and improve your rankings, try these tips: 

  • Using file names, captions and alt tags that all contain the focus keyword for the video. 
  • Adding subtitles and closed captions. 
  • Creating and using original thumbnail images for your videos. 
  • Using relevant tags and keywords to the content of the video. 


Vlogging for brands

Vlogging is nothing new. However, in 2019 we saw a massive surge in businesses using vlogs to connect with their most loyal customers. They offer a real-life, raw and behind the scenes style insight into your business, which helps humanise your brand and helps builds the trust of current customers and potential ones too. 

Vlogs allow you to reach out to an audience on a more personal level. They feel a lot more genuine and conversation-like. This is far more effective than web pages or worded content is for the visitor. Anyone can hide behind words on the internet, but does your brand have the personality and right characteristics to hook your audience and gain their trust?

Not only are they a great resource, but they’re fun to film too. One of the reasons for this is because there is no set content structure to them - they can be about anything you want them to be. Although, keeping it relevant to your business will be more effective, of course. 



We haven’t seen the back of vlogging in 2020 for sure. 

Our in-house Videographer, Alan’s thoughts…

“If there’s one thing at Red-Fern we love about vlogs, it’s that no two are the same. Everybody has their own style and the creativity to explore all different avenues of content. They’re always so fun to shoot too!”


Video marketing is more important than ever in 2020

As you’ve just read, video marketing is going to be around for the foreseeable future and beyond. There are so many different techniques and methods that you can utilise to your brand’s advantage. But you need to consult a specialist to maximise your true potential. 

That’s where we come in. At Red-Fern, we have our own in-house videographer, Alan. We realise the true importance that should be placed on this valuable marketing facet and are dedicated to helping you create effective and successful video content.

For more information on how video marketing can extend and strengthen your marketing efforts. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our expert team will be on hand to assist you.

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