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Meet The Red-Fern Media Team - Part 3

With our Red-Fern Media Month of Blogging well and truly underway, we reach the half-way point with our team members. So far, you've met the head honcho Sean, creative Alex, technical Adam, dual role Emily-Jo and Austin 'powers'. This week, you meet our design manager Kyle, and our PHP developer, Thurstan.

Kyle Craven - Design Manager

red fern media - kyle

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing but in Kyle’s case, it kick-started a successful career in web design. With a little online help, Kyle taught himself to build websites. Starting with his Dad’s roofing company, he helped friends and family before developing enough experience for his role as Red-Fern’s Design Manager.

An average day starts by answering emails and reviewing project planning tool, Asana, to see what’s on. Afternoons are filled with larger project work, supported by design tool Sketch and Sublime Text for coding.

Despite being an ambitious self-starter, Kyle’s feet are firmly on the ground. In fact, one of Kyle’s favourite pastimes is moving his furniture around every six months. Which means in five years’ time, he expects to be sitting a little to the right of where he is now.

Kyle’s perfect night out would start with a strenuous round of his favourite sport, beer-pong, followed by throwing some shapes on the dance floor at the Warehouse Project.

Factoid alert: Kyle shares a trait with Henry Cavill (aka Superman). They both have heterochromia which means Kyle has one blue eye and one greeny-brown eye.


Thurstan Bowling - PHP Developer

red fern media thurstan

According to Thurstan, he was born a fully-fledged web developer, laptop in hand. Which must have been painful for his mum.

With no two Red-Fern days’ the same, he’s constantly battling the different programming challenges that are thrown at him. Which isn’t easy when he’s balancing on the pinnacle of web development with one eye on the horizon for new ways to enhance web user experiences.

To date, Thurstan’s defining moment at Red-Fern has been developing a system to manage a fashion client’s manufacturing process. It’s not possible to list all the tools Thurstan uses on a day to day basis; there are far too many and half of them sound like other languages for programmers, which they are.

An ideal night out for Thurstan would be somewhere quiet by a fire under the stars with the odd blast of Leo Sayer’s, ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’.

Factoid alert: Thurstan likes to keep his expertise razor sharp with secret learning binges on video tutorial platform, Laracasts.

In next week's Meet The Red-Fern Team article, you will be meeting our Inbound Executive Declan, and Web Developer Dan.

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