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Red-Fern: A day in the life of our Head of Client Services

At Red-Fern our digital partnerships are for the long-term - FACT. Our culture is tailored around creating honest partnerships with our clients. Ensuring business, technology, marketing and innovation goals are achieved together. We keep things simple, we deliver world-class results and we help solve challenges. 

Our Head of Client Services plays a big role in keeping things running smoothly. He helps us maintain an excellent relationship with our partners and he coordinates with our team to deliver solutions and discover new opportunities.

In this post, we’re going to give you an insight into our Head of Client Services’ role. We’ll be covering his responsibilities, how he stays focused on managing multiple accounts at once, what helps his motivation and he’ll also be sharing how he manages professionalism and accuracy across the business.

We’ll cover:


What is the head of client services?

The head of client services keeps all communications streamlined with partnerships. They work across numerous sectors including advertising, web design, digital marketing and more. Their role in simple terms is to oversee projects daily to ensure they're running smoothly and achieving their potential and meeting targets.

The main part of a head of client services role is to maintain daily contact with clients. Offering new forward-thinking ideas, relaying information and deadlines back to the team and answering any questions a client may have about the partnership. Sometimes, the head of client services’ will pitch new ideas and spread excitement about projects so they need to be assertive and very self-confident.

Every agency may require different skill sets but typically daily activities can include: day-to-day management of clients’, marketing and advertising campaigns, pro-active leadership that encourages teams to perform to the best of their ability and organisation of client feedback. A head of client services will also be expected to generate reports and regularly liaise with clients at a senior level.

At Red-Fern, our Head of Client Services is dedicated, enthusiastic and polar focused on results. He's got a key eye for innovation and he's always challenging the teams to produce the best outcomes. He keeps our spirits high and his problem solving is NEXT LEVEL. But how does Luke stay motivated and what's his take on working at Red-Fern? Let's ask him!

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How do you set yourself up for a productive day?

It sounds cliché but whether I am in the office or working from home I always start my workday off with a coffee and a light breakfast while I catch up on the news and sport. This sets me up for the day and helps boost my productivity levels early in the morning.

I then check any internal Slack messages and emails that have come through the previous evening and respond to anything that is a high priority.


What do your tasks involve in the morning?

I check and respond to any client emails as soon as I log on. I then catch up with members of the marketing team to see how the weekly tasks are going and advise if there are any issues.

This can be anything from prioritising work, helping with last-minute requests or just acting as a sounding board for any ideas we are working on. I am then usually in some sort of client meeting or call which can vary from a simple 30-minute account catch up to leading a discovery workshop for a couple of hours.


How do you stay inspired?

I make sure I have regular catch-ups with members of the team. This is a great way to bounce ideas around to gather inspiration. I also enjoy listening to music and podcasts whenever I get the chance.

I try to keep abreast of what other companies and brands are doing in marketing as well - this can help us spark ideas as a team too. I also believe that taking care of my physical and mental well being through regular exercise allows me to process my thoughts and clear my head thus helping to spark more moments of inspiration.

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What do your afternoon tasks consist of?

My afternoons are usually reserved for checking the performance of accounts and client meetings. I also use this time to solve problems that have occurred and sign off any admin tasks. I've got to have problem-solving at the forefront of my mind at all times - anything can happen from one day to the next.


3 things you enjoy about your role the most

  • I love the varied nature of the work. As most people within a marketing agency will tell you, no two days are the same!
  • I really enjoy delivering for our clients and helping solve their problems. If I didn’t enjoy this, then I would be in the wrong role.
  • Office days are definitely my favourite - being able to interact with the team and generate ideas as a whole team.


What’s it like working at a knowledge-based agency?

I enjoy coming to work every day for Red-Fern. We're constantly pushing ourselves and each other to be better. As a team, we're always trying to learn new technology or skills and we're given the freedom and encouragement to do so.

Our clients are great to work with and they also play their part in pushing us to do the best we can for them.


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