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Meet the Red-Fern Media Team - Part 1

The team at Red-Fern Media is made up of 10 individuals, boasting a wide range of skills and expertise. Over the next 4 weeks, you will be meeting them in our blog posts, giving you an insight into life here at Red-Fern.

Sean Redfearn - Managing Director

Red-Fern Media’s head honcho, Sean, understands that great marketing is about more than technical know-how. That’s why he starts each day taking beloved Labrador, Dylan, for a brisk walk. With imagination firing, Sean’s ready for another day at Red-Fern.

Sean’s been in the marketing game for a while. After an enjoyable career in the print industry, he expanded his knowledge, learnt to code and delved into the world of website design and development. Now a qualified HubSpot inbound marketer, these days Sean spends most of his time sparking new ideas, developing products and taking care of the commercial side of the business.

Providing transparent quotes and estimates keep his conscience clear and the customers coming back. And the easy-going office environment Sean’s created puts his team in the best place to deliver innovative work for Red-Fern’s clients.

Because shift happens, Sean thinks artificial intelligence will soon be part of the marketing industry. At least that’s what Sean’s hoping for, so a robot can run the business while Sean lives in his dream house, next to the sea in Cornwall.

Factoid alert: Sean’s not the only front-runner in his family; his uncle used to train Lennox Lewis’ racehorse.

Alex Heeney - Creative Director

Alex leads our Creative team and has been part of the furniture for some time now. You’ll find him setting his goals each morning with a cup of coffee before pursuing inspiration as it strikes.

Flexibility is important to Alex but not the yoga kind. From his degree in diverse Media Technology to working in an ever-changing industry, Alex loves flexing techniques and adapting to customer requirements.

When he’s not using Photoshop or Illustrator or geeking out with Brackets, Github and Dribble, it’s back to the old school with pen and paper. Which is strange for a man who looks forward to a future of next level, virtual reality websites. Alex predicts we’ll move away from the current cookie cutter approach towards sites that match layout and content to customer preference.

Having found an agency where he feels at home, Alex looks forward to another five years delivering creative projects with the like-minded Red-Fern team.

Factoid alert: Alex is a twin. Whether he’s the evil twin remains to be seen.

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