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Red-Fern: A day in the life of our Social Media Specialist

At Red-Fern, another one of our many capabilities is social media expertise. Social media is essential for any business wanting to have an online presence, increase sales and engagement and strengthen its brand authority. Especially in the manufacturing industry, it’s essential.

Social media has to be done correctly for it to achieve optimal results. It requires consistency, innovation and expertise. Luckily, with our team on hand, we take the time to understand your audience, create exceptional results and consistently provide innovative solutions.

In this post, we’re going to give you an insight into our Social Media Specialist’s role. We’ll be covering what her role is at Red-Fern, how she stays inspired, what helps her productivity, what her AM and PM tasks include and how she ensures our social media content is top level. 

We’ll cover:


What is a social media specialist?

A social media specialist helps brands become more… Well, social. They’re in charge of social media channels from LinkedIn to Instagram. They measure and track results, they create content from written captions to imagery and videos and they’re a whizz when it comes to new algorithms.

Being a social media specialist requires a huge amount of flexibility. This role doesn’t offer the same schedule day in and day out. The social media space is always changing from one day to the next and it’s important to know what’s trending and what the key emerging trends are. 

Social media presence online can increase a brand's sales, it can engage new audiences and attract leads and it can be what separates one brand from another. Social media has many capabilities from Ecommerce opportunities to paid marketing across platforms. It really is a multifaceted approach to marketing and we love it!

Social media specialists listen, engage, measure and experiment. The daily responsibilities can include: creating content, scheduling and publishing content on all social media platforms. They're in charge of growing online audiences, building brand awareness and ultimately, boosting sales.

Social media specialists need to understand their targeted audiences and have a key eye for creative engagement. At Red-Fern, our Social Media Specialist really is an expert in her field - she's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media do's and don'ts and that's why she's such a valuable member of our dynamic marketing team.

Amy really enjoys her role, she loves being creative and she THRIVES OFF successful results - who doesn't?! So, let's get her to give you an insight into what it's like to be a Social Media Specialist at Red-Fern.


How do you set yourself up for a productive day?

An early start is important for me. I wake up naturally at around 7 am and make sure I prioritise some 'me' time. Having some time in the morning to myself really helps with my productivity and helps me feel motivated for the day ahead.

Sometimes I might read some of my book but my go-to wake-up must-haves are a cup of Yorkshire tea and some time with my two rescue cats. My rescue cats give me alllll the love and this truly sets me up for the day whether I'm working from the office or at home.

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What do your tasks involve in the morning?

One of the first things I do in the morning is checking all of our client's social accounts. I look at engagement on the previous day's posts, I check comments and all the outstanding notifications too. 

Once I've done checks across social media, I'll then look at my daily schedule. Each day provides a different challenge. But I'll schedule my tasks according to which accounts need my attention that day. 

Once I'm aware of my tasks for the day, I'll browse trending topics on Twitter and check the news, I'll look for industry updates or any trends we can tap into. Then I'll go through my email inbox and flag any tasks for the day ahead.


How do you stay inspired?

Lot's of things! Getting out in nature is a BIG one for me - I love nothing more than a long walk in the countryside. The sights, the smells, the feeling of exertion after a difficult climb. It's kind of addictive, but it's the best addiction to have. When I'm outside, that's when my creativity comes alive - as soon as I'm relaxed, I have the mental space to think and generate ideas.

My other outlets for inspiration are: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Trends - they all provide inspiration that can lead to some great ideas. I mustn't forget, looking at competitors and industry leaders is always a must. It's great to see what others are doing and it's so inspiring to see the success of those at the top of their game.


What do your afternoon tasks consist of?

My afternoon tasks change every day, but it usually consists of scheduling posts for our various clients - thinking up ideas, writing captions and copy, creating graphics on Figma and more. This changes depending on the agency priorities of that week.

A new client might need a strategy pulling together, which will include a lot of competitor research and idea generation. A client with a product launch might need a launch plan generating, so we'll get together as a team and brainstorm ideas. Every day is different and that's what's exciting here at Red-Fern.

Ad-hoc requests are part of the job, I try not to be too rigid with my afternoons so I can jump on these and be reactive.

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3 things you enjoy about your role the most

The variety! We have a range of different clients, so no two accounts are the same. I spent a lot of my career on the client-side of things, so to have such a variety is amazing and keeps me on my toes.

The support and trust. We're all experts in our field and I love that we're encouraged to be creative, try new things and work on our professional development.

The team. I've been at Red-fern for around 4 months now, but I can honestly say they are the best team I've ever worked with. The positivity, the creativity and the support are second to none.


What’s it like working at a knowledge-based agency?

It's great! It's fast-paced, exciting, creative and challenging. It's also really inspiring to be around experts and means you're constantly learning and pushing yourself to be better. 


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