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Red-Fern: A day in the life of our Content Lead

At Red-Fern, our content is always high quality, it always achieves optimal results and we're tailor focused on accuracy. But this wouldn't be possible without our team of professional experts who take content very seriously (don’t worry, we have fun too!). Content marketing can help manufacturers increase their leads, engagement and ROI - it’s a worthy investment.

We love the diversity of our team and we love the dynamic we’re developing as a web design company. As we grow and develop with our digital partnerships, we’re also on the lookout for talented individuals who want to be a part of our leading agency.

In this post, we’re going to give you an insight into our Content Marketing Lead's role. We’ll be covering what her role is at Red-Fern, how she stays inspired, what helps her productivity, what her AM and PM tasks include and MORE. If you’re keen to learn more about our Content Marketing Lead and see what helps her be the best digital Shakespeare… Look no further!

We’ll cover:


What is a content marketing specialist?

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique that requires the ability to design, create and write interesting content that connects with a targeted audience and persuades a reader or consumer into taking an action. 

Content marketing isn't simply just 'writing' or creating graphics. It's an in-depth process that has to be done correctly to achieve the best results. A content marketer will take lead on writing content that's educational, solves a problem, entertains the reader or evokes an emotion. Each piece of content created - whether it's written or image-based should serve a purpose and provide value to the audience.

A content marketer's role should determine effective strategies for engagement, execute the process and evaluate strategies for improvement. A content marketer helps the entire digital marketing strategy come together.

Other responsibilities in the role include: researching industry trends, keyword analysis, repurposing content, learning audience behaviour, helping other departments in the team with content requests, proofreading and written amends, social media community engagement, researching current trends, creating and executing blog briefs.

Phew, that's a lot! But essentially, it falls under the category of content, it'll more than likely be part of a content marketer's role. At Red-Fern, we value our content marketer's as they allow us to produce high-quality results every single time. Let’s meet Jess, who works in our content department - she’s been with us for six months and will give us an insight into what content marketing is really like at Red-Fern… Spoiler, it’s fast-paced and definitely not boring!

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How do you set yourself up for a productive day?

How I start my day is essential for my productivity and energy levels. Without my morning routine, I would probably be a little bit of a zombie! My morning will usually consist of the following: a gym session, some outdoor green space (10-15 min walk), a hearty and wholesome breakfast, at LEAST two cups of tea and cuddles with Amber, my dog. 

Once I've had some 'me time', my brain will then automatically be switched on for work. I'll be straight onto social media, Google trends, TweetDeck and more. I'll be looking at industry updates, emerging trends and reactive content. This bit is super fun and generates inspiration for my daily activities. I then check in with my team, check over emails and requests and then I'm good to go. 


What do your tasks involve in the morning?

My AM tasks usually start with some community outreach on our partner's social media pages. One of my AM focuses is building a community across different brand channels, leveraging their products and helping brands develop a strong social media presence. 

Once my check-ins have been done across social media, I'll then move onto proofing content - whether that's blog posts, premium downloads, social media captions and more. I am a perfectionist and I thrive off accuracy so this is one of my favourite ways to hone down on that skill. Of course, alongside this, I'm checking over industry trends too - I want to jump at any opportunity we have to be reactive.

Once my early morning tasks are done and the admin is out of the way, it's my turn to start writing! I have my tasks scheduled for me in Notion and a Doc so I know what I'm doing each day and my priorities. From 11-1, I'm usually writing content - aiding our Social Media Specialist, writing blog content, web copy, discovery content or premium downloads. Fun and challenging!


How do you stay inspired?

  • Movement: Movement allows me to destress and it gives me time to unwind. When I’m relaxed, I naturally think of ideas and my creative outlet expands.
  • Allow time to brainstorm alone: I love brainstorming ideas with others but I also love scheduling time aside to switch off from everything else and let my ideas run wild.
  • Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, G Trends, LinkedIn, Industry hashtags: I use a lot of platforms but they all provide SO much inspiration.
  • Our competitors or aspirational brands we admire: They provide motivation, inspiration and creativity. 
  • Books and reading: I'm a bookworm, I love reading, I love seeing how other writers execute written words. After all, I write for a living so I love seeing others thrive in their space too!

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What do your afternoon tasks consist of?

I'll be back onto more content writing - my aim typically is to write two blog posts a day and assist on the side with team tasks. My PM tasks might involve starting and finishing another blog post, idea generation for campaigns, blog building on HubSpot or WordPress or learning and development.

My days are very different and ad-hoc requests can happen at any stage so flexibility is essential in this role. Although I love planning, to-do lists and organisation - I also love a good challenge and problem solving on the spot.


3 things you enjoy about your role the most

  • Creative freedom and individual leadership: We’re all experts in our own field and I love that Red-Fern supports this. 
  • Career progression and development is guaranteed at Red-Fern: Every week, we’re encouraged to participate in learning and development. I love it!
  • Unrivalled support and flexibility: Mental and physical health is prioritised, they’re supportive in all areas - work and personal life and Red-Fern is definitely my home away from home now.


What’s it like working at a knowledge-based agency?

  • It’s fast-paced.
  • It’s creative.
  • It’s challenging but rewarding.
  • It’s inspiring.
  • It’s innovative.

And I’m producing results that make me very proud - some of my greatest achievements!


Want to use the power of content marketing to leverage your business? We can help!

Do you use the power of content marketing to increase your sales and engagement? If not, now is the time to invest. At Red-Fern we get to know your business, we innovate, we deliver and we support. If you’re keen to take your business to new heights and get the results you deserve, our team of experienced knowledge-driven experts can help.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the next steps. We’re the agency for B2B manufacturers - FACT.

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