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Meet The Red-Fern Media Team - Part 5

We meet the newest team members here at Red-Fern Media. Aiyub joined Red-Fern in May 2018 as an Software Developer. Libby and Phoebe joined within a week of each other in late September, as the marketing team continues to grow.

Libby Faulkner - Social Media Executive

libby faulkner

Libby is our Social Media Executive at Red-Fern and resident social butterfly. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and gained her social experience working in-house for a hotel and restaurant group.

There aren’t many things Libby doesn’t know about social, ranking Instagram as her most loved social media platform. Having worked in a few different industries from outdoor retail to high-end fashion, and even the gas and electric sector, Libby has finally found her feet through a love of all things social.

Libby spends most of her time posting creative content across different channels for our expanding client list, creating social strategies, arranging team events and encouraging (forcing) the rest of the team to get involved.

When Libby isn’t at work, she’s busy crafting her pom pom empire or admiring the view at the top of Pendle Hill. Her four sisters also take up a lot of her spare time, as well as her two family dogs Oscar and Archie.

Factoid alert: Libby was born on the Isle Of Man and came back to England when she was four. She still visits her family over there but prefers to stick to the mainland as the island doesn’t even have a Zara!?

Phoebe Wright - Digital Marketing Executive

phoebe wright

Phoebe is our Digital Marketing Executive at Red-Fern, as well as being our youngest member at 21! She'll be spending most of her time helping the design team, working closely with clients and helping the marketing team until she chooses her speciality.

After deciding college wasn’t for her, Phoebe went straight into an apprenticeship at 16 years young. Debt free.

From completing her apprenticeship in customer service, she turned straight to marketing and found her passion. Phoebe has all-round experience in marketing, as well as having a creative background in photography and Adobe software. At the minute, she's working towards a CIM Level 4 qualification.

In her spare time, she loves to walk in the countryside, travel and keep fit. She's recently taken up a new hobby, boxing! So don't upset her...

Factoid alert: 17-year-old Phoebe uploaded a 16-second video of her cat to Youtube and it ended up going viral! She received over 30 offers from people wanting to buy it, and she sold it for over £100!

Aiyub Bawa - Software Developer

Aiyub is our Software Developer at Red-Fern. He has a background in Software Engineering with a 1st class degree in Software Engineering with Honours.

Contrary to popular belief about developers, Aiyub is an anomaly in the sense that he has a passion for crafting beautiful application interfaces as well as writing robust back-end code.

Aiyub possesses a trait found commonly amongst developers, which is tinkering with existing solutions and trying to find better solutions.

In his spare time, Aiyub loves to work-out at the gym and catch up on missed TV shows and movies.

Factoid alert: Aiyub has no interesting facts about him. Writers note: typical developer response.

If you'd like to get to know the team and see how we can help you with your digital project, set up your project connect call below.

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