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Project 9: Coming next month!

Project 9 is edging closer - and the excitement continues to build. So, with that in mind, we’re going to let you in on a little more of what you can expect to see from our new destination for our brand, clients and events. We’re looking forward to showcasing how our move will not only help our brand grow - but help our partners go from strength to strength too!

The hard work is well underway behind the scenes. Months of detailed planning is now being brought into reality - and the building work within our new headquarters is coming on leaps and bounds. If you think this post is going to give everything away, we’re sad to disappoint you. However, it’s going to focus on two of the most anticipated features of our new destination and how they’ll benefit all involved. 


Our state-of-the-art video recording studio

Within our new headquarters, our plans include a state-of-the-art video recording studio. Straight away, that’ll lead to better quality videos being produced for our personal brand and for our partners too. We’re already over the moon with the quality of Alan’s hard work - but a new innovative space that sparks further creativity? Yes, please. 

We feel that a recording studio should be a crucial part of any digital agency. Not only because it looks cool in the office - which, obviously, it does - but it dramatically improves the professional feel to everything that’s created. Plus, it gives our video marketing team a clear space to play around with new techniques, generates ideas and work their magic when editing in a quiet place.

On air project 9 video production studio

Podcasting is a marketing method that has taken off over the last few years. We’re always creating new podcasts, webinars and Q&A’s - so, it’s exciting that we now have a designated studio to record these in. It’ll make it so much easier too, rather than people being worried about the rest of the office hearing what they’re discussing. Simply, grab a beer and head to the studio!

No state-of-the-art recording studio would be complete without industry-leading equipment, would it? What’s the point in investing in a super-cool space, if the sound quality or lighting isn’t correct? There aren't any. You won’t have to worry about that with Red-Fern, not only are we creating a cool place that sparks greatness but we’re kitting it out with top of the range products to solidify the supreme quality of our work. 


An events space for our brand, our partners and industry thought leaders

As we’ve mentioned throughout the campaign - this is no ordinary office move. And it’s not just us that’s moving either! It’s a new destination for our brand, our partners and events. We couldn’t brand it like that if we didn’t include an event space, could we? But why are we putting such an onus on holding events? 

Well, the new headquarters is a hub of inspiration that sparks creativity and growth. So, by holding events with our partners and inviting industry thought leaders to give talks or hold a fireside chat Q&A, we’re expanding the knowledge of our team and our partners. If we can expand our own knowledge and our partner’s too, we’re well on our way to delighting them at all times - a core value that we hold dear in our hearts. 

project 9 marketing events

When you think of marketing events, it’s easy to not see past those networking, self-important cover-ups, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what we want to dispel around marketing events. We want to get rid of the stigma and provide clear value for all involved - not just a smokescreen for showing off how great we are and how cool our new destination is. 

We’re excited to welcome you into our new headquarters. We’re always open to taking new outlooks on our existing approach and learning new skills. Plus, at Red-Fern, we love to give back to our current partners and potential prospects, so inviting industry experts into our destination and holding events is the least that we can do to help them further learn and grow. 


Project 9… It’s getting closer!

So, there you have it! We’re excited to tell you all about our industry-leading recording studio and our event space for all - but that’s not the last of it. Oh no. We’ve still got plenty up our sleeves and will continue to drip-feed the latest about Project 9 as we quickly approach the launch in September. 

We’re so excited to open our new doors next month - and you should be too! As we’ve said, this move isn’t just for Red-Fern. It’s for everyone - our partner, potential prospects and anybody who takes a keen interest. Our new destination is a place for growth and innovation to prosper and with the new features mentioned in this post, that’s exactly what will happen. 

Be sure to keep track of the Project 9 campaign as we approach the launch in September! If you have any questions or queries surrounding the new move, or you think you’d be a good fit within the Red-Fern team and want to join a growing agency, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team will be on hand to hold any conversation.

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